Top 10 Strongest Heroes in MHA According To Manga

Today’s article is going to be about the top ten strongest heroes in MHA’s current society. This list will be based on the developments that have happened in the manga, so you might find some new faces in this list.

My Hero Academia is a great anime series to watch if you love world building where superheroes and supervillains exist. This series features a wide range of heroes and villains with incredible abilities and strength.

My Hero Academia is well-known for its unique storyline and fighting sequences, as well as the incredible world-building that sets it apart from other typical shonen anime.

The characters in this series are one of the main reasons for the series’ success because they are very interesting and remarkable, which takes the series to its peak because we don’t see that very often these days.

The series is still going on, and each time it comes out, it raises the bar for the rest of the Shonen anime because their characters leave an indelible impression on fans with their unique and incredible personalities.

There are many characters who have reached a massive level of power during the series and become the strongest in the series. But in this list, we’re just talking about heroes who are so incredible and powerful. 

So, without further ado, here is a list of MHA’s Top 10 Strongest Heroes in Current Society.

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10. Shoto

todoroki boku no hero academia fire and ice

Shoto is one of the main characters in the My Hero Academia manga series. He is Endeavor’s son, and his real name is Shoto Todoroki. He is fast, agile, and has quick reflexes, giving him an advantage in long-range combat. 

Shoto has two quirks that give him incredible dual-element abilities. One of his quirks allows him to generate ice from his right side, while another allows him to generate flames from his left side. That’s why his quirk is known as “Half Cold and Half Hot.” 

Shoto has excellent control over his versatile quirk, which makes him a superior hero to all the other heroes who are not included on this list.

His best move is the Wall of flame, which acts as both defensive and offensive. He also has a powerful attack called Jet Kindling, which he used to defeat Leviathan in the final battle against the Humarise warriors. 

His fierce battle with Leviathan is the main reason he is definitely one of the strongest heroes in MHA.

9. Bakugo


Bakugo Katsuki is another main character in the My Hero Academia manga series. He is extremely prideful and always acts alone because he hates to be protected or helped by others. But that doesn’t stop him from being one of the strongest heroes in MHA.

He is extremely intelligent and strategic, which helps him analyse his opponent’s weaknesses and give him a way to defeat them. His quirk is explosions, which allow him to create strong explosions through his sweat. He prefers to fight in all-out offense and is skilled in both close combat and long-range combat.

There is no doubt that Bakugo is stronger than Shoto because he has a higher battle IQ than Shoto and Shoto cannot handle him in close combat. His strongest move is Howitzer Impact, which he used to defeat the Serpenters Twins against the Humarise Warriors.

It’s Bakugou’s fight with the Serpenters Twins that makes him stand out from all the other heroes on this list. He’s number nine on this list.

8. Lemillion


Mirio Togata is the most powerful student at U.A. High School and the leader of the “Big Three.” He has a cheerful, confident, and friendly personality.

His quirk is permeation, which allows him to pass through any tangible matter and become intangible. He masters his uncontrollable quirk and makes it flawless with his intense hard work and practice. 

He has superior physical strength and speed, which makes him more powerful than other heroes. Bakugo can’t compete with him in terms of power or speed.

One of his best fights is with Overhaul, in which he rescues Eri from him.

7. Mirko: Rabbit Hero

Best Anime Girls With Dark Skin

Usagiyama Rumi is Mirko’s real name. She is ranked fifth among all Pro Heroes. Mirko is a fearless and brave woman with a powerful physique. She possesses rabbit-like characteristics and abilities, which is why her quirk name is Rabbit.

Her quirk allows her incredible leg strength as well as excellent hearing to warn her to avoid danger. He has strong animal instincts and a high pain threshold which makes her one of the strongest heroes in MHA. 

During combat, she can launch multiple attacks as well as dodge and deceive her opponent’s moves. She is very good at hand-to-hand combat and has a lot of strength, which makes it easy for her to defeat a lot of nomu at once.

Togata and no other hero could handle five high-end nomus on their own, but Mirko fought five high-end nomus alone and killed one of them.

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6. Edgeshot: Ninja Hero

Edgeshot ninja hero - list of powerful heroes in mha

Edgeshot’s real name is Shinya Kamihara, and he is very calm, focused, and quite intelligent. He excels at analysing situations and determining effective strategies for dealing with them.

Edgeshot’s quirk name is Foldabody, and it gave him the ability to transform his body into strings that were extremely thin and long. His transformation speed exceeds the speed of sound. Edgeshot’s close combat skills are outstanding, and he can fight in mid-air by folding his body. 

His ability to instantly transform into a razor-sharp string and attack multiple opponents at once makes him superior to Mirko. During the Kamino incident, he demonstrates why he is ranked #4 in the Top Pro Hero list by quickly capturing both Kurogiri and a low-tier Nomu.

