Top 10 Strongest Characters in Black Clover

Black Clover is by far one of the top 3 series among the new generation of Shonen releases. And just like the other stories, this is also based on power scaling. The foundation of the world of Black Clover is based on magic, which has led us to witness some of the strongest characters in the franchise. 

One of the special things about Black Clover is the fact that its villains are a lot stronger than most of the ‘heroes’. So, without wasting any more time, let us take a look at the top 10 strongest characters in Black Clover.

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List Of The Strongest Black Clover Characters

Nacht Faust

nacht frost - black bulls vice captain

Nacht Faust is the reliable vice-captain of the Black Bulls who just popped out of nowhere after the capture of Yami Sukehiro. He specializes in dealing with devils, which was key to unlocking the “Unite” between Asta and Liebe. Nacht also has four devils of his own, with whom he can perform various united magics and overwhelm his opponents. 

His innate power lies in using Shadow Magic, which combines pretty well with the Dark Magic of Yami. The fact that Nacht could hold his own against Lilith and Naamah speaks volumes of his magical power.


Yuno new form

Yuno hails from a royal family in the Spade Kingdom and has always possessed an insane amount of magical power. On top of that, the Wind Spirit Sylph decided to make Yuno a host, which further served as a boost to his already potent Wind Magic

Combining with Sylph, Yuno can use Spirit Magic and Star Magic, which are two of his most powerful attacks. The Star Magic, in particular, came in handy against the powerful devil, Beelzebub, where Yuno used his second grimoire to outsmart him.

Yami Sukehiro

Yami Sukehiro

Yami Sukehiro is the commander of the Black Bulls, and a fierce one at that. He is a foreigner to the Clover Kingdom and his unique “Dark Magic” used to repel people initially. However, that’s what makes his magic so distinct and powerful. Yami is a muscular character who mixes raw power with his spells. 

Using his katana, Yami is known to release powerful dark slashes that can rip apart enemies within minutes. He also has a famous catchphrase of “surpassing one’s limits,” which fits perfectly for a guy like him.

Licht – One Of The Strongest Elf In Black Clover

Licht - strongest characters in Black Clover

Licht served as a major antagonist in the Elf Reincarnation Saga before it was revealed that someone else was pulling the strings from the shadows. He uses Sword Magic, and being an elf, he has a huge reserve of magical power. His excellent swordsmanship skills supplement his sword magic, and he can conjure up some powerful spells as a result of that. 

Licht showed his insane power by performing forbidden magic that allowed him to extract energy from the underworld. He also possesses a five-leaf clover grimoire that is seen as an extremely rare scenario in the Black Clover world.



Beelzebub is the last villain to be revealed in Black Clover, who had an association with the Zogratis siblings. He chose Zenon as his host after he made a pact with him. Beelzebub is a master of spatial magic who makes it impossible for his opponents to even approach him. 

Once his enemies are under the control of his spacial magic, it negates every kind of spell used by them. It is a very overpowered technique, and even the genius Yuno struggled against it. His battle techniques are out of this world, and combined with Zenon, he has the power to wipe out hordes of soldiers single-handedly.

Megicula – One Of The Strongest Devils In Black Clover

Megicula - strongest characters in Black Clover

Megicula is a high-level demon associated with Vanica Zogratis. Due to her Curse-Warding magic, she is without a doubt one of the strongest Black Clover characters. She is a master of manipulation and used Vanica perfectly in order to complete her own manifestation. 

Using her Curse-Warding magic, she can create powerful curses whose detrimental effects are clearly visible on Lolopechka and Acier Silva. On top of that, she was also able to use steel magic and blood magic, having taken Vanica and Acier’s soul under control, respectively. The fact that she alone was enough to give tough competition to five seasoned warriors speaks a lot about her immense power.



Zagred was the mastermind behind the elf-reincarnation saga of Black Clover. He committed numerous atrocities, including the annihilation of the elf tribe, and being a high-ranking devil certainly helped him to put his heinous plans into action. 

He was a walking source of huge magical power, and his Kotodama Magic was something that no one had ever seen before. Zagred could wield a five-leaf clover grimoire and use his Kotodama magic to create objects out of thin air. It also gave him the power to imitate the strongest magical attributes of others.

Lucifero – Strongest Devil In Black Clover

Lucifero - Strongest Devil In Black Clover

Lucifero has been one of the biggest threats in the Black Clover series until now. Being a ruler of the underworld, Lucifero formed a perfect plan in order to release devils into the human world. While the other two devils used only one host each, Lucifero associated himself with both Moris and Dante to make his plan a success. 

Lucifero’s Gravity Magic is one to fear as it can manipulate gravity and counter the toughest of mages. But his main threat lies in his power of devil possession, whereby he can control any number of lower-ranked devils at a single time.

Julius Novachrono – Strongest Wizard King in Black Clover

Julius Novachrono - Strongest Wizard King in Black Clover

Being the Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom is not an easy task, and Julius Novachrono has certainly done a great job at it. He is always looking forward to learning about rare magic types and looks absolutely adorable while doing so. 

But don’t go by his innocent appearance, as his time magic can best even the most accomplished characters. His grimoire is also very unique because of the fact that it doesn’t have any cover and is humongous in size. Apart from that, his transformation magic can also come in handy in case he needs to make a quick getaway.

Asta – The Strongest character In Black Clover

Asta - The Strongest character In Black Clover

There is no surprise that Asta is the strongest character in Black Clover. His Anti-Magic is like a cheat code as it can negate any form of magic. On top of that, he got to unite with Liebe, which further increased his anti-magic power. 

Asta’s signature move lies with his four swords that maximize the potential of his attacks. They are extremely heavy and are difficult to wield for those without immense physical strength. Asta has shown time and time again that he can stand up to the strongest characters and still find a way to surpass his limits right there. 

That’s it for this post! These were the top 10 strongest characters from Black Clover! Hope you enjoyed this article!

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