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A Shocking Journey to Combine Coding With Manga (MUST READ)

  This is an article about a story. A story of growth, chasing dreams, and unthinkable experiments leading to mind-blowing results. This is the story of a Coding Manga. First, two statements. Manga and Anime are peaking worldwide. Hundreds of countries, each with expanded age demographics, are jumping on the (Mugen) train that us long-time […]

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Top 10 Best Action & Fantasy Manga of 2021

This article, ‘Top 10 Best Action & Fantasy Manga of 2021’ is a guest post by Artan. More about the author at the end of the article! In this article I’m going to share with you Top 10 best action & fantasy manga of 2021 that every reader should try atleast once. All of these […]

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Manhwa / Webtoon Games For Android

Hello my awesome Webtoon fans! Today I’m going to write about the Webtoon games / manhwa games that have been released for Android. Until a few days ago I had no clue as to there were games for Webtoons/manhwas. But as I was looking for content to write about, I just decided to search for […]


Webtoon Recommendation for new fans

Hello and welcome to AEO! Today I’m going to write about my top 11 Webtoon recommendation that every fan must absolutely read! Unlike a typical top 10 list I have segregated the titles according to their genre (although I’m actually doing a top eleven and not a top ten. I just couldn’t give up on […]