+10 BEST Anime Like Black Clover

Did you watch Black Clover and can’t get enough of it? Or are you just a sucker for classic Shounen anime? Whatever the case, here’s a list of bunch of anime like Black Clover that’ll satisfy your craving!

But before that, let me give you guys who haven’t watched or heard of Black Clover a run down on what it is all about.

What’s Black Clover about?

Asta quotes
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Black Clover is set up in a world where magic has become an everyday activity, and can be used by anyone. In such a world, there’s a boy named Asta, who has no affinity for magic, but wishes to become the ‘Wizard King’ – the strongest and the most powerful wizard of all. 

Despite, being unable to use magic, he keeps training his body in hopes that one day he could realize his dream and his promise he made with his brother Yuno, who also aspires to become the Wizard King.

Top 13 Anime Like Black Clover

Ahem. So I’ve gathered a list of 13 anime like Black Clover. I have also ranked them based on their similarity, and common strong points. I took into account the characters, their personalities, the world settings, and plot of various anime and found these top 13 anime like Black Clover.

So without any further ado, let’s jump into the listing!

13. Mashle

Best Like Black Clover

MAL Score: 7.56 (Season 1)

Total Episodes: 12 (Season 2 upcoming in 2024)

Aired: Apr 8, 2023 to Jul 1, 2023

Mashle is a hit comedy-fantasy anime released in 2023. This is an anime like Black Clover, One Punch Man, and Harry Potter combined.

The MC of this show, Mash, is exactly like Asta. In a world where everyone is capable of magic, he is not. So, he trains his body to the point he can beat anyone with pure muscles.

He even joins a magic school, where he has to act like he has magical powers. When in reality, he is simply using his insane physical power to do inhuman, magical tasks.

If you are looking for a more light hearted version of Black Clover, then Mashle is for you!

12. The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly sins - anime similar to black clover

MAL Score: 8.22 (Season 1), 8.26 (Season 2)

Total Episodes (as of Jul 2019): 48

Aired: Oct 5, 2014 to Mar 29, 2015  and Aug 28, 2016 to Sep 18, 2016 

The Seven Deadly Sins is without a doubt one of the most popular anime series of this decade.

The show starts off with the adventures of Elizabeth, the third princess of the Kingdom of Liones, in her search for the “Seven Deadly Sins”.

The Seven deadly sins were rumored legends who were fabled to be the mightiest warriors to ever exist.

But they were labeled as traitors and were wanted criminals for their crime of betraying the Kingdom.

What transpired in the past? Why is Elizabeth seeking them? Who are these seven deadly sins anyway? You’ll get to know when you watch this legendary show!

What’s similar?

Similar to Black Clover, The Seven Deadly Sins takes place in a world where magic is common.

Both the anime has demons and other species.

The main protagonists and their group serve a kingdom’s sword and shield in both the anime.

11. Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor

Akashic recors of the bastard magical instructor

MAL Score: 7.35

Episodes: 12

Aired: Apr 4, 2017 to Jun 20, 2017 

The Alzano Imperial Magic Academy, is one of the most distinguished magic schools in the world. It is the dream of several young bloods who want to become competent magicians.

However, their dreams are thrown into the abyss when Glenn Radars, a lazy, unmotivated guy who is indifferent towards life becomes their teacher. He effortlessly becomes the most hated teacher right after a couple of days.

But after revealing his true talents for magic he got on the good side of the students and grew close to their hearts.

And what’s more, Glen and his students Sistine and Rumia, gets caught in the evil scheme of the Nefarious forces hidden within the empire’s wall.

What’s similar?

Firstly, the wide variety of magic. Both Black Clover and Akashic Records of a Bastard Magical Instructor have all sorts of magic like fire, water, wind, etc.

Another part about this anime that makes it similar to Black Clover is the fact that there are villains who use magic to create chaos, and also that the protagonist can negate magic around him.

10. The Legend Of The Legendary Heroes

The Legend Of The Legendary Heroes

MAL Score: 7.72

Episodes: 24

Aired: Jul 2, 2010 to Dec 17, 2010 

This is an anime like Black Clover in terms of the main characters.

“Alpha stigma” bearers, are mages who can analyze and use all kinds of magic.

However they are despised and hunted by the people as they are believed to be only capable of death and destruction.

Ryner Lute, a talented mage and an alpha stigma bearer who has sworn to make the country peaceful, journeys along with Ferris Eris, a talented swordswomen, in order to find all the legendary hero relics.

