+10 Anime Where The MC is a Villain

Anime with the main character as a villain are pretty rare. After all, the entire concept of story telling revolves around the good guy fighting and winning against the bad guy. But once in a while, we get to see these rare anime where the MC is a villain. Some of them are pure evil villains and the others are villains who also do some good.

While it completely depends on our personal judgement to decide whether a character is evil or not, in this post I’m only considering what the people/mob characters inside the anime think about the main character. So, this list will consist of some anime where the MC has not done anything definitively evil, however is considered to be a villain by the people of his world.

So without any further ado, here are some of the best anime where the MC is a villain!

Top 12 Anime Where The MC is a Villain

Happy Sugar Life

happy sugar life - anime where the mc is a villain

Happy Sugar Life isn’t as happy and sweet as it sounds. Contrary to the decieving title, this anime is actually quite dark. The MC of this anime is a high school girl who is obsessed with a little girl.

The MC might look like a cute, normal girl at the first glance, but it is just a mask that hides her obsessive Yandere side.

What makes the MC of this anime a villain is that, she will do anything to be with her loved one.

She’s killed many people and horribly wounded the others.

What’s more? Unlike most other anime out there, friendship doesn’t win in this one. The MC of this anime doesn’t feel remorse or regret as she believes what she’s doing is right. This is what makes her a pure villain. She’s nothing like one of those “broken heroes turned villain”, who feel bad but continue to be evil by choice.

Elfen Lied

elfen leid gory scene

The main character of Elfen lied is both innocent and sinister at the same time. How? Because she has multiple personalities within her. One is nice and sweet, but the other is evil to the core.

If you’ve been following this blog, you would have also noticed me mentioning this anime on the list of the most gory anime of all time. There are a lot of normal, innocent people in this anime who meet their ends by the hands of the MC.

Akudama Drive

akudama-drive anime where the mc is a villain

Akudama drive is one of the most recent anime in this list. It aired last season and definitely left a mark on its watchers. The main characters of this anime are villains who do lawless things for money. From killing people to delivering sketchy items they do it all.

Since they are hated by the society and the advanced police systems will identify them anywhere they go, they can’t turn back and live a normal life. So, they risk their lives doing the jobs they are hired for, not even fearing death as they have nothing to lose, or a place to return. The main male character of this anime was a bad guy from the start. However, the main female MC got caught up in an incident and ends up becoming a hated criminal, even though she was originally nice, kind hearted person.

Angels Of Death

angels of death - anime where the main character is a villain

All the characters from Angels of Death are murders or similarly evil criminals. They are stuck in a prision where they have to participate in a survival game. They’re tasked to kill other inmates as ordered by their supervisors in order to get out or have any other similar benefits.

The male MC is a villain who is known as ‘Jack the Ripper’. He has killed countless people with his scythe. While he is a psychopathic killer, he is someone who has his own ideals. He hates lies. He doesn’t lie, and also doesn’t let the ones who do to live.

The female MC on the other hand is introduced as an innocent girl who lacks memory and has to survive the attacks in order to escape the facility.

91 days

91_days_revenge anime

91 days is a revenge anime. It is easy to think the main character of this anime as just a victim who wanted to deliver his own justice. However it is undeniable that he joined the mafia in order to realise his vengence and killed a lot of people in the process.

This anime’s MC is a villain who’s only goal in life is to have his revenge. He only cares about this, and doesn’t hesitate to play the bad guy himself to make it possible.

Saga of Tanya The Evil

Saga_of_Tanya_the_Evil_evil anime MC

As you can figure by this anime’s title, the MC of this anime is a villain. It is an isekai anime where a salaryman dies and gets reincarnated as a little girl in a fantasy world. But unlike other isekai anime, this world is not beautiful and fun. It is always in constant war.

Not to mention, the MC has declared war with god and dismissed its existence. So she’s forced into the war by god and now, she has to participate in it and dominate other countries in order for her to survive and eventually defeat god.

One Piece

one_piece pirate anime mc

If you are already familiar with One Piece, you would know that the main characters are Pirates. But they are not evil per se. As a matter of fact, they don’t do bad things to good people at all. They only plunder other pirates and mess with the navy.

However, they are viewed as villains by the people in One Piece just becase of the fact that they are pirates. So yeah, the main characters in One Piece are not evil, but they are not “good guys” either.


Overlord - Anime with overpowered MC

Overlord is another isekai anime where the MC is a skeleton. While his personality itself is not that of a bad guy, he is the leader of an omnious group of monsters, and has done several evil deeds through his servants. From enslaving people to killing the ones who gets in his way, he has done it all.

He even killed thousands of people just to prove his powers to a kingdom in order to achieve his own agenda.

Terror in Resonance

Terror in Resonance - anime mc terrorist

The MC of this anime is a terrorist. The MC duo desperately want to gain the attention of the police and the media. To achieve this, they go on a bombing rampage, but they also make sure nobody is killed.

This anime has an interesting plot. When the main characters reveal their pasts and explain why they do what they do, it is really moving. For the sake of avoiding spoilers, I’m not going talk more about this show in this post.

Tokyo Ghoul

tokyo ghoul - anime where the MC is a villain

Tokyo Ghoul is the very definition of an anime having a villain as a main character. The MC used to be a shy and introverted boy living an ordinary life. But it all changed when he had an encounter with a ghoul and ultimately ended up having the ghoul’s body part transplanted into him.

Being exposed to the dark side of his world, now he has to live on as a man eating ghoul. But what made the MC a true villain is being tortured by a mad man. Pain changed him and his perspective of things changed. He became a savage and fearsome ghoul thanks to this experience.

Death Note

Deadliest weapons in anime - Death Note

What would happen when a normal human is given the power of god? They get corrupted. After discovering the “death note”, the MC of this anime starts off with a great goal- To prevent crime and kill only the evilest of humans alive. However as time went by, he started using the death note to kill anybody who gets in his way. Because of this several good people were killed in his scheme to become the god of the world.

Code Geass

code geass anime mc is a villain

Code Geass is one of the most brilliant anime out there. It starts off as the story of an exiled prince who seeks revenge on his home nation. However, his character develps through out the series. He is initially a selfish person who only cares about him and his little sister. But at the end of the series, he becomes someone so noble and selfless.

Then how is he a villain, you ask? Because he has killed several people to achieve his goals. “To defeat evil, you have to become a greater evil.” This is his motto. So yes, while what he did was ultimately a good deed, he did it by using people like chess pieces and discarding them when he didn’t need them. As a matter of fact, his goal was to become the ultimate villain where people would direct their hatered, all so that he can realize his plans.

That’s it for this post! These were all the best anime where the MC is a villain. Hope you enjoyed this post. For more such posts, hit the bell icon in the bottom right corner to subscribe for post notifications (^^)

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