Female Characters In One Punch Man – 20+ Beautiful Girls From The Hit Manga

In today’s article, we will be taking a look at some of the most beautiful female characters from One Punch Man anime and manga series.

One Punch Man is the most popular modern shonen anime series that depicts all aspects of heroes perfectly.

Most people believe that this series revolves solely around the main character, Saitama, but they are completely incorrect.

It features many heroes and depicts their individual journeys to achieve the status of heroes in society.

This series is also filled with a lot of female heroes and villains who are extremely strong and beautiful.

All of the female characters in One Punch Man have distinct personalities and attractive outlooks.

They all have different reasons for using their supernatural abilities, whether for humans or monsters.

Many fans were curious about the top female characters in One Punch Man. So don’t worry, we’ve compiled the best list of the top 20 female characters in One Punch Man.

In this list, we ranked all these characters according to their appearance, behavior, powers, and roles in the series.

So without any delay, here are the top 20 female characters in One Punch Man (in no particular order).

List Of The Best Female Characters In One Punch Man

  • Fubuki
  • Tatsumaki
  • Psykos
  • Lin Lin
  • Mosquito Girl
  • Do-S
  • Mizuki
  • Lily
  • Shadow Ring
  • Suiko
  • Eyesight
  • Reptera
  • Okamaitachi
  • Twin Tail
  • Maiko Plasma
  • Noria
  • Asami
  • Pink Hornet
  • Tanktop Girl
  • Cleopatra
  • Natalie Ver. 9

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21. Natalie Ver. 9

Natalie_Ver._9 - OPM girls

Natalie is one of the judges in the hero costume contest. Despite being an 80 year old lady, she looks very young. This is because she has found the secret formula to remain young.

She is a minor character that does not get much appearance outside the contest.

20. Cleyopatra

Cleyopatra - OPM girls

Cleyopatra makes her first appearance in an extra chapter in Volume 10 of the One Punch Man manga series.

She still doesn’t appear in any episodes of the One Punch Man anime series. She is the owner of a well-known beauty salon known as Beautiful Charisma.

Cleyopatra is a beautiful, dark-skinned lady who has a great sense of fashion.

She is also chosen as a judge for the Hero Costume Contest, where she evaluates the costumes of various heroes.

In this contest, she gave a score of 8 to Darkness Blade for his costume and gave only a score of 4 to Saitama.

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19. Tanktop Girl

Tanktop Girl - OPM girls

Tanktop Girl only appeared in Big Construction, an extra chapter in Volume 7 of the One Punch Man manga series.

She is the only female hero of the Tank Toppers Army, under the leadership of Tanktop Master.

She is a charming girl with beautiful short blonde hair.

Tanktop has great respect for her leader, Tanktop Master, but she sees other members as weird people.

She doesn’t get any rank or class as a hero, but she might possess great strength.

She only shows her fighting skills and powers in the fight against a tiger-level monster who attacks the hospital. 

18. Pink Hornet

Pink Hornet - OPM girls

Pink Hornet is a Rank 25 professional hero of Class B under the Hero Association. She only made an appearance in Squadron, an extra chapter in Volume 11 of the One Punch Man manga series.

She is also popular for her nickname, The Shopping Street of Techniques. 

Pink Hornet always wears face makeup like a hornet’s facial pattern with a pair of glasses.

She, along with Saitama, Smell Master, Wild Horn, and Trap Tengu, is assigned a critical mission.

She was chosen as the leader and was assigned by the Hero Association to capture a monster alive.

For being a high-ranked B-class hero, she possesses incredible strength and fighting skills.

17. Asami

Asami - female characters in one punch man

Asami is one of the members of a private rescue squad formed under the order of Narinki.

She is a young woman with purple hair and purple eyes.

Her black and white outfit is one of the sexiest outfits in the series.

Asami has great expertise in short-range fights as well as weapon fights. She possesses amazing athletic skills and is proficient in using spears in fighting.

She also excellently tricks her opponents to buy extra time by using faked actions and fake emotions.

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16. Noria

Noria - female characters in one punch man

Noria is also one of the members of Narinki’s private rescue squad. She is an attractive woman with blonde hair and yellow eyes.

She, alongside her squad, attacks the Monster Association to save Narinki’s son.

Noria is a proficient sword user who wields a modern, double-bladed Naginata in the fight.

Her battle suit is very advanced, which allows her to stand against the powerful A-class heroes.

She also demonstrates her excellence in acting by tricking the Royal Ripper, a fearsome monster. 

15. Maiko Plasma

Maiko Plasma - OPM girls

Maiko Plasma is an electric-based female monster in the Monster Association who is assigned to attack D-City.

