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The 10 Most Popular Isekai Light Novels You Must Be Reading!

Everyone dreams of getting isekai-ed into a fantasy world and the isekai genre light novels and anime are very popular. In this article, we will be taking a look at the Top 10 Isekai Light Novels to read. Although there are many good anime adaptations of isekai genre, almost all of them skip on some…

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The Best Place To Buy Anime Key Tags

For anyone who loves anime, key tags are a must-have item. They’re perfect for showing off your love for your favorite anime characters, and they also make great gifts for other fans. But where’s the best place to buy anime key tags? Here at Blazified, they carry a wide selection of anime key tags, from…

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Top 5 Cursed Weapons in Anime

Weapons are awesome. They are what helps the anime characters showcase their powers with utmost redicuelity. But there are some weapons that are much more awesome than the regular ones. And those are the cursed ones. These weapons are in a league of their own as they hold a significant position within the story. They…

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10 Anime With Complicated Plot

If you’re looking for a complicated plot in your anime, then look no further! This list includes ten anime with complex stories that will keep you guessing. From mind-bending psychological mysteries to war-torn worlds, these anime will have you hooked from start to finish. So sit back, relax, and get ready for a wild ride!…

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Top 10 Anime Similar To Shimoneta

Shimoneta is an anime about a world where dirty jokes and other obscene content are illegal to use. The discipline squad or committee strictly monitors sex and other similar activities. In this dull world, one character follows the new modesty rules. Ayame Kajou will not obey the law. This is a hilarious adult comedy anime…

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Top 5 Kenjutsu moves in Anime

Martial arts are the most fascinating thing for anyone who loves action. Yes, it is true that guns and mechas are great, but if one looks at the history of memorable anime fights, most of the iconic ones are filled with martial arts. And if the martial art in question is one that involves swords,…