Attack On Titan Girls Ranked

Attack on Titan may seem like an anime that is dominated mostly by the male characters, but some of the girls in this series can even outshine them. We are in the middle of the last season of Attack on Titan and we have already seen some girls making their marks. So, let us take a look at some of the best girls in Attack on Titan who have made this anime more enjoyable for us.

10. Petra Ral

Petra (Attack in Titan)

Petra was a part of the Special Operations Squad in Attack on Titan who was personally chosen by Levi. If you are selected by the most badass character in this story, then that automatically makes you special. The thing about Petra that resonated most with the audience was the fact that she was a caring and kind natured girl.

She helped to integrate Eren perfectly into their squad and was always seen looking out for him. While most characters in Attack on Titan tend to be detached from their emotions, the same case did not happen with Petra. She was also the perfect girl on team-based expeditions, making her a valuable utility character.

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9. Hitch

Hitch - AoT girls

Hitch is probably one of the most underrated Attack on Titan girls of all time. This is because she only gets a very little screentime.

After the graduation was completed for the Training Corps, Hitch decided that she wanted to join the Military Police Brigade, which is located within the innermost walls of the city. She is a character that most people will relate to in terms of laziness.

The only reason she took up the job as a military officer was because it keeps her away from the Titans outside the wall and she has to engage in the bare minimum of fighting. She also had a very sarcastic tongue and loved to annoy her co-workers needlessly.

However, we saw her kind and caring nature in the OVA whenever Annie is involved, and she definitely became a respectable person after her encounters with Annie.

8. Yelena


Yelena leads the group of Anti-Marleyan volunteers from the front, whose main job is to strike up a revolution. This group was formed by Zeke Yeager, whom Yelena worshiped as a god. She was willing to do anything for her, and this desire of hers had already crossed the borders of being a psychopath.

Yelena didn’t hesitate to kill anyone she thought was not aligned with the ideologies of their organization. She was the key figure in executing Zeke’s euthanasia plan. Her expressions in the last season have also been going viral, making her a popular figure.

She is ultra scary and unpredictable, but there are people who love yandere waifus, so Yelena has a few fans of her own.

7. Pieck Finger

Pieck - attack on titan waifu

Pieck is the holder of the Cart Titan powers and is completely loyal to Marley. She may not seem like a character who is always at the forefront, but regardless, she has been involved in many important events. 

Her continuous use of the Cart Titan form has led her to pick up the habit of walking on all fours even when she is not in her Titan form. Out of all the Titans associated with working for Marley, Pieck is the most intelligent and intuitive one. She can quickly pick up on things that others fail to notice most of the time.

6. Ymir

Ymir - attack on titan waifu

Ymir is a female character in AOT that has been shrouded in mystery ever since her introduction. She usually remained with Historia most of the time and considered it to be her life’s ultimate mission to protect her. It came as quite a surprise when she transformed into the Jaw Titan because Historia’s life was in danger.

Ymir was only nice to Historia, and when it came to interacting with others, she always used a confrontational tone. Fans love Ymir for her dedication to Historia and the effect she had on her. This is why she is one of the best Attack on Titan waifus ever.

She even agreed to help Reiner and Bertolt because she could only be human again after eating one of their friends.

5. Hange Zoe

Hange - attack on titan girls ranked

Attack on Titan girls have mostly been shown as extremely capable fighters. There have been very few instances where they have had to apply their brains. The exception in this case is definitely Hange Zoe. Apart from being a skilled titan slayer, she excels in her department of studying titans.

This is also why she has developed a keen love for Titans and is looking forward to dissecting them. Hange Zoe has a very quirky personality, which is why fans seem to love her a lot. Her dynamics with Levi have also given rise to much fan fiction, even though they don’t have any romantic connection between them.

4. Sasha

Sasha - AoT Potato girl

All my foodies out there can massively relate to Sasha in this aspect. Sasha was a girl that appreciated quality food and was always seen eating something or other. The first time Sasha became all of our favorite characters was when she kept eating a potato in a very tense situation.

Although Sasha has been overshadowed mostly by other characters, she has played quite a crucial role some times. It has been amazing to see her develop into a seasoned fighter while providing the best comic relief to ease the intense scenes in Attack on Titan.

3. Historia Reiss


The fact that Historia hit the mighty Levi automatically makes her a fan favorite waifu material. Historia Reiss had to suffer a lot during her childhood. Perhaps this is also the reason why fans sympathized with her. She is an extremely interesting character because of her royal lineage.

After all, being the only member of the Reiss family is bound to draw attention. Historia had never been on the fighting side, but she was the one to land the final blow on a titan that threatened an entire city. This is why it worked out perfectly when she was announced as the Queen of the Walls.

2. Annie

Annie Leonhart - attack on titan girls ranked

Annie can be classified as an antagonist in Attack on Titan. Despite that she is one of the most popular waifus in AoT. She was part of the group sent by Marley on a secret mission to Paradis Island. Annie had the powers of the Female Titan, with which she infiltrated the Training Corps.

Later, she moved on to the Military Police Brigade, where her identity was finally exposed. Annie always had a rough and cold personality that stemmed from her experiences in the past. Although she was kind of responsible for the death of Marco, fans slowly began to understand her situation in the flashbacks of her childhood.

1. Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa Ackerman

There is no doubt that Mikasa Ackerman is the best girl in Attack on Titan. The fact that no one even comes close to her in this regard speaks a lot about her popularity. Mikasa is a childhood friend of Eren and hails from the famous Ackerman bloodline. She is a beast when it comes to slaying Titans, even though she doesn’t have any Titan powers.

She got the taste of blood at a very young age, and that was the turning point in the change in her personality. Mikasa hasn’t looked back since then and has grown into a more badass character with every passing season.

That’s it for this post! These are the most popular girls in Attack On Titan anime.

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