She tied her hair in a Japanese traditional way and mostly wore a long kimono. She is the wife of an Electric Catfish man and has a very calm and logical mind.

Maiko is mainly a supportive type of fighter who mostly fights from a distance and gives proper support to her teammates.

She possesses a supernatural ability that allows her to generate a huge amount of electricity to fight against heroes.

She also enhanced her electric generating speed by transforming into her High Voltage Mode.

Her body doesn’t get any damage or harm from electricity due to having an electric-resistant body.

14. Twin Tail

Twin Tail - OPM girls

Twin Tail is a Rank 11 professional hero of Class A under the Hero Association. She is a confident girl with a pigtail hairstyle and always wears a blindfold.

Despite being blindfolded, she can easily find out the position of monstrous beings through her keen sense.

Twin Tail held numerous weapons hidden around her body, such as pins, balls, and knives.

She expertly used these items to fight against several powerful monsters at a time. Her most powerful attack is the Death Loop, which she used in the Monster Association Arc to defeat a crowd of monsters.

She demonstrates her peak power in the fight against Rhino Wrestler, but she is not capable of handling him on her own.

13. Okamaitachi

Okamaitachi - OPM girls

Okamaitachi is a Rank 3 professional hero of Class A under the Hero Association. She is also one of the disciples of Atomic Samurai.

She was born a male, but she always saw herself as a female and became one of them.

Okamaitachi shows her great physical strength and swordsmanship in the fight against Narinki’s private squad.

In this, she handles most of their members by herself and also damages their modern, advanced armor with her air blade.

Her air Blade technique is one of the most powerful attacks in which she creates a huge blade of wind by cutting air.

She is excellent at sensing the murderous intent around her and fighting them blindfolded.

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12. Reptera

Reptera - female characters in one punch man

Reptera is a poison-based female monster and one of the major members of the Monster Association.

She, alongside her younger sister Raptora, is known as the Poison Lizard Sisters.

Reptera and her sister are assigned to attack Puri-Puri Prisoner, the boss of the prisoners of Smelly Lid Prison.

She has the special ability to produce poison and use it to kill the heroes in combat. She also used a pair of knives in the fight, which were fully covered in poison.

11. Eyesight

Eyesight - OPM girls

One Punch Man’s Eyesight is a demon-based female monster character in the Monster Association who is assigned to attack Y-City.

She is one of the most powerful female monsters in her entire association. Her body is made up of half snake and half woman, and she wears a skull-made crown.

She used her long hair to capture her opponents and attack them.

Eyesight easily tracks down her opponents from a very long distance by sensing their body’s heat.

She also enhanced her strength and durability to a higher extent by transforming into a huge snake-like monster.

During the fight, she uses her deadliest venom to paralyze several heroes and kill them within seconds.

10. Suiko

Suiko - female characters in one punch man

Suiko is a great martial artist with stunning looks and a charming personality. She is also one of the users of Void Fist, a special type of martial art developed by her grandfather, Master Suicho.

She excelled at using Void Fist to enhance her attacking power to the greatest extent against powerful opponents. 

Suiko is an ordinary girl who is not a member of any organization, but she is very kind and helpful to those in need.

The Void Sky Dragon Fist is her most powerful attack, in which she unleashes tornado-like enormous strikes by repeatedly striking in midair.

9. Shadow Ring

shadow ring - OPM girls

Shadow Ring is a Rank 32 professional hero of Class A under the Hero Association.

She is a great ninja who dresses in purple ninja garb that covers her entire body. She is one of the flashiest female characters in One Punch Man.

Shadow Ring possesses incredible physical strength, speed, and quick reflexes that help her fight against powerful monsters.

She possessed extensive knowledge of ninjutsu and was an expert in various ninja-fighting techniques.

As a ninja, she excels at fighting with ninja weapons such as a sword, shuriken, kunai, and others. 

Shadow Ring also possessed a unique technique known as the Body Replacement Technique, which allowed her to replace her body with blocks of wood.

8. Lily

Lily - OPM girls

Lily is an official Hero Association B-Class Rank 74 professional hero. She is part of the Blizzard Group and is one of Fubuki’s most trustworthy subordinates.

As a person, she is shown to be a young woman who takes her duty as a hero sincerely and who also idolizes and is devoted to Fubuki.

She is also one of the prettiest female characters in One Punch Man.

In terms of battle, although given her ranking, it can be presumed that Lily isn’t overly strong by B-Class standards, it can be inferred that she is a fairly adept combatant for a B-Class hero.

Besides combat, she is skilled at using her preferred weapon, “the three-section staff,” in battle. 

