One Piece Female Characters: 30+ Popular Waifus We All Love

One Piece is one of the longest-running anime series and has introduced us to hundreds of amazing characters. Among them, we will be picking the 30 most popular female characters from the One Piece anime series.

Of course, its popularity right now is heavily dependent on the on-going anime arc, which is why you will probably see a lot of characters introduced in the Wano arc.

Regardless, these 33 girls are the center of attention for fans, and we are thrilled to rank them based on their popularity.

Also, feel free to comment on the characters that I might have missed in this listing. That will help expand this list to perfection.

Top 30+ Best One Piece Female Characters

Not all waifus from One Piece get the same screentime, which in turn heavily affects the love they receive from the fans. But some of them have left a lasting mark on us, even though they are no longer an active part of this story. Which is why such characters will be at the bottom of the list.

They might be your all-time favorite One Piece waifu, but since we’re ranking them based on popularity, their presence in the current arc also matters.

Anyway, in this section, let’s take a look at all the memorable female characters in One Piece, whether they’re old or new additions to the series.

  1. Nico Robin
  2. Nami
  3. Uta
  4. Yamato
  5. Boa Hancock
  6. Kozuki Hiyori
  7. Big Mom
  8. Jewelry Bonney
  9. Shirahoshi
  10. Koala
  11. Carrot
  12. Rebecca
  13. Vivi
  14. Vinsmoke Reiju
  15. Perona
  16. Black Maria
  17. Makino
  18. Charlotte Pudding
  19. Tashigi
  20. Ulti
  21. Tama
  22. Viola
  23. Baby 5
  24. Kalifa
  25. Bell-mère and Nojiko
  26. Hina
  27. Otoko
  28. Kaya
  29. Marguerite
  30. Lady Alvida
  31. Monet
  32. Belo Betty
  33. Charlotte Smoothie

33/33. Charlotte Smoothie

Smoothie - female characters from one piece

Charlotte Smoothie is a relatively minor character in the One Piece story who first appeared in the Whole Cake Island arc.

As you can guess from her name, she is one of the children of Big Mom and is a big name among the commanders of the Big Mom pirates.

As one of the Three Sweet Commanders, she has her own island, which she rules over. She has not gotten much screentime yet, but whenever she appears, she is a menacing threat to the Straw Hats.

Her devil fruit ability allows her to extract the juice out of any human and dehydrate them to death.

32/33. Belo Betty

Belo Betty - one piece waifus

Belo Betty is a relatively new character with very little screentime so far. However, thanks to her amazing looks and personality, she has already become a fan favorite One Piece waifu.

She belongs to the revolutionary army as one of its commanders. She leads the East Army with her powerful Devil Fruit ability, which inspires those around her.

There is also an entire fan theory going on where Belo Betty is the mother of Luffy and the wife of Dragon. However, it is just a theory with no basis.

31/33. Monet

Monet - female characters from one piece

Monet is easily one of the most unforgettable female characters from the One Piece: Dressrosa arc. Mostly thanks to Zoro cutting her snow form in two and scaring the sh*t out of her.

However, since Zoro didn’t use Haki, Monet was still alive but immobilized due to fear. Not only that, she is a cute harpy lady and has a one-of-a-kind character design.

Later on in the series, she willfully tries to sacrifice herself for the sake of Doflamingo, but she is killed accidentally when Caesar stabs her heart, assuming it is Smoker’s.

30/33. Alvida

Alvida -  one piece waifus

Alvida is one of the first ever female villain characters to be introduced in the One Piece series. She was the first villain that Luffy had to defeat at the start of his journey.

Hundreds of episodes later, we see her again, but this time she has a huge glow-up. She used to be fat and not so attractive, but now she is a beauty. However, her hatred for Luffy stays the same.

Her devil fruit ability grants her the ability to make her skin smooth and slippery. She uses this power to evade all physical attacks.

29/33. Marguerite

Marguerite - female characters from one piece

Marguerite is a female character in One Piece from the island of Amazon Lily. She was one of the first people on the island to spot Luffy, who had eaten an infectious mushroom.

Since the ladies at the Amazon Lily have never seen men because they are forbidden on the island, she was quite curious about Luffy. This is evident when she wants to see Luffy’s balls because that is a new concept to her.

Later on, during the time skip period, she officially became a member of the Kuja pirates.

28/33. Kaya


Kaya is a female character from the beginning of the One Piece story. She used to be close friends with Ussop, as they met together and talked about various tales.

She is from a very wealthy family and lives in a mansion, whereas Ussop is as poor as he can be. However, she did not mind the difference in social status, showing that she is a really kind and caring woman.

Not only that, she was also willing to sacrifice her life to save the children, which shows her nobility as a person.

