Straw Hat Pirate Crew Members – All You Need to Know

Eiichiro Oda has recently announced that the manga of One Piece is in its final saga. The long journey of One Piece that has traversed our childhood will finally come to an end.

This also provides a golden opportunity for us to revisit the members of the Straw Hat Pirate Crew and make that nostalgia hit us. We will list the members in chronological order and mention the main details about them.

How many straw hat pirates are there?

There are a total of 12 main straw hat priates crew members.

However, one of them, Vivi, is not a current member of the pirate crew. She was a princess of a nation and had duties to take care of before joining the crew.

Other than the main members, the Straw Hat Grand Fleet has more than five thousand members.

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Straw Hat Crew Members List

1. Monkey.D.Luffy

luffy face scar - straw hat captain

The first member of the Mugiwara Pirate crew is obviously Luffy.

Luffy is introduced as a 17 year old in the anime.

He started the Straw Hat Pirates on a raft and just sailed into the ocean. Before beginning his journey, he acquired the powers of the Gomu Gomu no Mi, which made his entire body rubber.

Luffy also went on to acquire the three types of Haki and register himself as one of the Emperors of the Sea. This happened after he awakened the real powers of his devil fruit, which was revealed to be a Mythical Zoan type instead of a Paramecia type. This allowed Luffy to become a reincarnated version of the Sun God, Nika, and bash one of the most powerful villains in One Piece – Kaido.

2. Zoro

roronoza-zoro - Straw Hat Crew Swordsman

It is quite crazy that the famous pirate hunter Zoro is now himself a pirate.

Zoro is introduced as a 19 year old in the anime.

He was rescued by Luffy from an execution and was the second member of the Straw Hats Pirate Crew. Zoro doesn’t have any Devil Fruit power. His swords are enough to destroy any opponent, and he can even wield three swords at once.

He has a signature three-sword style technique, which he further upgraded into the King of Hell Three Sword Style during the Wano arc. Using this, he can utilize his Armament Haki and Conqueror’s Haki to their full potential. Zoro has firmly established himself as the right-hand man of Luffy and is also infamously known for having a very bad sense of direction.

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3. Nami

Nami - anime waifu with orange hair

Putting Nami in the third spot is a bit tricky. This is because, although she tagged along with Luffy and Zoro, she officially became a member later in the story. Luffy obviously considered her a mugiwara pirate from the get go, which did not align with Nami’s intentions. She started out as a liability in the straw hat pirate crew, but with time she became one scary lady.

Nami is introduced as an 18 year old in the anime.

Nami acts as the crew’s navigator and can also pack a punch when the situation calls for it. She uses a polearm as her weapon and has mastered the ‘Art of Weather’. Using the polearm, she can manipulate the weather as she wants, which has been further bolstered by the addition of Zeus.

4. Usopp

Usopp - Straw Hat Crew Members List

Just like Nami, Usopp has been a major liability from the moment he joined the crew. Readers should not confuse him with Sogeking since CLEARLY they are two completely different people.

Ussop is introduced as a 17 year old in the anime.

He comes from Syrup Village and interestingly his father is a part of the pirate crew led by Shanks. 

Usopp has always been a coward, a characteristic he still carries with him today. Before the recruitment of Franky, Usopp used to maintain their ship, but now he is the known marksman of the Straw Hat Pirates. A long-range role suits Usopp perfectly because of his lack of physical and mental strength. He has also added variations to his weapons, which come in handy during tricky situations.

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5. Sanji

Sanji Raid suit transformation

Luffy was actively looking for a cook to join the Mugiwara Pirates when he finally came across Sanji.

Sanji is introduced as a 19 year old in the anime.

He completes the Monster Trio involving him, Zoro, and Luffy. On paper, they can be classed as the three most powerful members of the Straw Hat Pirates. Sanji hails from the famous Vinsmoke family, who are well known for their scientific prowess.

Sanji, however, refuses to use anything associated with the Vinsmoke family and doesn’t even use any of their weapons. Aside from being an excellent cook, he is also a ladies’ man who will never hurt a woman, even if she is evil. Sanji specializes in his kicking abilities, which very few can match up to. He has only trained his legs for fighting because he believes that his hands are to be used only for feeding people. Sanji can use a variety of techniques using his legs only, which usually involves the pyro element.

6. Vivi

Vivi - former member of Mugiwara pirates

Vivi is an ex-member of the Straw Hat Pirates crew who joined the group after the conclusion of the events of the Whiskey Peak Arc.

She is introduced as a 16 year old in the anime.

She is a princess of the Arabasta Kingdom and failed to continue the journey with Luffy and his crewmates.

Time will tell whether we will see Vivi again as an official crew member or not. Just like the former member, Vivi doesn’t have any devil fruit powers. Despite being pretty ordinary, she gave the Mugiwara pirates quite a scare while working as an agent for Baroque Works.

7. Tony Tony Chopper

Tony Tony Chopper - Straw Hat Crew Members List

After acquiring a cook, Luffy realized the need for a doctor. After all, on a long voyage, it is pretty common for people to get sick, and without a doctor on board, it would be pretty difficult for the mugiwara pirates to continue. Thus, Chopper became the latest addition to the crew after Sanji.

Chopper is introduced as a 15 year old in the anime.

We also finally got introduced to someone with devil fruit powers.

He has the power of the Human Human Devil Fruit, with which he can change himself into a hybrid of human and reindeer. Chopper can further use the rumble ball to alter his transformations and grant him greater flexibility on the battlefield. But what Chopper is widely known for in the Straw Hat Crew is his godly medical expertise.

