Top 5 Cursed Weapons in Anime

Weapons are awesome. They are what helps the anime characters showcase their powers with utmost redicuelity. But there are some weapons that are much more awesome than the regular ones. And those are the cursed ones. These weapons are in a league of their own as they hold a significant position within the story.

They might be poisoned or might have the property to drain life. In fact, it can also make the wielder crave blood. Still, we love them because of their uniqueness. It is like a cursed weapon is a different entity that has a personality of its own. The wielder might be wielding it, but it’s only possible because the weapon allows such.

Anime has many illogical things in it, but a cursed weapon is the most bizarre one of them all. Well, it might make sense in terms of the story, but for us normal humans, such a concept is nothing but a fantasy. But we still love it. That’s why here are the top 5 cursed weapons in anime.

#5 Kitetsu

Kitetsu - Zoro - One Piece Cursed Weapon

Anime: One Piece

There are many swords and guns within the story of One Piece. But since the Loguetown arc, the way we, the viewers, value the swords has changed. It all happened when Zoro wanted to buy Katana for cheap. He lost two of his swords and went to get new ones when he came across the Sandai Kitetsu.

This was the moment when the cursed swords were introduced to the story. The story goes that whoever owned the sword didn’t have a normal death. They had a life filled with violence, and it all started with the Shodai Kitetsu. It was the first sword in the Kitetsu series and is presumed to be the one with the most bloody background.

After that, the cursed swords were not talked about much till the crew arrived at Wano. And this was where the reality behind the cursed swords was revealed. According to Shimotsuki Kozaburo, a master swordsmith, every sword has a nature of its own. And for the cursed swords, this nature is a bit wicked. Only those who can tame this nature with their will can truly wield the sword.

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#4 Hiki

Hiki - Noragami Cursed weapon

Anime: Noragami

Within the world of Noragami, a God has many Shinki to aid them in their endeavor. To mark their own Shinki, a God has to provide a name for them, and depending on the God and the name, the Shinki take the shape of different weapons. But what if a Shinki receives multiple names from multiple gods? That’s when they become stray.

Hiki was the first-ever shinki that Yato had, and she was like her sister. But when Yato bought in another Shinki, Hiki went and adopted another name to hurt Yato. To be precise, Hiki is not a cursed weapon because she is a stray, but because of her nature. She didn’t stop after gathering one or two names, she kept on going. She became the devil within the Shinki community.

Hiki goes from God to God helping those who are desperate and helping them in return for a name. And as she received more and more names, Yato was the one who was hurt. That’s because while Yato relied on Hiki, she would betray him in the middle of a fight when a different God called her. To Yato, Hiki is a nightmare.

#3 The Inverted Spear of Heaven

The Inverted Spear of Heaven - jujutsu kaisen

Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen

There are quite a few cursed weapons in Jujutsu Kaisen. They help one channel the cursed energy within them and defeat the cursed spirits. So, within the Jujutsu Kaisen world, a cursed weapon is a positive thing. With the help of such a weapon, one without any cursed energy can defeat a cursed spirit.

But there exists one cursed weapon that negates all cursed energy. And it’s none other than the Inverted Spear of Heaven. It is regarded as the most powerful cursed weapon. That’s because the nature of its curse is different from the norm. While most cursed weapons help the wielder by amplifying the cursed energy, this one does the opposite.

This spear doesn’t require any curse energy to use. Instead, when it comes in contact with any form of cursed energy, it completely nullifies it. Such a nature of the weapon was what made it deadly even to the all-powerful Satoru Gojo.

#2 Zangetsu

Zangetsu - Bleach sword

Wielder: Ichigo Kurosaki

Anime: Bleach

Zanpakuto is the source of a shinigami’s power. This is the only weapon that can hurt a hollow. And Zangetsu is the Zanpakuto of the protagonist of the series, Ichigo. But unlike the regular Zanpakutos, this one has a different trait. Instead of helping the wielder, wants to take over the wielder’s consciousness.

Such a unique characteristic was developed thanks to Ichigo’s origin. He is the son of a Shinigami father and a Quincy mother. This caused two spirits to reside within his Zanpakuto. The first form of Zangetsu spirit, the old man-like spirit that Ichigo first encountered, was his Quincy powers.

But as he grew stronger, he was confronted by the true Zangetsu spirit which took shape similar to him but is actually his inner Hollow powers. This caused the spirit to have a wicked nature. He wished to manifest into the real world by devouring Ichigo. It was only due to Ichigo’s tenacity that Zangetsu became docile.

#1 Murasame

Cursed weapons in anime

Wielder: Akame

Anime: Akame Ga Kill

If there was a true cursed weapon, then it has to be the One-Cut Killer: Murasame owned by Akame. This blade is the embodiment of death and despair. Its curse is potent enough to kill a person with a single cut. While most cursed weapons seek destruction, this one is only hungry for death.

The curse within the sword is like poison. But unlike your regular poison, there is no antidote for it. If you wish to survive you will have to cut off the part that the blade touched. You are as good as dead even if it’s just a nick. Even the wielder themselves is not free from its curse.

However if the wielder receives the curse and resists it, they get an unimaginable short-term power boost. despite this, the user will suffer from a lifetime of chronic pain that can never be healed.

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