The ONE ability we can all apply from Izuku Midoriya(MHA)

Would you like to be known as an inspiration? Someone who is very intellectual? Someone who could somehow make an impact to other people’s lives in some way, shape, or form? Well in this article, I’ll be showing the number ONE trait you need to implement in your life from watching someone like Izuku Midoriya.

Throughout the series of my hero academia, I can safely say that Izuku has improved tremendously from season 1, being an awkward person to season 4, being an overpowered BEAST who defeated a high ranked villain. From this, I have noticed something throughout the seasons which I think will be very helpful for you to implement into your life in whatever profession you pursue.

This trait (or skill) is called CURIOSITY.

What is curiosity?

curiosity - deku

Curiosity is the ability to learn more or the desire to know more.

Throughout the MHA series Izuku has always had this ability to learn more than what was necessary. Even when he didn’t have a quirk, he asked  himself questions about the pros and cons of certain heroes and if anything was to go wrong(hypothetically) how would they deal with the situation.

When Izuku received his quirk, he ALWAYS, almost constantly learned and experimented the ins-and-outs of his quirk. He always asked open-ended questions to himself about how he could be more effective, more reliable and less of a liability.

You could even say someone like Mirio, someone who has a simple quirk that isn’t too complex was CURIOUS enough to see how he could use his quirk to defeat stronger villains with dangerous quirks.

Why you need curiosity in life

deku curiosity

If you’re someone who wants to achieve something big, maybe you’re trying to discover something that could revolutionize a community or even trying to solve a complex problem in your class, curiosity WILL separate you from the competition for a few reasons:

  • People don’t like to work hard, being curious takes mental work.
  • People don’t like to learn, being curious is about learning and asking questions.
  • Most people are average, being curious is not made for the average.

Curiosity will make you a fast learner (if you apply it). There was a scene in season 2 where Izuku tries to imitate Gran Torino’s moves but ultimately fails. He hit’s his face into a wall and ends up falling on a pile of dirty bins. But, from this he learns what went right and what went wrong leading him to become a fast learner and in just a few days he’s able to do the things
that Gran Torino can do(similarly).

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How to apply curiosity to your life

izuku midoriya question face

If you want to be someone with great experience, knowledge, skill or even status, curiosity will help you learn the basics, foundations, fundamentals of how you could reach a greater level. Before learning how you could be curious, understand that curiosity is an internal ability(mental skill) in which you might need to change the way that you think in order for it to
truly work.

So in order to be curious here are some of my 3 BEST tips you can take and try implementing them into your life:

  • Ask questions – A basic and advanced way to spark your curiosity is to ask questions that will get yourself or even other people to think and come up with an answer. Ask yourself ”how can I study better?”, ”why do I keep failing at this task?”, ”who can I learn from that will make me better”.
  • Learn how things work – by learning how the basics work you’ll have a further and greater understanding of how things work, leading you to learn even for complex problems and coming up with a greater solution.
  • Read books – read books about your favorite topics, if you like graphic design, programming, sports, society, learn things about them, read from people who have lived through the experience to make you a more smarter individual.


With that being said, I have explained you most of my perspective about curiosity just from watching a character like Deku. He has shown us how to make ourselves better in any area of life by just being curious. I hope you enjoyed this thought process I had in my mind, and hopefully it can help you in the short and long- term.

Author’s Bio:

Ibrahim Kanda – A creative individual that spreads his thoughts on anime and combines it with real-world skills that could somehow improve individuals.

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