8. Nico Robin

Nico Robin - Mugiwara Crew Members List

With the introduction of Nico Robin and Chopper, we got two back-to-back devil fruit users. Nico Robin was one of the most OP introductions in One Piece at that time. Yes, Zoro and Sanji make up the monster trio, but Nico Robin was working with a powerful enemy organization before joining the Mugiwara pirates.

Robin is introduced as a 28 year old in the anime.

She had that devilish aura about her and was even known as the devil child. Her role in the Straw Hat Pirates is to act as an archaeologist and lead them to the Poneglyphs. Nico Robin uses the Hana Hana no Mi devil fruit, allowing her to sprout parts of her body on various surfaces from any range.

9. Franky

Franky - Mugiwara Crew Members List

Franky’s need to be on the team was realized when Going Merry was on its last legs. The need for a shipwright was quickly realized by Luffy, and he wasted no time in recruiting Franky.

Franky is introduced as a 34 year old in the anime.

Although Franky doesn’t have any devil fruit powers, he can easily make up for it using his cyborg abilities. Due to his enhanced engineering prowess, he has made his front part almost as durable as anything.

Over the course of the story, we have seen Franky apply major upgrades to his body and even develop himself into General Franky. He hits hard on the battlefield and can bulldoze through almost anything. Just like a general, Franky can also take the command in a battle and form efficient strategies.

10. Brook

Brook - Mugiwara Crew Members List

While the recruitment of a musician was not necessary for the Straw Hat Pirates, Luffy was extremely adamant about it. So, when they finally met Brook, he was beyond excited.

Brook is introduced as a 88 year old skeleton in the anime.

Aside from being an open pervert, Brook also has devil fruit powers.

Using the Yomi Yomi no Mi, he can not only manipulate his soul but also the souls of others. In this way, Brook has been able to achieve a sort of immortality. He can even use the energy of his soul and thereby utilize cryo powers in battles. Combined with his epic swordsmanship, that can be quite deadly for his opponents.

11. Jinbei

Jinbei - Mugiwara Crew Members List

Jinbei is one of the more recent members of the Mugiwara Pirates, whom Luffy has pursued for a long time.

He is introduced as a 44 year old in the anime.

Jinbei is a big name in the One Piece world, not only for his power but also because of his identity as an ex-captain of the Sun Pirates. Jinbei is there to command the Thousand Sunny while acting as its helmsman.

But when called upon to the battlefield, he can also dish out some strong damage in the form of Fish-Man Karate. Jinbei doesn’t need any devil fruit powers as his Fish-Man Jujutsu and immense physical strength can dominate the strongest of foes.

12. Yamato

Yamato - Mugiwara Crew Members List

The latest member to join Luffy’s crew is Yamato, or maybe Oden, as she wants everyone to call her by that name.

Yamato is introduced as a 28 year old girl in the anime.

It is pretty ironic that the character joining the Mugiwara pirates after Kaido’s death is his daughter herself. Nevertheless, Yamato is an extremely valuable addition to Luffy in his journey to becoming the Pirate King. 

Yamato possesses incredible physical strength and can beat down enemies with her kanabo club. She is also a Mythical Zoan-type devil fruit user and can turn into a divine wolf. Having also mastered the Conqueror’s Haki and the Armament Haki, Yamato is a certified beast.

Straw Hat Pirates Crew Join Order

Straw Hat Pirates Crew Join Order

Here is the joining order of the Straw Hat Pirates crew members:

  1. Monkey.D.Luffy
  2. Zoro
  3. Nami
  4. Usopp
  5. Sanji
  6. Vivi
  7. Tony Tony Chopper
  8. Nico Robin
  9. Franky
  10. Brook
  11. Jinbei
  12. Yamato

Straw Hat Pirates Crew Positions

Straw hat memberPosition
Tony Tony ChopperDoctor
Nico RobinArchaeologist

Straw Hat Pirates Crew Bounty

Straw hat memberBounty
Monkey.D.Luffy3,000,000,000 Belly
Zoro320,000,000 Belly
Nami66,000,000 Belly
Ussop200,000,000 Belly
Sanji330,000,000 Belly
Tony Tony Chopper100 Belly
Nico Robin130,000,000 Belly
Franky94,000,000 Belly
Brook83,000,000 Belly
Jinbei438,000,000 Belly

Straw Hat Pirates Crew Ages

Straw hat memberPre-time SkipPost-time Skip
Monkey.D.Luffy17 Years old19 Years old
Zoro19 Years old21 Years old
Nami18 Years old20 Years old
Ussop17 Years old19 Years old
Sanji19 Years old21 Years old
Vivi16 Years old18 Years old
Tony Tony Chopper15 Years old17 Years old
Nico Robin28 Years old30 Years old
Franky34 Years old36 Years old
Brook88 Years old90 Years old
Jinbei44 Years old46 Years old
Yamato26 Years old28 Years old

Straw Hat Crew Member birthdays

Straw hat memberBirthday
Monkey.D.LuffyMay 5th
ZoroNovember 11th
NamiJuly 3rd
UsoppApril 1st
SanjiMarch 2nd
ViviFebruary 2nd
Tony Tony ChopperDecember 24th
Nico RobinFebruary 6th
FrankyMarch 9th
BrookApril 3rd
JinbeiApril 2nd
YamatoNovember 3rd

Will the straw hats get more members?

Yes, the straw hat crew will get more new members in the future.

As for the anime, it will soon be revealing that Yamato will be joining the straw hats officially.

Not to mention, going by the pattern in which new members have been recruited, there is still room for a few more characters.

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[…] Recommended >> Straw Hat Pirate Crew Members – All You Need to Know […]


[…] Recommended >> Straw Hat Pirate Crew Members – All You Need to Know […]

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