What’s similar?

The main characters of both the anime are out-casts.

Both the anime have similar adventurous feel.

9. World Trigger

World Trigger - Anime Like Black Clover

MAL Score: 7.65

Episodes: 73

Aired: Oct 5, 2014 to Apr 3, 2016

If you decide to watch this anime, then do me a favor and watch it in Sub. Because the English dub is an absolute trash. It just ruins the reputation of the anime. It’s an abomination that should have never existed. So, yeah. Watch the sub.

Now that I’ve got that out of my lungs, let’s move on to the usual summary.

In a world where war goes on between humans and creatures from another dimension, called the “neighbors”, the last hope for humanity is the Border Defense Agency, who uses special weapon called “triggers” to fight off the enemy.

Osamu Mikumo is a trainee BDA agent who gets caught in the invasion of a neighbor and is forced to fight them with his low grade trainee gears.

While he was having a tough time with the aliens, the transfer student Yuuma Kuga makes short work of the aliens, shortly later revealing the fact that he was one of the Neighbors.

What’s similar?

While there’s no concept of magic in World Trigger, the use of “triggers” to gain special and unique abilities is kind of similar to the magical abilities displayed in Black Clover.

Similar to the captains of the magic knights in Black Clover, there are extremely powerful S rank agents int World Trigger who lead units.

8. UQ Holder!: Mahou Sensei Negima! 2

UQ Holder Anime Like Black Clover

MAL Score: 7.15

Episodes: 12

Aired: Oct 3, 2017 to Dec 19, 2017

The story takes place in the future world where magic is commonly used by everybody.

After the death of his parents in a mysterious incident, the protagonist, Touta Konoe is raised by Evangeline A.K. McDowell, a female teacher. She reveals the truth about their “true nature” (i.e. how they can’t die) and then they decide to go to the UQ.Holder – a group of immortals who work in the name of justice.

It has interesting characters, decent plot, funny moments and ofcourse quiet a few fan service moments.

7. Soul Eater

Soul Eater

MAL Score: 8.01

Episodes: 51

Aired: Apr 7, 2008 to Mar 30, 2009 

In a fantastical world, filled with all sorts of mystical creatures, it is the job of “Death Scythes” to keep them in check.

Death city is the home of the popular Death Weapon Meister Academy, which was founded by Lord Death himself in order to train more death scythes.

Soul Evans, a demon scythe from the Death Weapon Meister Academy, aims to become the Death Scythe by devouring 99 evil spirits and 1 witch’s soul along with the help of his wielder Maka Albarn.

(Okay, I’m saying this anime is like Black Clover purely based on the “feelings” that I got while watching both the series. So, I can’t logically explain what part of Soul Eater is similar to Black Clover, but you’ll just have to trust me on this one.)

6. Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter - anime like black clover

MAL Score: 9.12

Episodes: 148

Aired: Oct 2, 2011 to Sep 24, 2014 

Hunter X Hunter is one of the top rated Shounen anime ever to ever exist.

It follows the adventures of Gon, a 12-year old boy, who’s dream is to become an official hunter just like his dad (whom he has never even seen before.)

He sets off to take the Hunter examination, which is held once a year to officially select the Hunters. Along the way, he meets his future friends Kurapika, Leorio and Killua.

They go through the trials and tribulations of the hunter exam together and develop a strong bond between them.

The Hunter examination arc is really interesting, but his adventures has only just begun. He faces several perilous situations along with his friends, and faces off against the world’s worst criminals, the Phantom troupe.

If you’re in for some mind blowing adventure anime, then HxH is just the thing for you!

The very fact that this is a Shounen anime, makes it similar to Black Clover. Both the protagonist pursue their dream, fight with criminals and protect what is precious to them.

5. Little Witch Academia

Little Witch Academia - Anime like Black clover

MAL Score: 8.07

Episodes: 25

Aired: Jan 9, 2017 to Jun 26, 2017

Luna Nova Magical Academy is a privileged academy where young witches from all over the world gather to learn to use magic.

Like Black Clover, the story starts off with Atsuko “Akko” Kagiri, a normal human with no affinity for magic, joining the Luna Nova Magical Academy, taking the first step towards realizing her dream of walking the same path as “Shiny Chariot”, her inspiration and a renown witch who went missing years ago.

On the way to the school grounds she discovers the magic wand used by Silver Chariot in a deserted forest.

