15+ Cutest Pokemon of All Time

Pokemon are arguably one the cutest things in anime. As a child we all would’ve wanted to own a cute pokemon (or a cool pokemon) at some point. Whether you were a fan of the anime series or the game franchise, you’ve probably had Pokemon as a part of your childhood.

So, as you already know, there are hundreds of cute pokemon in the Pokemon universe. 

It’s impossible to list them all, and cuteness in general is a subjective matter. It varies depending on the eyes of the onlookers. So ranking them is next to impossible. 

So here are some of the most popular, cute pokemon of all time, that I happened to like!

List of the cutest Pokemon of all time:



Jigglypuff is one of the oldest pokemon from the original Pokemon series. However it is also one of the very few pokemon that has made a debut in other game franchises like Super Smash Bros.

With those cute cat ears and a balloon-like appearance, it is definitely designed to be adorable.

Jigglypuff is a fairy type pokemon that is infamous for putting everyone to sleep with it’s lullaby.



Shaymin is an adorable hedgehog looking grass type pokemon. Being a plant type pokemon it’s character design includes two flowers in place of ears and grass like fur. It is definitely cute enough to score a place in my cutest pokemon list. 



Squirtle is one of the most popular pokemon which was also a starter pokemon in several early versions of Pokemon video games. It is a tortoise-like pokemon that uses water based attacks.

Squirtles made an iconic intro in the anime where a band of abandoned Squirtles joined together and were causing trouble. Thanks to Ash’s help they were able to find a path– the leader of the gang joined Ash on his journey and the rest became firefighters.



Togepi is the egg-like pokemon that Misty always carries with her. Since she has been taking care of Togepi ever since it was an egg, Togepi began imprinting on her when it hatched.

It has a cute half-egg like bottom half design and a spiky head which is capable of releasing poisons.



If this gif doesn’t make you scream “Cuuteee” (or something along the line), there’s something wrong with you. Scorbunny, as its name implies, is a fire type pokemon which looks like a bunny.

It has a white fur with orange and yellow stripes on its feet and ears, with an adorable collar like fur on its neck.




It should be no surprise that this list consists of a cat-like Pokemon (because we weebs adore cats after all.) Skitty is a pink furred Normal type pokemon. It is also known that Skitty are really obsessed about moving objects to the point they even chase their own tail and make themselves dizzy.

Speaking of tail, Skitty’s attacks are majorly based on their tail.

Alolan Vulpix


Alolan Vulpix is a cute fox-like pokemon that can be found in the Alola region. Contrary to regular Vulpix, Alolan Vulpix is an ice type pokemon. On exposure to the ice stone it evolves into Alolan Ninetales.


Litwik - cutest pokemon of all time

Litwick is a candle-like pokemon with a purple flame at the top of its head that was introduced in the Generation 5. It is a ghost+fire type pokemon which is made out of white wax.

It has some adorable mouth and eyes (the right eye is covered by molten wax which gives it a cute hair-like design.) 

Cute though they may be, Litwicks are known for fooling people into thinking that they are guiding them and sucks away their life energy.



Chikorita is a small grass type pokemon with a leaf at the top of its head. It attacks by swinging that leaf at its enemies. It also produces a sweet scent which decreases the enemy’s willingness to fight and creates a friendly atmosphere.

Plusle and Minun

Plusle and minun

Plusle and Minun are two tiny electric pokemon with a rabbit-like ear who are clearly related to each other by design and name. They are not known to evolve into some other pokemon and are only capable of cheering for their teammates.



Pikachu is the evolved form of Pichu which is also pretty cute. However, since I’m only doing one form per pokemon I decided to go with Pikachu as it’s more popular and loved by many.

Pikachu is an electric type rodent pokemon which was introduced in the very first episode of the Pokemon original series.


dedenne - adorable pokemon list

Dedenne is probably the most mouse-looking pokemon ever. It even has that little tooth sticking out of its mouth. How adorable!!! It is an electric+fairy type pokemon which does not evolve into any forms.



Piplup is a tiny penguin-like pokemon with blue and white feathers. It is a water type pokemon which is extremely stubborn and prideful which makes it difficult for it to bond with others. It also has thick feathers around its neck and back which kinda looks like a cape.


Cinccino Minccino - cutest pokemon of all time

Cinccino is the evolved form of Minccino. It is a normal type pokemon which has a scarf like fluffy fur which makes it extremely beautiful. It looks like a rodent with brown eyes, small nose and pink ears.


Jirachi - List of the cutest pokemon

From time and time again, anime has proved that disproportionate character designs work much better than the regular ones, and Jirachi’s design just proves the point.

Jirachi has a pretty huge star-shaped head with a tiny torso, legs and lengthy hands. It is a Steel and Psychic mythical type pokemon which is capable of granting people’s wishes.



Eevee - cutest pokemon of all time

Eevee is unarguably one of the cutest pokemon ever. Its face kinda resembles that of Pikachu, but somehow it’s a lot cuter than pikachu (probably because of the fur.) It is also one of the most popular pokemon with a huge number of fans in the pokemon community.

Eevee has a bushy fur, puffy tail and long rabbit-like ears. It is a normal type pokemon, however it can evolve into eight different forms! And all of them are equally cute!! For example, here’s Eevee’s absolutely adorable fairy type evolution form:


But for the sake of this post, I’m only going to include Eevee in its base form.


Emolga most adorable pokemon of all time
Eolga using Attract

To me, Emolga is the cutest pokemon there could ever be. In the anime they introduced Emolga in an episode titled “Emolga the Irresistible!” where Iris catches a super cute female Emolga. True to the episode’s title, Emolga was absolutely irresistible.

It is small, has big round eyes and cute yellow circles on the cheeks. A perfect 10/10 in cuteness if you ask me.

That’s it! These were the top 17 cutest pokemon ever! Did I miss your favorite pokemon? Let me know in the comments below!

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Тёмный топчик
Тёмный топчик
1 year ago

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