10+ Gorgeous Dark Skin Anime Girls Of All Time

Anime has a lot of diversity in the characters they portray. This helps in making the audience more interested in learning about each and every one of them. With that in mind, let us take a look at some of the best dark-skinned anime girls ever. Each of them plays a noteworthy part in their respective anime and deserves a mention in this list.

Cute Dark Skinned Anime Loli Characters

5. Canary (Hunter x Hunter)


We all know Canary as the black girl who is a butler in the Zoldyck family of Hunter x Hunter. She takes her job very seriously, and anyone attempting to trespass will definitely experience her wrath. She developed this habit early in her life when she even defeated a blacklist hunter and his men all by herself. 

Canary is a skilled Nen user, but she doesn’t always showcase her full potential. A simple rod in her hand can act as a deadly weapon as she goes about her daily job while carrying it out to the finest.

4. Edward (Cowboy Bebop)

edward min

Edward is a 13-year-old girl starring in the popular series Cowboy Bebop. The name Edward and hacking go hand in hand as she has shown a keen talent for this ability. She even hacked the ship of the Bounty Hunters and tried to complete her mission of extracting information from them. 

Edward has a childlike personality that makes her a fun character to have around. Her exploits as a hacker earned her the nickname “Radical Edward.” There is no system in the world that is safe from the hands of Edward.

3. Miyuki Ayukawa (Basquash)


Miyuki Ayukawa plays an important role as a team mechanic for the Basquash team in this anime. She is a girl of medium stature who is still in her teenage years. Miyuki excels at her assigned role and has become a vital member of the team even though she is not a Basquasher herself. 

She is also the one who first taught Dan how to properly control a BigFoot. Whenever anyone needs any repairs for their BigFoot, Miyuki can always be relied on. After all, without Miyuki’s mechanical talents on the side, they wouldn’t have been able to do much.

2. Choi Mochimazzi (Tamako Market)

Choi Mochimazzi - dark skin anime loli

Choi is a super nice dark skinned anime girl. She is kind and is easily embarrassed and mortified by minor errors. She has a tendency to feel obligated to repay her debts, such as gratitude, which is such a good personality trait.

Although she is just a side character in the anime it is hard not to like her since she has a cute and wholesome personality.

1. Iris (Pokemon)

Iris - dark skinned anime loli

Iris is one of the companions of Ash in the Black and White series of Pokemon. She is a Pokemon trainer who specializes in training dragon-type Pokemon. Iris started her journey with Axew, who eventually evolved into a Haxorus. She even managed to catch a dragonite on their journey, which proved to be a solid addition to her team. 

The best part about seeing Iris in this anime has been her character growth. She learned a lot while traveling with Ash and managed to become a formidable Pokemon trainer in the end. After all, claiming a victory against Ash is no joke.

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Hot Anime Waifus With Dark Skin

9. Tier Harribel (Bleach)

Tier Harribel

Tier Harribel shows up on the screen when Aizen’s Espadas attack the town of Karakura. She’s called “Tres Espada,” which means “the third strongest espada.”

She also has dark skin, which makes her one of the hottest waifus in Bleach.

Even though she was loyal to the boss, Aizen, he turned on her in the end.

Harribel has a resurrection method that lets her control and use water as a weapon. She is one of the best female characters in bleach because she is good with a sword.

After the fight with Aizen, Orihime heals her. Later, she goes back to Hueco Mundo, where she becomes the real ruler.

8. Nurugai (Hell’s Paradise)


Nurugai is a tomboy anime girl with dark skin who is the sole survivor of the Sanka tribe. She unjustly becomes a death-row convict due to false accusations.

Despite her heartbreaking situation, Nurugai plays a crucial role as a prominent supporting character in the series. Like her companions in the expedition team, she yearns for redemption and a chance to atone for her past misdeeds.

Nurugai’s emotional journey is intertwined with profound remorse for her village’s tragic fate, compelling her to embrace the perilous mission as a means of accepting divine retribution.

