Who is Luffy’s Mom? (One Piece Fan Theories)

Can you believe that we still haven’t seen the mother of one of the best protagonists in anime history? Monkey D. Luffy has a lot of mysteries surrounding him and the one that Eiichiro Oda has given very few to no clues about is Luffy’s mom.

There hasn’t been a single appearance of her throughout the series. This statement is a bit contradictory since it is quite possible that we have already seen Luffy’s mother. But the fact that she is Luffy’s mother hasn’t been mentioned yet. The best thing about One Piece fans is that they love theories and since Luffy’s mother is a character with a lot of mystery surrounding her, the fans have already created many theories of their own.

Below we will discuss some of those theories and who knows, maybe one of them is absolutely correct. Before that, it is important to keep in mind that Oda sensei has said that Luffy’s mother is a woman who always sticks to the rules and she is well and truly alive.

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The Imu Sama Theory

Im sama One Piece theory

Other than Luffy’s mother, Imu Sama is also one of the most mysterious characters in One Piece. This is where you can just add 2+2 and come to the conclusion that Imu Sama is Luffy’s mom in reality. We literally know nothing about Imu Sama other than the fact that she rules over the world by sitting on the Empty Throne. The funny thing is that no one knows about this fact other than the Five Elders.

Imu Sama’s gender hasn’t been revealed too so that reduces the possibility a little but we know theories tend to be a bit extravagant. According to this theory, it makes further sense why Dragon is hell-bent on bringing down the world government. It is certainly possible that he knows about this hoax and wants to bring them down.

Plausibility: While this theory certainly seems intriguing, there are few holes in it. Firstly, if Luffy’s mother is actually the person hiding in the shadows and ruling the world, how did she meet Dragon in the first place? Some fans say that she didn’t reveal her true identity at first and Dragon slowly came to know about it later. While that seems a reasonable explanation, Eichiiro Oda doesn’t like to do things the easy way.

The Forbidden Love Theory

This is an interesting theory that kind of has a sad ending to it. It involves Luffy’s mother being a Celestial Dragon and being brought up in a very toxic environment. This is when she meets Monkey D. Dragon and it feels like a breath of fresh air to her. The two start hanging out together quite often and an innocent romance begin to blossom itself. She yearns for the freedom that Dragon enjoys and the two have a baby together.

Soon the World Nobles come to know about it and she is tortured to death. As we know, they would never allow mixing their blood with someone who is a pirate. This naturally infuriates Dragon who keeps Luffy in Garp’s possession and goes away to form the Revolutionary Army. He wants to bring down the World Government as revenge for what they did to his lover.

Plausibility: This is a very straightforward theory and all the pieces fall in place too. Considering the fact that One Piece has many heart-wrenching scenes, it won’t be a surprise to see this scene in reality. The only problem with this theory is the fact that it contradicts the statement made by Oda who mentioned that Luffy’s mother is still alive.

The Crocodile Theory

can crocodile be luffy's mother?

Crazy right? To even think that the villain of the Alabasta Arc would be Luffy’s mother. But considering Eiichiro Oda and his world of twists in One Piece, nothing is impossible. According to this theory, the fans think that Crocodile used to be a woman at a certain point in the past.

I don’t know if you all remember, but Ivankov had talked about a secret surrounding Crocodile. That secret can well be his real identity and Ivankov was hiding it. The fact that Crocodile was using Alabasta for military prowess can also point to the direction of Dragon. The Revolutionary Army may have come up with a plan to retrieve Pluton and make their case against the World Government strong.

Plausibility: This theory will add a nice twist considering everyone will think of Luffy’s mom to be a mysterious female character. The only problem is that the theory seems a bit too far stretched and the secret behind Crocodile can be something else entirely. Also, there hasn’t been enough evidence to suggest that this theory can become a reality.

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The Belo Betty Theory

Is Belo Betty Luffy's Mom

This is another one of the most popular theories and it just seems perfect. It doesn’t have a lot of twists and it seems to fit everything much better than the rest of the puzzle pieces. She is the commander of the Revolutionary Army in East Blue which also happens to be Luffy’s birthplace.

Coincidence? I think not. It is highly likely that Luffy also inherited some powers of her devil fruit from her. Bello Betty’s devil fruit allows her to rally people for a cause. And we are clearly aware of Luffy’s ability to pick up the spirits of people and make them rally behind him.

Plausibility: This theory does the one thing that the others do not. It brings Dragon and his wife closer towards each other. It makes them work together in the same group and support each other. This theory also goes along with Oda’s statement that Luffy’s mother is alive and we have already seen her. She doesn’t need to be someone famous or mysterious. She can be right there with Dragon all along. If this theory is indeed true, it will definitely be another Eichiiro Oda masterclass.


We should always keep in mind that these are called theories for a reason. It is highly possible that none of them will come true. Oda sensei has already built up the whole plot and we know how he loves to shock people. Regardless, it is always fun to read about theories and think in amazement how they completely make sense.

So, whom do you think Luffy’s mom is? Let us know in the comments below!

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