For most of the time, she was sick because of her overthinking, which caused her depression. But now, she is a carefree young woman who is aspiring to become a doctor.

27/33. Otoko

Otoko - female characters from one piece

Otoko is one of the female characters introduced in the latest arc and played a minor role in the Wano Kuni rebellion.

She is the daughter of a legendary samurai who sacrificed his own life in order to protect the chance to free his country.

What’s even sadder is that Otoko has lost the ability to show any facial emotions other than a smile. This is thanks to the “S.M.I.L.E.” fruit that the Animal Pirates made her eat.

26/33. Hina


Hina is one of the marines and a close friend of Smoker. She was introduced as a captain who joined the Navy along with Smoker.

She has saved Smoker several times throughout his career from things that could have gotten him fired.

Hina is also one of the strongest Marines there is. Her devil fruit ability enables her to create iron bars and manipulate them freely.

Because of her feats in the Navy, she was later promoted to the rank of rear admiral after the Summit War.

25/33. Bell-mère & Nojiko

Belle-mere and Nojiko are the closest thing to a family that Nami ever had. Nami spent most of her childhood under the care of Bell-mere.

Belle-mere was an ex-marine who used to be in the Navy even though she had no devil fruit abilities or haki. She wasn’t a big name or anything, but during one of her missions, she found two orphan girls.

Belle-mere took them in and quit the Marines so that she could care for them as their foster mother. The two girls are Nami and Nojiko.

Nojiko is Nami’s stepsister, who now lives in the same village she used to live in during her childhood, along with Belle-mere and Nami. After the death of Belle-mere, Nojiko started to become more and more like her stepmother.

Both of them are perfect waifu materials who have a special place in the hearts of One Piece fans.

24/33. Kalifa


Kalifa is one of the hottest girls in One Piece who fought Nami during the Water 7 arc.

She was a member of the CP9 who got promoted to the CP0. Her devil fruit powers allow her to make her body soapy, giving her the power to create foams and slippery surfaces.

Kalifa is an extreme feminist who takes everything as an insult. Regardless, she is one of the most beautiful women in One Piece who wears glasses.

23/33. Baby 5

Baby 5 - female characters from one piece

Baby 5 is one of the most interesting One Piece waifus in the anime. She originally belonged to the Donquixote Pirates and was a capable assassin.

However, during the war between the Donquixote Pirates and the Strawhats, she fell in love with Sai while fighting against him. They ended up marrying right away, which blew the minds of fans.

She has the appearance of a maid, and she wields powerful modern weapons like guns and rocket launchers.

22/33. Viola

Viola -  one piece waifus

Viola is one of the most beautiful female characters in One Piece and was introduced in the Dressrosa arc.

She is one of the princesses of her nation, but after Doflammingo forcefully took over Dressrosa, Viola became one of Doflammingo’s assassins.

However, her true intention was to someday overthrow him and free her kingdom.

Currently, she is the crown princess of the kingdom, as Rebecca, the true crown princess, didn’t want that position.

Viola’s devil fruit allows her to see through objects and look into the minds and memories of people.

21/33. Tama

Tama - female characters from one piece

Tama is a cute little girl who was introduced in the Wano arc. She plays a major role in Strawhat’s battle against Kaido and Bigmom.

Tama had ties with Ace, Luffy’s brother, and admired him. However, after hearing the news that Ace was dead, she broke down.

Regardless, she gained her courage and dream from Ace, so she was determined to help Luffy free the land of Wano.

Her devil fruit ability allows her to control any and all monsters. Even the ones who have monster-based devil fruit abilities are affected by Tama’s powers.

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20/33. Ulti


Ulti is one of the villains introduced in the Wano Arc of One Piece. She is beautiful and cute in her human form, but her beast form is terrifying. She has the devil fruit power that transforms her into a dinosaur.

This beautiful dino waifu in One Piece has a bro-com and loves her brother so much.

She is overly concerned about her little brother and annoys him with her overbearing personality. Her attitude is kind of crazy, as she has two personalities. She has a cute and adorable personality when she is with her brother.

The other is a scary and dismissive personality she has whenever she talks to anyone else.

19/33. Tashigi

Tashigi - female characters from one piece

Tashigi is one of the most unforgettable female characters in One Piece. She belongs to the Navy and is a skilled swordswoman who dreams to collect all Meito swords and prevent pirates from using them.

During her run-in with Zoro, she had no idea that he was a pirate. So she was nice to him and even admired his courage when he tested a cursed sword.

What’s more, Tashigi has the split image of Zoro’s childhood friend, who died a long time ago.

Regardless, after she found out that Zoro was a pirate, her attitude towards him completely changed. She often looks down on him as a swordsman just because he’s a pirate.

18/33.  Charlotte Pudding

Charlotte Pudding

Charlotte Pudding is one of the best waifus in One Piece that all fans hated at first but began to like later.

