“Captain” Kid and “Strawhat” Luffy’s WAR against the Yonko

If we are to look at both “Strawhat” Luffy and “Captain” Kid, while there are a number of similarities there’s also a good deal of difference between them.

Pirate Alliances are required in order for a pirate crew to take on a ‘Yonko’ directly to even stand a small chance at victory or even surviving in the first place.

When we look at Luffy’s attempts at the ‘Yonko’ the big difference is that he’s managed to surround himself with trusted allies whom would stand by their words when push comes to shove.

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Alliance with Bege

Luffy and his crew formed his second alliance with Capone Bege in ‘Whole Cake Island’ in their ploy to rescue Sanji and take down Big Mom. Capone Bege played a major role in everything that happened within Big Mom’s territory.

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Capone Bege provided a major assistance with the Intel of Big Mom and her mental weakness being triggered by any damage being done to Mother caramel’s Picture. Later on Bege even manages to save the entire alliance from eminent destruction by activating his Castle devil fruit for a chance to retreat.

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Luffy’s alliance With Capone did not end in betrayal and the teamwork between both Crews earned them their survival and allowed them to escape whole Cake Island.

Alliance with Law

Luffy’s alliance with Trafalgar Law now has a chance to really shine. So far it has been going smoothly, so to speak. In regards to Dressrosa, yes, Doflamingo was a powerful individual surely, but he was no ‘Yonko’ so I won’t expand on that whole situation.

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Wano Arc will be Luffy and Law’s first team up against a Yonko directly, in a way that similar to Bege and Luffy when they were up against Big Mom directly with her in actual proximity unlike Dressrosa arc, since Kaido himself was not present on the island.

Eustass ‘Captain’ Kid

Unlike the Straw Hats, The Kid Pirates have not had a successful alliance. When Kid decided to take on a Yonko he was Reckless enough to do it alone with no assistance from any other Supernova. No Pirate Crew would be able to take on a Yonko alone and come out victorious.

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The Consequences for Kid’s rash actions were a few serious battle scars and a missing arm. But even after learning his lesson, when he attempted a formal alliance between two other supernova it ended in complete disaster.

The aftermath of this Betrayal has been devastating for the Kid Pirates. The first mate has been tortured and was forcibly fed a faulty ‘Smile’ fruit with no known cure being available. Then the rest of the crew are working under Shogun Orochi at the threat of their Captains Life.

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In Kid’s eyes this whole predicament was at the fault of putting his trust in people other than his Crew.

It’s going to be tough for Kid to work together with anyone else after an experience like this. The rebellion has begun and it’s been multiple days without word on if he and ‘killer’ were able to rescue their captured friends.

It’s not too likely that Kid will make an appearance while the rebellion happens on Onigashima but that only means that there could potentially be a second battle after the day of the festival in which more parties would be involved.

Eustass “Captain” Kid and Killer are not going to play second fiddle to Luffy and The Samurai of Wano. Kid turned down Luffy’s alliance invitation to a team up and he’s going forward alone to take on whoever stands in his way to find his Nakama.

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