Anime Goth Girls: 15+ Hottest Goth Girls & Cutest Gothic Lolita Characters

Goth girls in anime are kind of rare, but they definitely leave a huge impact when an anime has them. Most of the times, they’re either villains or just side characters by troupe. But there are very few anime like Ergo Proxy, that features goth girls as the main character too! Here’s a list of some of the hottest anime goth girls and the cutest gothic lolita characters we’ve ever seen in anime!

(For those who didn’t know, yes, Goth and Gothic Lolita are not the same thing. Read this post to know more. Or check this Wikipedia page on Lolita Fashion)

List Of The Best Anime Goth Girls

Ebisu From Dorohedoro

Ebisu - goth girls-min

Ebisu was originally one of the goons from the villain’s side. But after getting her face peeled off by the main protagonist, she looses memory and becomes an air head.

Now, she has a fun, care-free personality even in crazy situations. Although she is a villain, she is definitely one of the charm points in the anime. While her character design itself isn’t cute, her actions are.

Black★Gold Saw From Black★Rock Shooter

Black★Gold Saw - anime gothic girl-min

Gold Saw is the very definition of modern, western goth girl. She has long black hair with reddish lining at the end and wears a black jacket and shorts. Her eyes are also sparkling red in color.

As for her powers and special abilities, she’s unbelievably strong. She can create hooded beings called ‘other selves’, summon a massive King Saw, teleport to other worlds and also alter time itself.

Black★Rock Shooter From Black★Rock Shooter

Black★Rock Shooter - anime goth girl-min

Rock Shooter is similar to Gold Saw in appearance. She wears bluish-black jacket and shorts, with twin tailed hair. Her eyes are sparkling blue in color.

She has suppressed all kinds of feelings and is always cold, calm and collected during a fight. This makes her a very blunt, straight type and self centered type of person who doesn’t bend words.

Misa Amane From Death Note

Misa Amane - anime gothic girls-min

Misa Amane or Misa Misa is one of the side characters from the world famous anime, Death Note. She always wears black gothic dresses and styles her golden hair with pig tails.

She is a celebrity in the anime who is adored by many. But she has another side, where she is associated with shinigami (the god of death). Misa is also obsessed with Light Yagami (Kira) to the point she was even willing to become a killer for his sake.

Road Kamelot From D. Gray-man

Road - Female masochistic anime characters

Road is one of the main villains in D.Gray-man, who also seems to be interested in the main protagonist of the anime.

She has a twisted personality with a mix of both sadistic and self-hurting characteristics. Unlike a regular self-hurting, pain lover who directly derives pleasure from pain, she gets pleasure out of seeing the reactions of others when they see her getting tortured.

For this sake, she even goes as far as getting herself impaled and mutilated. According to her, all the pain is worth their reaction.

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Arachne From Soul Eater

Arachne - gothic girl-min

Arachne is one of the gothic witches from Soul Eater. She is very manipulative and loves to make others do her bidding.

However, her personality isn’t all that bad for a villain. She is calm, talks in a noble manner and never gets overwhelmed by negative emotions. Moreover, she prefers to be seen as a ‘motherly figure’.

She wears a black dress with spider like patterns everywhere.

Medusa Gorgon From Soul Eater

Medusa Gorgon - anime goth girls-min

Medusa, also known as Dr.Medusa within the Death academy, is a powerful witch who is also the mother of demon swordsman, Crona. She is one of the bad guys who had a bigger scheme at play while faking it as an innocent and caring nurse.

As a scientist, she only cares about herself and her experiments. After all, she even abandoned her own child because she deemed them as “failure”.

Re-L Mayer From Ergo Proxy

Re-L Mayer - anime goth girls-min

Re-L Mayer is the main character of the anime Ergo Proxy. She is an investigator who seeks the truth about her world. She is introduced as an apathetic girl who doesn’t care or feel for anything or anyone else. Being born from a prestigious family, she has gained a lot of confidence and a bit of superiority complex.

She has a perfect gothic fashion sense, having a neatly dressed hair and dark clothing.