She was introduced in the “Whole Cake” arc, and she was supposed to be the bride of Vinsmoke Sanji.

However, she was only pretending to like him and trash-talked him behind his back.

Pudding is a half-breed between regular humans and a three-eyed tribe. So she has three eyes, which made her the target of bullying in her childhood. Because of this, she hated her appearance. However, when Sanji truly liked her, regardless of her appearance, she gave her heart to him.

Sadly, they do not marry each other because Big Mom pirates and Strawhats are enemies.

17/33. Makino

Makino - female characters from one piece

Makino is one of the earliest introduced female characters in the One Piece. She lives in the same village as Luffy and is the owner of a bar.

She is a very kind woman who used to look over Luffy along with everyone else in the village.

Makino is also very close to the red-haired Shanks, one of the four Yonkos. While we haven’t seen her much except for the flashback episodes, she is still one of the popular female characters in One Piece.

16/33. Black Maria

Black Maria

Black Maria is one of the main antagonists in the Wano arc of One Piece. She faced off with Nico Robin and pushed her to the brink.

However, this is when Robin’s devil fruit power “awakens,” which allows her to transform into an insanely powerful devil. After this, Black Maria was instantly defeated and possibly killed.

Black Maria was a giant woman with the bottom half of a spider. She was one of the most ruthless girls in One Piece who had no compassion or kindness.

She is also one of the most hated female characters in the series, thanks to her torturing Sanji and Nico Robin. However, being hated is also a kind of popularity, so I’m adding her to the list.

15/33. Perona

Perona - female characters from one piece

Perona is easily one of the cutest goth girl characters in One Piece, and she used to be a part of the Thrillerbark pirates.

She was originally introduced as a villain who fought against the Strawhats. However, later on, we also see her temporarily in Dracula Mihawk’s castle, where she takes care of both Zoro and Mikawk.

Perona is popular among fans for her tsundere personality and her adorable appearance.

14/33. Vinsmoke Reiju

Vinsmoke Reiju -  one piece waifus

Reiju is one of the sexiest female characters in One Piece and is Sanji’s sister.

From being very kind to her kid brother Sanji and helping him escape to sucking the poison out of Luffy with her mouth-to-mouth technique, she left an unforgettable impression on fans.

While everyone in the Vinsmoke family abandoned and looked down on Sanji, Reiju was the only one who cared for him.

As a Vinsmoke, she has scientifically modified genes that give her superpowers. Not only that, but her raid suit is also the work of scientific genius.

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13/33. Vivi

Vivi - female characters from one piece

Vivi is forever remembered as a Strawhat member, as she became a temporary Strawhat during the Alabasta arc.

However, her duties as the princess came first, so she ended her adventures with the Strawhats. But her heart truly belongs with them, and she wants to join the gang soon.

Vivi is a beautiful blue-haired girl who is very courageous and a little boyish. That said, she cares deeply for her kingdom’s citizens. It was because of her that the kingdom became free from Crocodile’s reign.

12/33. Rebecca

Rebecca -  one piece waifus

Rebecca is yet another hot female character in One Piece from the Dressrosa kingdom. She is supposed to be the crown princess of Dressrosa, but thanks to Doflammingo, she is now nothing but a slave gladiator.

She fights in an arena in hopes of getting the Flame-Flame fruit. However, thanks to Luffy, she and her kingdom were freed from the pirate rule.

Later on, we see Rebecca again in the Levely (pronounced as Reverie), where she dresses up like a proper noble. During her time as a slave, she wore nothing but a scale armor bikini, which made her popular among fans instantly.

11/33. Carrot

Carrot - female characters from one piece

Carrot is one of the most popular One Piece waifus who is not a human. She belongs to the Mink race and is a rabbit-human hybrid. Normally, anime fans are known for not liking such characters because they are “furries.”

However, thanks to Carrot’s cute attitude and admirable resolve, she is one of the fan favorites in One Piece.

She is a sworn ally of the Straw Hats and has been a huge help in several circumstances. Her main motive to join the gang was because of Pedro, the person she admired the most.

10/33. Koala


Koala is one of the cutest girls in all of One Piece. From her looks to her personality and energy, everything about her is just adorable.

Not only that, she is a skilled fighter too. She works for the revolutionary army along with Sabo, Luffy’s sworn brother.

She has short, orange hair and wears a cap on top of it, giving her a youthful look.

While Koala has not had that much screen time, we have seen enough to deem her a worthy waifu from the series.

9/33. Shirahoshi

Shirahoshi - female characters from one piece

Shirahoshi is another non-human female character in One Piece who has successfully captured the hearts of many fans.

She is a beautiful, giant mermaid girl with a very timid attitude. She would cry at literally everything, and she was scared of everything.

