Looking for more anime like My Hero Academia? Look no further, because I’ve created a list of anime similar to My Hero Academia! So without any further ado let’s jump into the listing!!

5 best anime like My Hero Academia:

1. Tiger and Bunny

anime like my hero academia #1 - Tiger and Bunny

MAL score: 8.03

Episodes: 25

Aired: Apr 3, 2011 to Sep 18, 2011

Don’t get fooled by its name like I did. I postponed watching this anime just because its title sounded childish. But when I finally watched it, boy was I amazed! Because of this show I realized that I should never judge an anime by its name.

This is a superhero anime which has similar settings to My Hero Academia with awesome fight sequences, comedy and an amazing plot.

In a city where super powers are common, and superheroes fighting for justice is made into a source of entertainment, heroes fight villains to gain hero points in order to become the next “King of Heroes”.

What makes this anime similar to My Hero Academia?

It is a superhero anime like MHA.

There is an organization for heroes.

The main character has a rival and have a relationship similar to Bakugou and Deku.

If you like honest, hard working protagonist with the “never give up” attitude like Midoriya, then you’ll definitely love the main protagonist of this anime as well.

2. Assassination Classroom

Anime like MHA #2 - Assassination Classoom

MAL score:  8.21 (season 1), 8.64 (season 2)

Episodes: 47

Aired: Jan 10, 2015 to Jun 20, 2015 and Jan 8, 2016 to Jul 1, 2016

This anime is about a group of kids who are deemed as “losers” in an educational institution. But now, the government has tasked them with a  mission to kill their new teacher – a mutated being. They are given rigorous training like in U.A academy to improvise their assassination skills to succeed in their mission.

What makes this anime similar to My Hero Academia?

This is a fun, emotional anime with amazing character development that focuses on the bonds of those in class 3-E. If you liked the U.A setting from MHA, then you’d certainly love this show.

3. One Punch Man 

Anime like MHA #3 - One Punch Man

MAL score: 8.71

Episodes: 12

Aired: Oct 5, 2015 to Dec 21, 2015

One Punch Man is yet another superhero anime which is about the overpowered protagonist, Saitama, who defeats almost every villains in just one punch. Seeing his capability, 19 year old Genos, a cyborg, decides to become his disciple. Together they join the Hero Association, fight villains and save the planet.

This is a perfect blend of action and comedy with unique characters. This anime is for those who like straightforward hero vs villain action.

What makes this anime similar to My Hero Academia?

It is a superhero anime like MHA.

There is an organization for heroes and villains.

4. Charlotte

Anime like My Hero Academia #4

MAL score: 7.91

Episodes: 13

Aired: Jul 5, 2015 to Sep 27, 2015

Charlotte is a beautiful anime which is also about teenagers with superpowers, who have been gathered into a particular school in order to protect them from becoming test subjects for scientific experimentation. The main protagonist, Yuu Otosaka, because of being caught using his powers to cheat on tests,  is forced to join the student council and is made to work with the rest of the council members to track down and make those with superpowers to join their institution.

What makes this anime similar to My Hero Academia?

This anime is for you, if you loved the variety of quirks in MHA. Although this show’s settings are far different from that of My Hero Academia, it includes wide variety of abilities.

5. Re:Creators 

Anime like My Hero Academia #5

MAL score: 7.66

Episodes: 22

Aired: Apr 8, 2017 to Sep 16, 2017

Re:Creators is a masterpiece where the heroes and villains from popular manga and other fictional characters come to life mysteriously. Learning that the humans in this world created their worlds, they split into two factions.

One faction that despises the authors for making them and their true world (the world they came from) suffer, just so they can make their manga popular. Their goal is to force the authors to “write” a better world. In contrast, the other faction, that has come to forgive their authors, decides to work with them to get them back to the world they came from and prevent the other faction from destroying this world.

What makes this anime similar to My Hero Academia?

This anime is for those who liked My hero academia for the variety of character types and their character progression.

Similar hero vs villain theme.

That’s it! These were some of the best anime like My hero academia. How many of these anime have you already watched? Love MHA? Check out these my hero academia T-shirts!

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