7. Mizuki

Mizuki - female characters in one punch man

Mizuki is a Hero Association B-Class Rank 71 professional hero. She is also known by her hero alias, Captain Mizuki.

She is one of the most beautiful female characters in One Punch Man, with the most attractive curvaceous body.

As a person, Mizuki appears to be a happy, lively, and obedient hero and handles the cause of the hero gathering right away.

She also exudes excitement as she considers the possibility of a promotion.

In terms of strength, as a B-class hero who is quite a powerful and sports-based fighter.

She has enhanced strength, durability, weapon transformation, speed, and reflexes.

Furthermore, she fights with a variety of sports equipment, including a pole, javelin, hammer shot put, and discus throw.

6. Do-S

DO-S - OPM girls

Do-S is a Monster Association member and the top-rated female monster in the series.

She also goes by the moniker “Monster Princess.” She was continually looking to expand her army of slaves.

As a person, Do-S was a cruel dominatrix who believed she was a princess.

She enjoys whipping her adversaries and commanding them to do things. She does, however, significantly change her personality when severely hurt in a fight.

Do-S gave up being a dominatrix and transformed into a brutal combatant, determined to crush her opponent.

In terms of strength, she is strong enough that even though she had to divert her attention, she managed to give Fubuki a hard time during the fight.

Gyoro Gyoro said that her special talents might provide the Monster Association with extra benefits.

5. Mosquito Girl 

Mosquito Girl - OPM girls

Mosquito Girl is one of the beautiful female villain characters in One Punch Man. She serves as a minor adversary in the series.

She is a member of the House of Evolution and one of Dr. Genus’s human experiments.

Her villain name is Mosquito Girl since she is a mutant human-mosquito hybrid.

She frequently enjoys drinking human blood and turning victims into squishy skeletons.

However, when she loses a battle, she frequently exhibits a sense of conceit, egotism, and mild irritation.

In terms of strength, her physiology gives her the ability to consume blood to acquire the characteristics of a real mosquito and enhance them.

She also has the power of insects, which provides her additional tactical flexibility in battle.

4. Lin Lin 

Lin Lin - female characters in one punch man

Lin Lin is a user of the palm bell fist and a martial artist. The Palm Bell first approach can be used without ringing a bell and is said to be extremely silent but extremely effective.

As a person, Lin Lin is an extremely excited person who can’t wait for her match to start. She is extremely inquisitive and wants to know more about Suiryu’s skills as well as Charanko’s.

In terms of strength, she is reputed to be the strongest female martial artist in the entire series.

She is also seen to be in possession of a variety of weaponry, all of which she appears to be skilled at utilizing.

3. Psykos

Psykos - female characters in one punch man

Psykos is one of the series’ key antagonists and the main antagonist of the Monster Association Arc.

She is also recognised as one of the most remarkable female characters in One Punch Man.

She serves as the Monster Association’s military advisor and is the second-highest ranking member of the organization.

As a person, Psykos is an extremely crafty, deceitful, and mischievous individual who enjoys playing games that are cruel.

In terms of strength, she is considered a dragon-level threat due to her strong control over the Monster Association.

Psykos is not just a mediocre villain. She is also a very strong esper.

Her psychic power multiplies once she merges with Orochi, giving her the ability to battle Tatsumaki and badly hurt the esper.

2. Tatsumaki

Tatsumaki - female characters in one punch man

Tatsumaki is one of the major female characters in One Punch Man. She is an esper, Fubuki’s older sister, and the S-Class Rank 2 professional hero of the Hero Association.

She is popular for her hero alias by the name of Tornado of Terror. 

As a person, Tatsumaki has a somewhat arrogant, irritable, impatient, and hot-tempered demeanor.

She treats most people disrespectfully, especially those she perceives as being incapable.

In terms of strength, Tatsumaki is the most potent esper to date and one of the strongest female characters in One Punch Man.

Many people think there is no one that can fight her using traditional means because of her powers, which are so great.

She is also seen as the association’s ultimate weapon by the world.

1. Fubuki

Fubuki - female characters in one punch man

Fubuki is one of the main female characters in One Punch Man. She is also an esper, Tatsumaki’s younger sister, and the leader of “The Blizzard Group,” a B-Class hero squad.

She is popular for her hero alias by the name of Blizzard of Hell.

As a person, Fubuki is cold-hearted, aspirational, and self-assured.

Although she is confident in her own skills, she is also aware of her limitations to some degree, which prevents her from acting irrationally.

Fubuki is also referred to as one of the most beautiful female characters in One Punch Man.

In terms of strength, she is also the strongest hero, with the exception of Saitama. She has demonstrated some leadership skills in addition to her fighting powers.

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