List of All Asta’s Swords In Black Clover

When we hear the name Asta, the first thing that comes to our mind is anti-magic. It is his trademark that often overshadows the fact that he is a monster swordsman on the side. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at all of Asta’s swords that were featured in the Black Clover anime and manga.

Due to a lack of magical abilities since his childhood, Asta has put his complete focus on developing his raw physical power. This is one of the main reasons he can wield such huge swords laden with anti-magic and cut down powerful opponents with ease. Today we will be taking a look at all the swords that Asta has used in the story and what makes them so special.

How Many Swords Does Asta Have?

Currently, Asta has a total of four swords. 

Each of these swords become filled with anti-magic when it is Asta’s hand. However, their original attributes are different. For example, when Licht held his swords the anti-magic attribute turned into sword magic.

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The Names of All Asta’s Swords:

  1. First Sword: Demon Slayer Sword
  2. Second Sword: Demon Dweller Sword
  3. Third Sword: Demon Destroyer Sword
  4. Fourth Sword: Demon Slasher Katana

What Is Special About These Swords?

Black Clover anti-magic weapons

The swords wielded by Asta are unique in several different ways. One does not require any mana from its user. Whereas the other keeps over-draining mana from its user. But for him, who doesn’t have a lick of magic, these conditions are just perfect. They are also imbued with anti-magic abilities and have the capability to negate or absorb magic powers from its target.

In a world where everyone is capable of magic, having anti-magic powers makes you the most powerful person.

Another fun fact about Asta’s sword is that none of his weapons were originally his own. They were from people who either lived before him or with him. By the power of his grimoire these swords have taken anti-magic abilities that best suit Asta.

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The List Of All Asta’s Swords From Black Clover

First Sword: The Demon Slayer Sword

Asta's Demon Slayer Sword

The Demon Slayer Sword is the first ever sword that Asta possessed and is quite a nostalgic one for him. It is huge in size and Asta can call it out whenever he wants from his grimoire

The specialty of this weapon is that it is full of anti-magic, which gives Asta a wide range of offensive and defensive prowess. Not only can he use it to cut down his enemies’ magic, but he can even use it to deflect any incoming magic attack. 

After getting this sword, Asta has trained a lot to utilise its full potential completely and even use it like a flying broom. Not to mention the use of Demon Slayer Sword: Black Divider spell that further increases its already humongous size.

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Asta’s Second Sword: Demon Dweller Sword

Asta's Demon Dweller Sword

This is the second sword that we saw Asta using in the series. He got it from a dungeon during an expedition with his teammates. The Demon Dweller Sword specialises in absorbing the magical power of people. 

It will also absorb the magic of the wielder, but since Asta doesn’t have any, he is the only one capable of using it. After absorbing someone’s magic attacks, Asta can return them to their opponents in the form of a slash. 

Moreover if he sticks the sword within an enemy and keeps it there, the Demon Dweller Sword will continue to absorb energy from that person and keep on making him/her weak. The power of the sword increases further in Asta’s demon form and can emit powerful anti-magic slashes.

Third Sword: Demon Destroyer Sword

Asta's Demon Destroyer Sword

The Demon Destroyer Sword came into the hands of Asta from Licht. It played a huge role during the reincarnation of elves in Black Clover. Apart from the usual property of cutting down magic, the Demon Destroyer Sword can negate the effects of other spells. 

This is called “Causality Break,” and it transformed all the Black Clover characters back to their original forms who were affected by the reincarnation spell. Upon using this spell, the anti-magic is emitted in the form of tendrils which go after the desired target. 

Asta even used it to counter the spells of Lilith and Naamah, where he boosted the neutralizing ability in his devil fusion form. 

Asta’s Fourth Sword: Demon Slasher Katana

Black Clover Demon Slasher Katana

The Demon Slasher Katana is a very recent sword used by Asta. This sword is also very special to him as it was given to him by Yami. At first it was just a normal Katana, but as soon as Asta touched it in his Devil Unite mode, it underwent a complete transformation. 

The best part of the Demon Slasher Katana is that it listens to the wielder’s will and will only cut down the things Asta wants to. This is why Yami and William were completely unharmed during the Infinity Slash Equinox spell used by Asta on Lucifero. It is a great sword for close-ranged combat, and similar to Yami, Asta uses it with Anti-Magic in place of Dark Magic.

That’s it for this post! These were all the 4 swords wielded by Asta in Black Clover series.

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