Top 5 Adorable But Dangerous Anime Characters

In the world of anime, various types of characters have been made until now, ranging from those with beautiful faces but evil behavior to the tsundere characters, who are sweet on the inside but are rude on the outside. But the theme of this article is that some anime characters can be cute and deadly at the same time.

With adorable, clild-like faces they have abilities or personalities that can make dangerous threats. This time, I’ve picked up 5 anime characters who are adorable but dangerous.  Well, here is the list. Check this out!

5. Sugar From One Piece

adorable but dangerous anime girls

Sugar is introduced as a special officer of the Trebol army, which is a unit of the Donquixote pirates. She is the most important component in Doflamingo’s plan to run Dressrosa, with her ability called the devil fruit Hobi-Hobi no Mi, she’s able to make herself turn everything she touches into a toy doll that she can control.

Even though she looks 10 years old and adorable, basically Sugar’s age is older than her appearance, this is because of the ability of the devil fruit. She was very loyal to Doflamingo, she can also be very cruel, turning many of the citizens of Dressrosa into toys and making them into slaves.

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4. Hibana Daida From Deadman Wonderland

deadman wonderland anime loli

Hibana is an undertaker in the anime series Deadman Wonderland, as well as the leader of the 3rd squad. She appears as a very adorable young girl. Even at a young age, Hibana is one of the most sadistic and crazy girls in the Deadman Wonderland anime series. She loves to torture and punish with a broken sense of justice. This is influenced by her past being taught by her mother.

In the past Hibana was often abused by her mother, according to Hibana her mother did this in order to make her a good girl. But when her classmates bully her, she kills all of her classmates. Hibana was armed with large and heavy swords which were separated from each other and connected to each other by metal wires.

3. Yachiru Kusajishi From Bleach

cute but deadly anime loli

Yachiru is a former eleventh division lieutenant in the thirteenth division, under captain Kenpachi Zaraki. She’s also a former president of the Shinigami women’s association. Yachiru’s appearance is a little young girl with pink hair. She’s a pretty strong person despite her lolly looks.

Apart from being able to move with superhuman strength, the spiritual pressure, her exertion was strong enough to intimidate weaker souls into obeying her. Sanpo Kenju, her Zanpakuto embodies 2 creatures that will be able to fight with her.

2. Mariko Kurama From Elfen Lied

brutal anime loli

Known as the 3rd generation Diclonius, Mariko is the most powerful Diclonius with the most vectors and has the longest distance on record. At first, it seems like her appearance belongs to a Diclonius type that can be relied on and cooperative, but in fact, she is sadistic and does not hesitate to kill anyone who approaches her. She is the very definiton of adorable but dangerous anime girl!

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1. Tanya Von Degurechaff  From Saga Of Tanya The Evil

adorable yet dangerous anime girl

Although she is originally an office worker who was killed and reincarnated in another world, Tanya von Degurechaff was reborn as a girl who lived during the end of the Interwar period. Born during the war, young Tanya had entered the army of rough magicians and was promoted to second lieutenant after that.

As a young girl who looks harmless, Tanya has everything from talent, strategy, efficiency and ruthlessness that makes her a very useful asset for the empire. She is a deadly threat to the enemies of the empire and everyone fears her abilities. Tanya is described as a beautiful young girl with a doll face, but only a few know the kind of horror the cute face is hiding.

Well, these are the anime characters who are cute but dangerous. Did we miss to add your favorite character in this list? Ifyes, write them on the comments below.

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