However, after her encounter with Luffy, she learned to be courageous and started being just a bit more confident.

Shirahoshi is the princess of the underwater fishman empire and is also possibly a deadly weapon capable of destroying the world. This is because she can command the sea kings and communicate with them.

8/33. Jewelry Bonney

Jewelry Bonney -  one piece waifus

Jewelry Bonney is one of the newest characters in One Piece. She was introduced as a pirate belonging to the worst generation.

She is a very attractive-looking lady with pink hair who can control aging. If she wishes, she can make anyone, including herself, younger or older.

She does not play a major role in the anime yet, but she is the one who will partner up with Luffy in the upcoming Egghead arc.

What most fans do not know is that she is actually the daughter of Bartholomew Kuma, one of the key characters in the story.

7/33. Big Mom

Big Mom - female characters from one piece

Big Mom is one of the most powerful pirates in the world of One Piece. As the strongest female character in all of One Piece, she is definitely infamous among fans.

She has been consistently pursuing the straw hats in hopes of destroying them ever since they crashed her party.

However, the current Wano arc will be her last time as a Yonko, as she will be defeated along with Kaido.

Regardless, as a Yonko, she was a terrifying figure who had absolutely dominated thousands of people and even reigned over several lands.

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6/33. Kozuki Hiyori

Kozuki Hiyori

Kozuki Hiyori is a relatively new female character introduced in the latest arc of the One Piece anime series, the Wano Arc.

She does not play a major role in the final battle, but she has her own crucial moments in the story. It is more unlikely that we will see her again after this arc, but currently, she is one of the popular girls in the arc.

Her encounters with Roronoa Zoro are especially adored by fans. There are a lot of people who ship Hiyori with Zoro thanks to that.

Kozuki Hiyori is the daughter of the legendary Kozuki Oden. She is the rightful princess of the land of Wano, but since Kaido had taken over the kingdom, she had to survive by hiding her true identity.

5/33.  Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock - female characters from one piece

Boa Hancock is an unforgettable waifu in all of One Piece. She is the most beautiful woman in the world of One Piece, and she has the power to petrify anybody who has fallen for her beauty.

Because of her beauty, every man in the OP world (except Luffy) falls for her and her devil fruit powers.

Boa Hancock was one of the seven warlords of the seas before that system was abandoned. She rules over the Amazon Lily island and is the captain of the Kuja pirates.

4/33. Yamato

Yamato -  one piece waifus

Yamato is a key figure in the Wano arc and plays a major role in defeating Kaido, the captain of the Beast Pirates.

Even though she is a girl, she acts like a guy and pretends to be Kozuki Oden, the person she admires the most.

She is actually the daughter of Kaido. However, ever since she saw her father execute Kozuki Oden, she has made up her mind that she will inherit Oden’s will and become the new Oden.

Because of this, her relationship with her father has been terrible, as they fight constantly. Yamato also got punished constantly for going against her father.

Regardless, Yamato is one of the hottest female characters in One Piece. She is tall, strong, and very resilient, making her a fan favorite.

3. Uta

Uta - female characters from one piece

Uta is a childhood friend of Luffy and the daughter of Red Haired Shanks. Her presence in the story is very unique, as she was only introduced very recently.

Before Luffy got his devil fruit powers, he used to roam around his village, training to become a pirate.

At this time, both Luffy and Uta got to know each other. Just like Luffy, Uta also had a dream. That was to become the world’s famous songstress.

There is an entire movie called “One Piece: Red” centered around Uta.

2. Nami


Nami is one of the most loved waifu in One Piece. She is a skilled navigator who loves money but loves her fellow strawhats even more.

Before joining the Strawhats, she was a cat burglar who was forced to work under Arlong. However, thanks to Luffy, she was freed and is now pirating in order to create a map of the entire world.

Her presence in the anime adds a comedic element, as both Nami and Ussop are the weakest members of the crew and have to face absurdly strong opponents. Their reactions in life-or-death situations are just hilarious.

That said, she is very loyal to Luffy. She was ready to even lose her life rather than say that her captain would never be the Pirate King.

1/33. Nico Robin

Nico Robin- female characters from one piece

Even though Nico Robin was introduced much later in the story, she easily became one of the most beloved members of the Strawhat pirates.

According to MyAnimeList, Robin has more fans than Nami, and rightly so. What makes Robin so lovable is not just her looks. It is her personality that shines through.

She is mature, cool, loyal, and hilarious at times. All of this makes her the number-one most popular female character in all of One Piece.

Robin also plays a key role in the story, as she is the only one who can read the poneglyph.

That’s it for this post! These are all the most popular girls from the One Piece anime and manga series.

Did I miss your favorite waifu? Let me know in the comments below! I’ll do my best to add them to the list.

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