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10+ Best Anime with Magic School You Must Watch!

Most of us are well familiar with the Harry Potter series. It introduced us to a world of magic in our childhood as we were charmed by the series. It was our first taste of what a magic school is like and how the students go on about their daily lives there.

Similarly, there are many anime with a magic school where the characters indulge in a variety of activities. Everyone likes to see magic and this is exactly what these anime give us. On that note, we will be taking a look at the top 10+ best anime with magic school.

12. Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero Ecchi anime with magic school

Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero

“Samon Syndrome” is a unique condition in people that allows them to travel to the fantasy world and keep their powers if they are able to return to the real world. Our protagonist in this story is a rogue hero named Akatsuki who returns to the real world with the daughter of a demon king named Miu.

They enlist themselves in Babel, an academy that trains people with magical powers. But there is a deep secret hidden behind the outer appearance of Babel. The job now falls on Akatsuki and Miu’s hands to discover that secret and thwart the possibility of any danger.

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11. The Asterisk War

The Asterisk War

This story is marked by a phenomenon known as Invertia which changed the whole timeline of the world. It caused a massive shift in power as some nations merged together to form the Integrated Empire Foundation. It also gave birth to many human beings with heightened physical powers who came to be known as the Genestella.

They are trained in various academies to sharpen their skills and make them proficient in combat. Ayato is one such Genestella who has come to Seidoukan Academy. On the outside, she looks like any other student but her real intention is to look for her missing sister.

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10. Mahou Sensei Negima – Anime Where The MC is a Magic School Teacher

Mahou Sensei Negima

Negi Springfield is a 10-year-old student who is currently undergoing training in order to become a wizard. Everything was going smoothly until he came to know about his last task. He has to go to an all-girls school and acts as their English teacher.

Negi instantly starts off on the wrong foot on reaching the school as he becomes the subject of hatred of Asuna after he replaces her favourite teacher. His misfortune does not end here and Asuna comes to know that he is a wizard. Now, Negi is forced to do her bidding as the threat of his identity getting revealed to everyone looms over his head.

9. Knight’s & Magic

Knight's & Magic

Knight’s and Magic is also an isekai anime since the main character dies at the start of the story and gets reborn in the magical world of Fremmevilla Kingdom. The Kingdom is inhabited by ferocious beasts and it is the job of the Silhouette Knights to keep them in check. In the new world, our protagonist belongs to a noble family and gets blessed with great magical powers.

Thus, he starts going to Royal Laihaila Academy to bolster his magical powers and learn to control the Silhouette Knights with the ultimate precision. He even decides to go one step further by starting to make his own Silhouette Knight that has never been done for many centuries.

8. Trinity Seven

Trinity Seven - ecchi anime with magic

A strange incident suddenly caused all the people of Arata Kasuga’s town to disappear. It was deemed as the Breakdown Phenomenon and was caused when the sun stopped shining. Arata’s only hope was the grimoire left in his possession by his cousin with which he reconstructed the world artificially.

But trouble appears again in the form of Lilith Asami who demands the grimoire from Arata. Instead of handing over the book, Arata decides to go to Royal Biblia Academy with Lilith where he joins up with the members of Trinity Seven in order to prevent his hometown from being destroyed.

7. The Familiar of Zero – Magic Themed Ecchi, Harem Anime

The Familiar of Zero

This anime mixes magical school with a bit of harem and ecchi too. We put our focus on Louise who attends the Tristain Academy. She is the focus of taunts in her school as she can’t use her magic properly.

During a summoning ritual, she messes everything up again but to everyone’s surprise, a boy called Saito Hiraga is summoned. We later come to know that Saito has some connection to an extremely strong familiar called Gandalfr which may just change Louise’s miserable school life for the better.

6. Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor

Akashic Records of a Bastard Magic Instructor

There are many magical schools spread throughout the empire of Alzano but the most important of them is the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy. Young magical minds are nurtured in this academy to make them powerful magicians in the future. Sistine Fibel and Rumia Tingel are two friends who study in this academy.

One day a person named Glenn Radars is introduced to their life who replaces their favourite teacher. Glenn’s lazy and laid-back personality does not rub off well on the students as he finds himself at odds with them. But when a dark plot in the empire begins to unravel itself, Glenn finds himself teaming up with Fibel and Tingel to get to the bottom of the situation.

5. The Misfit of Demon King Academy

Demons and magic go hand in hand. Especially so when the main character is a Demon King. The misfit of Demon King Academy is a story about a reincarnated demon king, Anos Voldigoad, who finds that an imposter has taken his place as the demon king in the history.

Now, he has to go to the magic school meant for demons and prove himself as the rightful demon king, and find the imposter.

This anime is quiet fun to watch since the MC is OP and dominates every difficult situation thrown at him. I’ve also written a review on this anime a little while ago, in case you want more idea on this show.

4. The Irregular at Magic High School

Anime with magic school

The Irregular at Magic High School is one of the more popular anime on this list which involves an overpowered main character. This story takes place at a time where magic and technology both exist together. Young magicians with potentials attend a school where they are categorised as ‘Blooms’ and ‘Weeds.’

As you can already guess from the names, Blooms are considered to be superior to Weeds. Miyuki and Tatsuya Shiba come to First High School where they become a ‘Bloom’ and ‘Weed’ respectively. But despite becoming a weed Tatsuya’s skills catches everyone’s attention as he becomes the first irregular in that school.

3. Tokyo Ravens

Tokyo Ravens

In Tokyo Ravens, we come to know of an ancient power known as Onmyoudou magic. This was used during World War II by Japan but they were ultimately defeated due to the Great Spiritual Disaster. Fast forward to the current time, that magic is now used in various fields for the benefit of people.

Among them, there is a character named Harutora who can’t use this magic which bothers him a lot. He gets his golden chance to shine when an Onmyou Agency member decides to perform the age-old experiment. This forces Harutora to join up with Natsume and stop Japan’s downfall once again.

2. Mairimashita! Iruma-kun

Mairimashita! Iruma-kun - Best Magic School Anime

Mairimashita! Iruma-kun is another magic school anime, where the main character is adopted by a devil. As the only human in the demon world, Iruma has to hide his identity and overcome a lot of obstacles. As a human he does not have any magical powers. However, using a magical ring that the devil gave him, he is now the strongest ‘demon’ in the demon academy. Not to mention, he might also be the candidate to become the next demon lord.

While the plot might seem dark, the anime is pretty light hearted and funny.

1. Little Witch Academia – Anime About Witches

Anime about magic school

Shiny Chariot is an idol to witches all over the world. But as time changes, they get teased as being immature for obsessing over her. Atsuko Kagari is also her fan who refuses to diminish her admiration for Shiny Chariot and starts her new life in Luna Nova Magical Academy.

However, it is not the magical world that she thought it would be. She is also not that great in magic which further makes her life miserable. Luckily for her, there is a threat of a dragon destroying their academy and she can prove herself by protecting her academy from it.

These are some of the best anime with magical schools that you can find out there. They all connect to us with their adventurous storytelling and magical plot. After all, we certainly have wished at one point in our lives to go to a magical school and immerse ourselves in a beautiful journey.


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