5. Best Jeanist: Fiber Hero 

Best Jeanist - top 10 strongest pro heroes in my hero academia

Hakamada Tsunagu is the real name of the Best Jeanist. In the Top Pro Hero list, he is ranked third. He is a brave, generous, and fascinating hero who spreads peace in society.

Fiber Master is the name of his quirk, which allows him to manipulate all of the threads in his surroundings. He remains conscious after taking a direct hit from All For One, demonstrating his incredible durability. 

Jeanist’s excellent control over his quirk enables him to manipulate any fabric or even fiber that is not used for clothing in order to fight multiple opponents at the same time. This makes him one of the strongest pro heroes in MHA’s current society

During the Paranormal Liberation War, he demonstrates why he is stronger than Edge Shot by seizing Gigantomachia, an unconscious Tomura, and several near-high-end Nomus.

4. Hawks: Wing Hero

Strongest heros list in MHA - Hawk

Hawk’s real name is Keigo Takami. He is the fastest and youngest hero to reach second place in the Pro Heroes list of Japan.

Hawks is very cheerful and friendly in nature. He is a very smart, clever, and organized superhero who is always ready for anything.

He was blessed with an excellent and fine quirk known as “Fierce Wings,” which granted him red wings on his back that allowed him to fly. His psychic control over each individual feather allows him to save many people at a time and also provide support to his fellow comrades in battle. 

He usually thinks of himself as a hero who saves people, but in the Paranormal Liberation War, he shows that he has more power, strength, and fighting skills than even the most experienced pro-heroes, like Jeanist and Edgeshot.

3. Endeavor: Flame Hero – Strongest PRO hero in Japan

endeavor my hero academia hell flames

Endeavor’s real name is Enji Todoroki. He currently holds the top spot on Japan’s Hero Billboard Chart. He is a self-centered, cold-hearted, and determined person whose only goal is to surpass “All Might”. However, he is currently the number 1 pro hero in Japan, which obviously makes him stronger than the other heroes in MHA.

Due to his extensive training and experience, Endeavor is far too quick to react in dangerous situations. With his outstanding intelligence and deductive abilities, he has a track record of successfully resolving most criminal cases. 

His incredible strength and pain resistance is far greater than that of pro heroes such as Hawks and Jeanist. Endeavor’s quirk, “Hellflame,” enables him to create and manipulate massive amounts of fierce fire.

His most powerful attacks are Flashfire Fist and Hellfire Storm, which can easily defeat several Nomus without sustaining any damage to him. When everyone is injured at the end of the Paranormal Liberation War, he still stands and knocks down Gigantomachia.

2. Star and stripes – The Strongest Hero In America

strongest heroes in MHA - star and stripes

Star and Stripes’ real name is Cathleen Bate. She is the No. 1 Pro Hero in the United States of America. She is extremely kind and altruistic, and she adores All Might for saving his family. She was willing to ruin her reputation and career in order to protect others.

Her quirk is New Order, which enables her to impose a rule on her surroundings in order to manipulate and grant new properties to them. Her quirk also has a limit; she can only make two rules at a time. She made one of the rules a permanent state by enhancing her physical ability, speed, endurance, and reflexes.

Stars and Stripes was able to compete against Tomura on her own during the Star and Stripe Arc.

In this battle, she recklessly uses her quirks and is willing to put herself in danger to save Japan from Tomura.

Even though Tomura’s All For One power was at 98 percent, she gave him a toe-to-toe fight. Sadly, she was killed by Tomura, but she was successful in defeating his plan.

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1. Deku – Strongest Of All Heroes In MHA

top 10 most strongest heroes in MHA

The top spot in this ranking goes to none other than Midoriya Izuku, who is the main protagonist of the My Hero Academia series. Of course, the MC is eventually going to be the strongest hero in MHA. We all know it was coming.

Deku is strongly fascinated by heroism and seeks to be a pro hero like All Might.

Despite the fact that he was born with no quirks, he never gave up on his dream of becoming a hero. Lately, he finally became a hero after receiving a quirk from All Might. He has a strong sense of justice and leadership skills that came from his passion and strategic abilities.

He possesses multiple quirks, including One For All, Fa Jin, Danger Sense, Blackwhip, Smokescreen, Float, and one unknown quirk. His One For All quirk gives him incredible strength, speed, stamina, agility, and durability, while his other quirks provide him with various abilities, such as explosive burst speed and power, detection of threats, increasing his mobility, and the ability to float. 

He used his most powerful attacks, Detroit Smash and One For All: Full Cowl 100%, to defeat many powerful villains. Deku’s most remarkable battle was against Nine during the Work Recommendation Project, in which he defeated Nine.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and now you know who the strongest heroes of MHA are in the present society. Stay tuned for more amazing content.

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