7. Claudia Grant (Robotech)

black girls in anime

Claudia Grant is one of the retro black anime girl who is the Chief Communications Officer for the SDF-1 in Robotech. She has dark brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. Initially, she took part in the global war by being assigned to an airbase in Wyoming

This is also the place where she first met Lieutenant Roy Fokker. During the First Robotech War, she was promoted to the role of a bridge officer, which held the same position as that of a lieutenant. Unfortunately, she passed away during the last battle of Robotech after a suicide run was inflicted on her team.

6. April (Darker than Black)

april min

April is a black girl in anime that played the role of an MI-6 agent in Darker than Black, where her primary task was to support November. Being an MI-6 agent, no one really knows that much about her background. She has characteristic attire in the anime, which comprises a fuchsia coat with fur lining. 

April specializes in the manipulation of atmospheric pressure. Using this ability, she can create hurricanes and even make rain pour down from the sky. This helps her to combine well with November, who can freeze anything in return.

5. Karui (Naruto)


Karui is the wife of Choji Akimichi and is originally from Kumogakure. In the anime, she started out on the chunin level and slowly made her way through the ranks. She excels best in teamwork, and her chemistry with Omoi during a fight makes it seem like they are communicating through some telepathic means. 

Karui has received vigorous training from Killer B on how to use kenjutsu. A long katana is her go-to weapon in battle, and she has slain countless enemies using it. Aside from that, Karui can also use Lightning Release to fry down her opponents.

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4. Nagatoro (Don’t Toy with me Miss Nagatoro)

Nagatoro min

Nagatoro is undoubtedly the best dark skin anime girl. She is one of the main characters in the series “Don’t Toy with Me Miss Nagatoro,” which has grown quite popular since its release. 

She is a sweet girl who is at the peak of her teenage years and studies in high school. Her main job is to tease her senior constantly, which gives rise to some hilarious incidents. The funny fact is that Nagatoro actually likes her senpai a lot, but her teasing personality can even be borderline sadistic sometimes.

4. Villetta Nu (Code Geass)

Villetta Nu - dark skin anime waifu

This beautiful dark skinned anime girl, Villeta, was originally an antagonist who discriminated against the people from the “Areas” conquered by the Britannian empire. However, after suffering a memory loss due to Lelouch’s ability, she became a much kinder person and ended up marrying one of the men from Area 11.

3. Ikumi Mito (Food Wars)

Ikumi - hot dark skin anime girl

Because of her lineage in the Tootsuki family, Ikumi Mito has a very high status in the food wars anime. As a result, many students held her in high regard at the Totsuki Culinary Academy. She also had a rivalry going on with Souma before she eventually lost a duel against him. 

As a culinary expert, Ikumi specializes in making any kind of dish that has meat involved in it. She even upskilled herself by learning how to make the perfect donburi dish after joining the Don RS club. Mikumi also has heightened senses that allow her to perfectly judge the temperature of her ingredients without using a thermometer.

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2. Mirko (My Hero Academia)

Mirko - dark skin anime waifu

Mirko is the rabit hero from My hero academia. She is potrayed as a strong and muscular women with an equally strong personality. Her confidence is vividly captured in her appearance and her postures. She is the kind of person that speaks her mind regardless of the situation.

Mirko is undoubtedly the most popular dark skinned anime girl in recent times as she has a huge number of weeb fans that adore her. Not to mention, a doujin of Mirko is one of the top trending MHA doujin in nhentai, even though it only has a few pages of uncolored content. It is obvious that people read it just for her. Which is why crowning her the best dark skinned anime waifu wouldn’t be far feteched.

1. Yoruichi Shihouin (Bleach)

Yoruichi Shihouin - dark skin anime women

Yoruichi Shihouin is one of the most popular dark skin anime girls of all time. She made quite a name for herself by leading the second division of Gotei 13 from the front. After serving for a long time in their organization, she left her post and went to work in the Urahara Shop, which was based in the human world. 

The best trait of Yoruichi is her ability to attack at lightning-fast speed. This is what ultimately led people to call her the Flash Goddess. She can even transform into a cat, which gives her an escape route in the case of sticky situations.

Yoruichi is one of the most iconic black girls in anime. Almost all Bleach fans would fawn upon her as she has the perfect looks and personality that would make her the best girl of the series.

That’s it for this post! These are the most gorgeous dark skinned girls in anime. Hope you enjoyed this article (^^)

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