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Top Five Most Inspiring Anime Characters

Anime is a source of entertainment for people of all ages. It has a ton of relatable characters and interesting storylines. You could find characters in anime that go through day-to-day troubles that you and I are very familiar with. You will see them struggle like everybody else, but you will also see most of them rise up to the challenge and overcome their problems. These are the kind of inspiring anime characters will push you to become a better person in real life. In this article, we will be taking a look at five of the most inspirational characters in anime.

5. Asta from ‘Black Clover’

Asta - inspiring anime character

A boy abandoned by magic is born in a magical world. Despite being the only person in the whole world without any magical powers at all, Asta surpasses his own limits time and time again to achieve his dream of becoming the next wizard king. A powerless boy propelling himself forward using nothing but his sheer will and determination are the trademarks of a true Main Character and a truly inspiring anime character as well.   

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4. Izuku Midoriya from ‘My Hero Academia’

Izuku Midoriya

80% of all the population on Earth has a quirk or a power unique to them. As you could probably guess izuku is initially a part of that measly 20% of the population that are quirkless. Ever since young Midoriya was a child he had held on to the hope that one day his quirk would manifest and he could become a hero that saved people with a smile. 

Coincidentally his favorite hero, the number one hero, All Might, decided that Midoriya was an ideal successor to his quirk: one for all. After giving Midoriya his quirk he helps him enter a prestigious training school for the top young hero candidates, and from there he embarks on a journey to become the number one hero. 

Again, the powerless prevail through sheer determination! What can be more inspiring?! 

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3. Rock Lee from ‘Naruto’ Series 

Rock lee - inspiring anime character

The Naruto series has some of the most inspiring anime characters of all time. In the hidden leaf ninja academy Rock Lee was always bullied, and harrassed for having absolutely no aptitude for ninjutsu or genjutsu, and only mediocre skill in taijutsu

( I think I’m starting to see a pattern here.)

Those three bring the cornerstones of a shinobi’s arsenal. Lee decided to triple down in the one area he was not completely hopeless in, taijutsu. 

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After long grueling days of training he managed to pass the necessary tests to become a full-fledged shinobi. Still not wanting to be looked down on and wanting to prove that a person with no talent for genjutsu or ninjutsu can still become a splendid shinobi with just taijutsu, he continued to work hard under the, at times goofy but efficient tutelage of Might Guy, along with his teammates Tenten, and Neji. Now he is one of, if not, the most prolific hand to hand fighter in the entire series. 

2. Naruto Uzumaki from ‘Naruto’ Series

Naruto Uzumaki

Even if you’ve never seen an anime, surely you’ve still heard of Naruto! Naruto has a tear jerking past, and awesome character development that would inspire millions. 

Living as an orphan his entire childhood, the only reason Naruto Uzumaki got out of bed was to get attention from somebody, anybody really. At first he used mischief to get the adults in the village to scold him. Quickly though, he learned that being a shinobi is a noble cause that people respect, adore, and acknowledge. Naturally, it became his main goal to become the greatest shinobi in the entire village, which  anyone would acknowledge; The Hokage! 

Through all the critique of his peers and rivals telling him that his dream is impossible; the villagers ostracizing, and blaming him for an event that ended in both his parents’ death, and a demon being sealed in side of infant Naruto thus saving the village; he was always able to stay on his path and stay true to his word because that’s his ninja way! 

I think everyone loves a person who just cannot give up and keeps pressing forward no matter what the odds are. Those qualities are what make Naruto such an inspiring anime character.

1. Hinata Shouyou from ‘Haikyuu!!’ 

Hinata haikyuu inspiring anime character

 Hinata Shouyou was short in middle school and despite being very fast, with blindingly quick reflexes, and a jump that would shock basketball players, he lost the only official volleyball game he ever played in. 

In highschool, he is still very short. Around 162.8 cm tall or roughly 5 foot 3 inches. But this time he has something different he didn’t have in middle school. He has a team full of strong teammates that he can trust and what’s more the genius setter that defeated his team in middle school, is now his greatest teammate and together are Karasuno’s most dangerous duo. 

Despite the countless height disadvantages Hinata faces throughout the show, he always finds a way to scale the perilous walls looming over him, posed as blockers on the other side of the net. Hinata’s unwavering spirit, grit, and determination to be the ace and to win is very inspiring to anyone who has been shoved to the dirt by life, been given the short hand, yet still take advantage of the assets you do have and turn your weaknesses into strengths. In Hinata’s case being short was a great disadvantage for him playing a sport where height is a prerequisite, however this thinking is what makes Hinata such a great asset to his teammates, by overcoming such a great hurdle that is his own height he inspires anyone that watches him play.

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That’s it for this post! These were the top five most inspiring anime characters of recent times! Hope you enjoyed reading this article~

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  2. This was a great article. I am currently on season two of haikyuu and kagehina is a great ship and a great duo just like you said except for the ship part.

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