List Of The Best Anime Gothic Lolita Characters

Cirucci Sanderwicci From Bleach

Cirucci Sanderwicci - gothic lolita-min

Make no mistake, Gothic lolita is not a fashion only applicable loli characters. It is a universal style open for all ages.

Cirucci is one of the villains from the anime called Bleach. She was one of the power hollows to serve under Sosuke Aizen, the main villain of the anime.

Cirucci wears a gothic lolita styled dress, and black fingernails, having a short hair and purple teardrop drawn underneath her eyes.

She has a rough personality where she’s rude, condescending and sadistic (a typical villain’s trait, I guess.)

Hildagarde From Beelzebub

Hildagarde - goth girls in anime-min

Hilda is a demon from the anime Beelzebub, who lives in the world of humans by her master’s orders. She is tasked with taking care of the Demon Lord’s baby while he is training in the human world. Thus she is almost like an adoptive mother to the baby demon lord heir.

She often wears a maid outfit and is absolutely subservient to the Demon Lord and the future demon lord, Beelzebub IV.

Kurumi Tokisaki From Date a Live

Kurumi Tokisaki - anime gothic loli-min

Kurumi is one of the villain characters from the Date a Live series. At first she seems like a really nice and polite person, but when her other personality shows up she becomes a cold blooded person. She is the worst spirit of all time, having killed over 10,000 people by her own hand. In addition to this number, there are those who were killed because of the spacequakes that occur when she shows up.

However, she is overly obsessed with the main male character of this series to the point you can call her a yandere.

She has the picture perfect Gothic lolita appearance with an uneven twin tail.

Shalltear Bloodfallen From Overlord

Shalltear Bloodfallen - anime gothic lolita-min

Shalltear is a vampire, and a floor guardian of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. She is completely obedient to her master Ainz, but doesn’t hold herself back from flirting with her master. While she has the appearance of a noble, and carries herself in a condescending manner, she can also be brutally honest and shameless about things like her sexual preferences.

Erimi Mushibami From Kakegurui

Erimi Mushibami gothic lolita anime-min

Erimi is a cute anime loli who always has a plushie doll with her. However, as they say, appearances can be deceptive. Despite her cute exterior, she has a devious personality when it comes to gambling.

She has a sadistic personality and has a knack for sadism, since her family business involves torturing people. For instance, she proposed a very brutal gambling where her opponents could lose their fingers if they lose.

However, when she was in a position where she could be in physical danger herself, she broke down and became a crybaby.

Beatrice from Re:Zero

Beatrice - cute goth loli-min

Of all the anime gothic loli characters mentioned in this post, Beatrice is the cutest of them all. From her appearance to her personality, everything about her is cute.

Despite her young appearance, she is actually a several hundred years old spirit. We can see her locked up in her library, always reading something.

She covers her emotional weakness by acting all noble, and self important.

Rory Mercury From Gate

Rory Mercury - anime goth loli-min

Rory is the very first gothic anime character that came to my mind when I decided to write this list. She is literally a goddess who wears black and red clothing, and wields a giant axe as her weapon.

Again, while she might look young, she is actually several hundred years old.

As for her personality, she is serious when she needs to be, but otherwise she’s a fun person to be with. Also, she doesn’t shy away from making sexual advances on the main character in order to tease him.

Celestia Ludenberg From Danganronpa

Celestia Ludenberg anime gothic lolita-min

Celestia or Celeste in short, is a character from Danganronpa franchise who has a refined gothic lolita appearance. She is a professional liar who even earned the name “Queen of Liars”.

Because of her ability to lie so well, she became much interested and successful in underground gambling. Thus, she earned the title ‘Ultimate Gambler.’

Perona From One Piece

Perona, also known as “Ghost Princess”, is a character from One Piece. She is my most favorite of all other anime Goth girls. Why? Because she’s cute! So cute!!

She was originally introduced as one of the villains, but later she becomes good friends with one of the main characters, Roronoa Zoro, and helps him get stronger.

As she ate the  Horo Horo no Mi, she became a spirit human, thus being able to float like a ghost, control hollowed spirits and create her own zombies.

That’s it! These were all my 15+ best anime goth girls and gothic lolita characters!

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Remembering Danganronpa……scary and thrilling!!!


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