All Germa 66 Raid Suit Transformations

Germa 66 raid suit transformations of the following characters from the Vinsmoke Family:

  • Reiju 
  • Ichiji
  • Niji
  • Sanji
  • Yonji
  • Judge

Germa 66

Germa 66 logo

In the One Piece manga/anime, Germa 66 is an Underworld mercenary force and a military branch of the Germa Kingdom. The ruling Family of the Germa Kingdom, the Vinsmoke Family, commands this military force. 

They are infamously known all around the world as the main antagonists of the comic strip “Sora, The Warrior of the Sea.” Nobody really knew if the evil organization Germa 66 was actually real.

They were only believed to be a fictional organization until one day, the Germa 66 army attacked the East Blue nation of Cozia.

The Vinsmoke Family currently consists of only 5 members, as one of the Family member, Vinsmoke Sanji cut ties with them and became a pirate. 

All Germa 66 Transformations

all Germa 66 Raid suit transformations

With their cutting edge scientific technology, the Germa kingdom has designed “Raid Suits” — powerful suits that boosts the wearer’s strength and gives them special powers. For example, it allows them to fly in the air, produce poison, fire, electricity, etc (features are specific to each suit.)

The raid suits are also fire and bulletproof (cape only) making the wearer immune to bullets.

Only the members of the Vinsmoke Family currently possess these Raid Suits.

Here are all of the Germa 66 Raid Suit transformation scenes!



Reiju – Raid Suit Transformation

Poison pink - germa 66

Reiju is the eldest and the only daughter of the Vinsmoke Family. She is the princess of the Germa kingdom and also one of the commanders of the Germa 66 military arms.

She is also known as ‘Poison Pink.’ Her raid suit transformation gives her a light pink costume with a moth-wing like cape on her back.

Germa 66 no 0

As her name suggests, her raid suit power is to produce poison that can corrode any objects. She also possesses the ability to suck out poison from the human body which became apparent when she sucked the poison out of Luffy in the Whole cake island arc.

Germa 66 Reiju power


Ichiji – Raid Suit Transformation

Ichiji raid suit transformation

Ichiji is the eldest son and the second child of the Vinsmoke Family. He is one of the princes of the Germa kingdom and a commander of the Germa 66 army.

He is referred to as Germa 66 no. 1 – “Sparkling Red”

Ichiji raid transformation

His raid suit transformation gives him the ability to blast fire energy from his hands that can tear through his opponents. His punches also have tremendous explosive power making him a moving dynamite.

Ichiji germa 66 power


Niji – Raid Suit Transformation

Dengki blue - Germa 66 no. 2

Niji is the second son of the Vinsmoke family. He is a prince of the Germa kingdom and also one of the commanders of the Germa 66 army. He is referred to as Germa 66 no. 2 – “Degenki Blue”

Germa 66 no 2

Niji’s raid suit transformation gives him the ability to manipulate electricity and move at a great speed. As shown in the Whole Cake Island arc, he is fast enough to catch all the bullets that are fired at a close range.

Niji - Germa 66 powers


Yonji – Raid Suit Transformation

Germa 6 no.4 - winch green

Yonji is the last son of the Vinsmoke family. Like is siblings (excluding Sanji) he is also one of the princes of the Germa kingdom who is also a commander of the Germa 66 mercenary army.

He is referred to as Germa 66 no.4 – “Winch Green”

Germa 66 number 4

Yonji’s raid suit transformation gives him humongous power boost making it easier for him to crush boulders with his bare hands.

Germa 66 Yonji the Winch Green powers


Judge – Raid Suit Transformation

Garuda - Germa 66

Vinsmoke Juge is the ruler and the founder of the kingdom of Germa 66. He conducted several experiments and successfully made his children (except for Sanji) into superhumans with exoskeletons – bones on the outside, making them more durable than any normal humans. 

He is also the genius who created clone army which makes the entirety of the Germa 66 mercenary army.

Sanji's father - Judge the Garuda

His raid suit transformation – the Garuda, gives him a shape-memory, fire and bulletproof suit. It also allows him to do powerful thrusts and jumps.

His main weapon is a spear. One of his attacks is to rapidly spin the spear causing a whirlwind to send his opponents flying. His spear has the capacity to store electricity and release it whenever desired.

One piece Vinsmoke Judge powers


Sanji’s “Soba Mask” (Stealth Black) Raid Suit Transformation

Germa 66 no 3 Stealth Black

Sanji is the third son of the Vinsmoke family. Of all the generically modified children, Sanji was the only one who turned out to be a normal human.

He doesn’t have superhuman strength or exoskeletons. So he was treated harshly when he was a child. Not being able to tolerate them, Sanji ran away from the Germa 66 kingdom.

Sanji Raid suit transformation

Later, at the end of the Whole Cake Island arc the Germa 66 kingdom became allies with the Straw hat Pirates. Sanji also received his raid suit from them.

Since he had cut ties with the Vinsmoke family, he swore to never use the power of his raid suit.

However, in the Wano arc, Sanji used it in order to save the people who were being tortured so that Sanji can be brought out of hiding.

Because he didn’t liked to be called “Germa 66 no.3 Stealth Black” he renamed himself as “Soba Mask.”

Other than being fire and bulletproof and allowing him to fly, his raid suit allows him to become invisible.

Sanji - Germa 66 Stealth Black a.k.a Soba Mask

That’s it! These were all the Germa 66 raid suit transformations and Sanji’s Soba Mask transformation!!

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