Despite being unable to cast magic, and being outclassed by almost everyone else in the academy, Akko relentlessly works hard to become the  greatest witch who’s magic can bring immense joy to the onlookers.

Besides magic, the other common aspect of this anime and Black clover is that both the MCs have a similar personality.

4. Magi


MAL Score: 8.19 (Season 1), 8.40 (Season 2)

Total Episodes: 50

Aired: Oct 7, 2012 to Mar 31, 2013  and Oct 6, 2013 to Mar 30, 2014 

Magi are a rare class of magician who serve as the guiding lights that lead their kingdom to prosperity by aiding in the exploration of “Dungeons” – mystical labyrinths that hold magnificent treasures within them.

Aladdin, a young magi, leaves his home behind for the first time in his life to explore the world. He is accompanied by his mentor Ugo, a supernatural being called “djinn” whom he can summon by playing his flute.

To fulfill his role as a Magi, he looks for the potential candidates to become a King. That’s when he meets Alibaba Saluja. Thus the their grand adventure begins!

3. My Hero Academia

Boku no hero academia

MAL Score: 8.41 (Season 1), 8.71 (Season 2), 8.61 (Season 3)

Total Episodes (as of now): 63

Aired: Apr 3, 2016 to Jun 26, 2016 & Apr 1, 2017 to Sep 30, 2017 & Apr 7, 2018 to Sep 29, 2018 

In a world where people posses some extra abilities called ‘quirks’, Izuku “Deku” Midoriya is born quirkless.

Ever since his childhood Midoriya has admired superheroes, and the one that he idolizes the most is the #1 superhero called ‘All Might.’

Regardless of being quirkless, he decides to follow his dream and apply for a U.A Academy, a well known academy that trains top notch heroes. But before that, his childhood friend, Bakugo gets caught by a villain and is almost killed.

Without his consent, his body moved to free Bakugo from the villain, disregarding the fact that he is quirkless and he can’t defeat the villain. Seeing his valor, his favorite superhero, All might congratulates him and chooses him to be the successor of his power. Thus Deku’s adventure to become the #1 hero begins!

What’s similar?

Similar to Black Clover, MHA follows Deku starting off being powerless and being looked down on by people. And their motivation is also the same. To become the #1 superhero and to become the Wizard King.

2. Ao No Exorcist

Ao no Exorcist - Anime Like Black Clover

MAL Score: 7.78, 7.54 (two seasons)

Episodes: 25+12

Aired: Apr 17, 2011 to Oct 2, 2011

This is one of the most popular anime like Black Clover that has demons and devils in it.

The demon King, Satan, unable to find a suitable vessel for him to possess, sends his son to Assiah, hoping that he’d be able to possess his son’s body someday and raise havoc in Assiah.

However, Rin Okumura, the son of Satan, walks the path of an Exorcist and goes off against Satan’s will and protects the very land his father vowed to destroy.

In order to become a true Exorcist, he joins the True Cross Academy, where he meets comrades who are all in pursuit of their own dreams.

1. Radiant

Radiant - Anime Like Black Clover

MAL Score: 6.88 (Season 1), 7.70 (Season 2)

Episodes: 21+21

Aired: Oct 6, 2018 to Feb 23, 2019 

Radiant is a classic Shounen anime. This anime has a lot of similarity to Black Clover in terms of its strengths and its weaknesses. Both Black Clover and Radiant are critisized for their cliches and “unoriginality.”

But there are quite a few people who love such cliched moments and watch the anime only for the feels, like you and me. I mean, if you’re even reading this article, then you must’ve liked Black Clover, right? I for one, love it!

“Radiant” is fabled to be the source of monstrous creatures called “Nemesis” that fall from the sky and destroy towns. Sorcerers are the only ones who can fight the Nemesis, as the normal humans die when they come in contact with a Nemesis.

However Sorcerers are despised by people and are treated like trash and are even hunted by the Inquisition.

Seth, an aspiring sorcerer dreams of becoming a great sorcerer and destroying Radiant, so that he could stop this discrimination that prevails and bring forth a peaceful future.

What’s similar?

Both Asta and Seth have very similar personalities.

The plot and the world expansion in both the anime are similar.

Like Asta, Seth has a dream that he wants to realize. That is to bring peace to the world by destroying the Radiant.

That’s it! These were some of the best anime like Black clover. Hope you liked this post, and see you in the next one. Laterz~

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