A List of all Sagas & Arcs in One Piece

When an Otaku starts talking about One Piece, you know it’s going to be a long conversation. One Piece, created by Eichiro Oda, is considered one of the greatest Shonen anime by the anime and otaku community. Being the highest selling manga till date and being consistent for two decades, one piece has earned the top spot. Oda Sensei has created the best sagas and arcs in one piece, which can be binged upon without being bored.

In today’s world, anime has become one of the greatest modes of entertainment. People from all over the globe have been binging on their favorite anime. The best part about getting into anime is that it has something for every age group. One Piece is a Shonen anime, but it’s also watched worldwide by all age groups. I mean, people grew up watching Luffy try to become a pirate king!

Then comes the part where you are asked to watch One Piece! But who’s going to watch 900+ episodes, right? Well, we have a list of all the arcs in one piece for you in our article. So put on your straw hats because, with the help of this list, you can choose the episodes you decide to watch and the unimportant fillers you need to avoid. 

East Blue Saga

East Blue Saga

The East Blue Saga is the most important saga and has the most important arcs in one piece, as this is where it all starts. The protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy, is also introduced with his red unbuttoned shirt, jeans shorts, straw hat, and dreams of becoming the Pirate King. 

The Great Shanks is introduced in this saga, and also the mysterious treasure “One Piece” is shown to the audience. Luffy recruits his new pirate-mates, who are Zoro, Ussop, Nami, and Sanji, and they start their journey together for the treasure known as One Piece. However, this is going to be one long journey!

List of arcs in East blue saga:

Arc NameManga VolumesManga ChaptersAnime Episodes
Romance Dawn Arc11-71-3
Orange Town Arc1-38-214-8
Syrup Village Arc3-522-419-18
Baratie Arc5-842-6819-30
Arlong Park Arc8-1169-9531-44
Loguetown Arc11-1296-10045,48-53
Buggys Crew Adventure Chronicals Special4-735-7546-47
Warship Island
(Filler Alert)

In the East Blue Saga, pirates from all over the world set their sails in search of the legendary treasure, “One Piece”. The episodes in this saga shows Luffy growing his straw hats and pumped up with energy to fullfil his dreams of becoming the Pirate King! With Zoro, Nami, Sanji, and Usopp, Luffy is all set to rule the world. The animation of these episodes is not that great, but the storytelling is amazing. One Piece just keeps getting better as the saga progresses, and there are like 80 episodes in the whole East Blue Saga.

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Alabasta Saga

Alabasta Saga

After the amazing start of the “Blue East Saga”, comes the “Albasta Saga”. It is named after the nation where Luffy and his straw hats are trying to arrive. The Journey and Adventure of this Saga are full of fun and excitement and also play a huge role in the development of the Straw Hats. It has one of the best arcs in one piece.

List of arcs in Alabasta saga:

Arc NameManga VolumesManga ChaptersAnime Episodes
Reverse Mountain Arc12101-10562-63
Whisky Peak Arc12-13106-11464-67
Diary of Koby-Meppo Special10-1489-11968-69
Little Garden Arc13-15115-12970-77
Drum Island Arc15-17130-15478-91
Alabasta Arc17-24155-21792-130
Post Alabasta
(Filler Arc)

During this saga, the Straw Hats meet the princess of Alabasta and help her reach home. We meet two of the greatest characters in One Piece; Tony the Chopper, who joins the Straw Hats and starts working as a doctor with them, and Nico Robin, who joins the crew as an archaelogist. There are only five filler episodes in this whole Alabasta Saga.

Sky Island Saga

Sky Island Saga

The Sky Island Saga in One Piece is named after the legendary island known as “Skypiea”. The whole saga is divided into five sections. There are over 18 filler episodes spread over different arcs in the Sky Island Saga. However, this is also a saga that people often skip when they are binging.

List of arcs in Sky Island saga:

Arc NameManga VolumesManga ChaptersAnime Episodes
Goat Island
(Filler Arc)
Ruluka Island
(Filler Arc) 
Jaya Arc24-25218-236144-152
Skypiea Arc26-32237-302153-195
(Filler Arc)

This saga has quite a few filler arcs and episodes. These can be skipped and it won’t damage anything.

In the Sky Island, the straw hats go all out to find out the mysterious truth behind the legendary floating island. During their research on an island, they find a dangerous plot which could destroy the whole island. 

As the saga goes on, we meet two members of the World Government. The members are Bartholomew Kuma and the badass Donquixote Doflamingo. 

Water 7 Saga

Water 7 Saga

The Water 7 Saga is named after the titular island, which has a bunch of hardworking shipwright workers. The Water 7 Saga is also one of the most loved sagas in one piece. There are around 8 filler episodes in this saga.

List of arcs in Water 7 saga:

Arc NameManga VolumesManga ChaptersAnime Episodes
Long Ring Long Land Arc32-34303-321207-219
Oceans Dream
(Filler Arc)
Foxys Return
(Filler Arc)
Water 7 Arc34-39322-374229-263
Enies Lobby Arc39-44375-430264-290, 293-302, 304-312
Boss Luffy Historical Special (Special Episodes)291-292, 303, 406-407
Post Enies Lobby Arc45-46431-441313-325

Franky, who is a 36-year old cyborg and one of the main characters of One Piece, gets introduced in this saga. He is introduced as some sort of a villain, however, he ends up joining as a shipwright for the Straw Hats. During this time, the Going Merry is replaced with the Thousand Sunny, Franky’s masterpiece.

Thriller Bark Saga

Thriller Bark Saga - One piece arcs

This saga is named after the island “Thriller Bark”, which was turned into a ship for pirates. Most of the episodes in this saga take place on this island turned ship. There are over 13 filler episodes in this saga, which can be skipped if you are binging on arcs in one piece. However, we strongly recommend watching them!

