15 Anime Characters Who Could Defeat Luffy From One Piece In A Fight

Luffy stands out as one of the strongest Anime characters in One Piece, and possibly of any Anime characters, ever. Fans often debate if this almost indestructible character can take on any fight thrown at him and win. Well, though he may be hard to beat, there are many characters in other anime universes that could defeat Luffy in a fight. Here are 15 such anime characters from other series that would beat Luffy In a battle, in no particular order.

Characters from the Naruto Series

Sasuke Uchiha

best anime side character

“Sasuke has too many hax-tier jutsus, making him a formidable opponent,” says Dorothy Russo, an anime blogger at Writinity and Draftbeyond. Luffy is not immune to elemental attacks, like water and fire which makes Sasuke’s Amaterasu simply devasting in a fight. 


naruto - strong anime main character

Naruto himself would defeat Luffy in a battle. He is the reincarnation of Ashura, a legendary warrior, and son of a Shinobi God. Naruto has enough strength to destroy planets and tank nukes, easily overpowering Luffy in any battle.

Characters from Black Clover

Yami Sukehiro

top 5 popular side characters

Yami Sukehiro is insanely powerful. Luffy, although basically made of rubber, is still weak to being stabbed and sliced. Yami is an expert swordsman with dark magic. His dark magic-coated katana can even slash through time and space, which Luffy’s haki could never stand up to.

Noelle Silva

Noelle Silva can defeat Luffy

Luffy is weak to water, making a matchup between him and Noelle Silva a bad idea. Noelle is capable of using her water magic to control massive amounts of water, making it quite easy to defeat Luffy by drowning him. If he can’t take her out on the first blow, it’s game over for him.

Characters from Bleach

Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto

Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto

Captain Yamamoto is equipped with the oldest and most powerful element-based zanpakuto in the Bleach universe. It also happens to be one of Luffy’s weaknesses, fire. Yamamoto is also able to match Luffy in speed, making this battle far too much of a challenge for young Luffy to take on. Besides, soul reapers are also invisible to normal humans. They also can’t be hurt by non-soul reapers, so this won’t even be a fight.

Urahara Kisuke

Urahara Kisuke - Anime characters who can defeat luffy

This character from the Bleach series makes our list because he is a master swordsman. Kisuke can either split Luffy’s soul or he can just cut him with his zanpakuto and easily defeat Luffy.

Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo - top 10 strongest anime main characters

The main protagonist from Bleach makes this list due to his speed, and his weapon of choice: a blade. “He is literally mind-numbingly fast, and too fast for Luffy to keep up,” says Patricia Flaugher, a writer at Researchpapersuk.

Characters from the Fullmetal Alchemist series


Anime characters who can defeat luffy

Father is the strongest alchemist ever. He is immortal because he possesses so many philosopher stones. Not only that he can turn Luffy into a single cell by just touching him. Therefore Father can overwhelmingly defeat Luffy.


Scar - Anime character who can defeat luffy

Scar is an Ishbalan who mastered alchemy by getting his arm tattooed with alchemy circles and formulas. His main attack disassembles a person, again just by touching them. If Scar manages to touch Luffy just once, it’s game over for Luffy.

Characters from Dragon Ball Series


anime characters who can defeat Goku

He is the king of the multiverse and destroying an entire universe doesn’t even take a second. Luffy couldn’t contend with this level of power.


Piccolo - Anime character who can defeat luffy

Piccolo is super strong, and his move Special Beam Cannon drills a hole literally through anything. Luffy couldn’t defend against this move in a fight.


Goku - top 10 strongest anime characters

Goku is the strongest Saiyan warrior in the universe. Able to fly, possessing god-like abilities, including strength and speed, a matchup with Luffy would end in Luffy’s defeat. While t is true that Luffy doesn’t take any physical damage (unless haki is used), Goku can still vaporize him with his “kamehameha”.

On a completely unrelated side note, we’ve also published an article about anime characters who can defeat Goku! Check it out if you’re interested (^^)

Other formidable opponents

Usagi From Sailor Moon

Usagi from sailor moon can beat Luffy

She possesses a multitude of strong powers, including the ability to destroy planets. She would secure an easy victory over Luffy.

 Eri From My Hero Academia

eri rewind quirk in bnha

Eri has the quirk Reversal, which returns a living organism back to its previous state to the point of never existing. Luffy doesn’t stand a chance. However, Eri is still young and does not have full control over her powers which is a downside in a serious fight.

Light Yagami From Death Note

Deadliest weapons in anime - Death Note

All Light has to do is write Luffy’s full name his notebook, and Luffy is dead, making Light the easy victor against Luffy.

These 15 characters from other anime universes are quite capable of defeating Luffy in battle.

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