All of Luffy’s Transformations (so far)

Hey y’all One piece fans out there! Today I’m going to write about all of Luffy’s transformations.

Note that this post only includes the forms that Luffy has taken in the anime by the time I’m writing this post, but I’ll try my best to update this post whenever they introduce new forms (^^)

Luffy calls his main transformations as “gears.” Other than the gear transformations, he has other forms like Nightmare Luffy and Afro Luffy (I’m not including this “form” because it’s just Luffy with an afro and barely even counts as a form)

So without any further ado, let’s jump into the list of all Luffy’s forms!

List of all Luffy’s transformations:

Gear Second

luffy 2nd gear transformation

Luffy’s gear second is the form he takes after pumping and speeding up his blood circulation.

This form increases his speed and power by several fold. However before his 2 years of training with Rayleigh this form exhausted his stamina and even threatened his life ( this form reduced his lifespan.)

After the 2 year training, he has more control over it and it does not exhaust him or reduce his lifespan.

Gear Third

Monkey D. Luffy - Gear Third | All Luffy's transformations

Gear third is the form where Luffy blows up his arm to the size of a giant by inflating his bones. This granted him massive attack power.

Initially using this form will shrink Luffy into the size of a child, however after the 2 year time skip he can use this power without shrinking.

Gear Forth

Gear fourth - bound man, tank man, snake man forms

During the 2 year training with Reyleigh Luffy created Gear fourth which included three forms: Bounce man, Tank man and Snake man.

The primary idea of these forms is to blow into his arms and inflate his body while using Haki.

Bounce Man

One Piece: Luffy Gear 4 Unlocked and Loaded - MyAnimeList.net

This is the first form of Gear fourth. He transforms into a bouncy ball like form which makes him bounce all the time. This form has incredible defensive power as most attacks will bounce off him.

Luffy can retract his arms and legs into his body which allows him to launch devastatingly fast and powerful attacks.

By retracting and releasing his legs so fast, Luffy is capable of flying in this form.

Tank Man

luffy's gear 4 tank man form

Luffy used this form only once while fighting Charlotte Cracker, who can produce Biscuit warriors. Luffy ate all Biscuit warriors gaining a gigantic stature.

With these conditions met, Luffy transformed into Tank Man “Stuffed version.”

This form gives him incredible defensive power as he can recoil any weapons directed at him.

Snake Man

luffy gear 4 snakeman transformation

Snake man is the most recent of all Luffy’s transformations. It is an offensive form of all Gear fourth. Luffy first used this form in order to fight Carlotte Katakuri.

luffy vs katakuri gif

This form grants him insane speed and attack power. In this form he can change the direction of his attack at any point, which allows him to attack from all directions.

However, he can only maintain this form for 20 minutes an after using this form Luffy won’t be able to move much. Also he cannot use Haki for 10 minutes until it recharges.

Nightmare Luffy

Nightmare Luffy | All Luffy transformation

Nightmare Luffy is a one time transformation he made while he was on Thriller bark.

After taking in 100 shadows and containing them within him, he transformed into Nightmare Luffy. While normal people can only absorb 2 or 3 shadows, Luffy managed to consume 100 shadows thanks to his iron will and elastic body.

In this form, Luffy’s body becomes several times bigger and his skin turns blue in color.

One Piece - Nightmare Luffy VS Oz - Thriller Bark (no AMV - only ...

Gear Fifth

Luffy gear 5 powers and abilities

Gear 5 is Luffy’s latest, and the most powerful transformation so far. In this form, he becomes unbelievably overpowered, making him almost invincible.

In gear 5, Luffy is fully capable of using other gears as well, making him more versatile. His durability, speed and strength are increased several fold.

This form is yet to make its anime debut, but the manga fans already know just how amazing it actually is.

I’ve written an in-depth article explaining Gear 5, so read it if you want to get a complete understanding of what it is.

That’s it. These were all of Luffy’s transformations that he has until this point. If you enjoyed this post and like to hear more of us, hit the bell icon in the bottom right corner to subscribe for our post notifications! Thank you for reading <3

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3 years ago

you forgot aqua-luffy


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