List of arcs in Thriller Bark saga:

Arc NameManga VolumesManga ChaptersAnime Episodes
Ice Hunter
(Filler Arc)
Chopper Man Special336
Thriller Bark Arc46-50442-489337-381
Spa Island
(Filler Arc)

The Thriller Bark saga is a different breed than the other sagas; the Straw Hats explore this ghost island and start an adventure. A new member joins the straw hats, Brooks the Musician and the Straw Hats welcome him with delight. There are a total of two filler arcs and one special episode in this saga of One Piece.

Summit War Saga

Summit War Saga - One piece arcs

The Summit War is an intense saga where a huge world war takes place between world pirates and it changes everything. A new character, Trafalgar Law, is introduced, who was bound to be a fan favorite. There are over 5 filler episodes in this saga, which is the Little East Blue (4 eps) and a Toriko Crossover Special!

In this saga, there is a huge war going on between the World Government and the Whitebeard Pirates. Luffy and his friends are caught in the midst of this war. This is also when things get a little too emotional for the watchers.

Later, they leave for the New World after their vigorous training.

List of arcs in Summit War saga:

Arc NameManga VolumesManga ChaptersAnime Episodes
Sabaody Archipelago Arc50-53490-513385-405
Amazon Lily Arc53-54514-524408-417
Straw Hats Separation Serial56-57543-560418-421, 453-456
Impel Down Arc54-56525-529422-425, 430-452
Little Blue East
(Filler Alert)
Marine ford Arc56-59550-580457-489
Post War Arc59-61581-597490-491, 493-516
Toriko Crossover Special492

Toriko Crossover Special episode is an exciting crossover between two creator friends!

The New World Saga

The Straw Hats return from their vigorous training after a two-year gap. However, the whole pirate world has changed, and there is a new world order. This second part has amazing animation and has some of the most interesting characters introduced in one piece.

Fish-Man Island Saga

Fish-Man Island Saga - One piece arcs

The theme or adventure of this saga is based on the mysterious underwater island. It also has some interesting story and one filler episode, which is a fun one, a “Toriko Crossover” Episode!

List of arcs in Fish-Man island saga:

Arc NameManga VolumesManga ChaptersAnime Episodes
Return to Sabaody Arc61598-602517-522
Fish-Man Island Arc61-66603-653523-542, 543-574
Toriko Crossover Episode 542

During this saga, the straw hats come back from their training and they meet each other on the day and place planned 2 years ago! This saga show their adventures on this mysterious underwater island, and it is one of the best arcs in one piece.

Dressrosa Saga

Dressrosa Saga - One piece arcs

The Dressrosa Saga is also one of the longest sagas. In this, the straw hats enter the new world, which they have no idea about. They find out truths about this new world as they go on with their journey in search of the “One Piece”.

List of arcs in Dressrosa saga:

Arc NameManga VolumesManga ChaptersAnime Episodes
Z’s Ambition
(Filler Alert)
Punk Hazard Arc66-70654-699779-589, 591-625
Toriko X Dragon Ball Z Crossover Episode591
Caesar Retrieval
(Filler Alert)
Dressrosa Arc70-80700-801629-746

The Dangerous Pirates of this New World go against Luffy and Co. as they have just entered this new domain of pirates! This saga has a gift for anime fans which is a crossover of Toriko and Dragon Ball Z!! Yess, Goku and Luffy together! Including the crossover episode, this saga has over eight filler episodes and a couple of the best arcs in one piece.

Four Emperors Saga

Four Emperor Saga

The saga which is running right now in One Piece is the “Four Emperors Saga.” It is named after the four dangerously powerful pirate captains in the New World. There are around 8 filler episodes in this saga which you can skip if you’re binging.

List of arcs in Four Emperors saga:

Arc NameManga VolumesManga ChaptersAnime Episodes
Silver Mine
(Filler Alert)
Zou Arc80-82802-824751-779
Marine Rookie
(Filler Alert)
780 and 782
Whole Cake Island Arc 82-90825-902783-877
Levely Arc90903-908878-889
Cidre Guild
(Filler Alert)
895 and 896
One Piece 20th Anniversary Episode Special907
Wano Country Arc90-TBA909 -TBA890-894, 897-906, 908- Still going on

You will see the Straw Hats fight Kaido and Big Momma during this saga. A new member of the straw hats is introduced during the time in Whole Cake Island. His name is Jinbe, and he will serve as a helmsman. It has one of the best arcs in one piece as we get to see the mental and physical growth of the Straw Hats!

How and where to watch and read “One Piece”?

How and where to watch and read "One Piece"?

Mostly, Otakus don’t skip filler arcs of their favorite anime series, but if you want to focus on the main story without the extra fuzz, then skip the episodes mentioned in this article. But let me tell you this. There are also some amazing filler arcs in one piece which you will enjoy watching.

Just because there is little to no influence from the filler arcs, you can skip them and still enjoy One Piece. You can watch the fillers later when you’re done with the series, and you crave for more one piece. 

Now let’s talk about where you can watch One Piece. The best option is Crunchyroll, where half of the world watches anime. You will find the anime divided into two parts on the Crunchyroll website, and each arc is properly shown with its respective episodes. You will need to buy a subscription to watch it without the ads popping up!

The other best option is the official Funimation, which has both the dub and sub. Mostly, people watch the anime in sub because of the authentic feeling you get while watching it, but there are some who prefer Luffy in his rusky English voice. You can find all the arcs in one piece on this website. You’ll need a subscription to Funimation to watch all the episodes in dub.

If you’re someone who can’t collect physical manga or finds it expensive, you can read the whole series on VIZ. You have to pay for a subscription, and then you’re good to go. So then go on, watch and binge on this amazing anime called “One Piece”.

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