Naruto Transformations: 10 Best Epic Forms Of Naruto In Order

All forms of Naruto – Naruto is one of the more popular anime that fans are crazy about. He is a Jinchuriki, which means that he has a tailed beast sealed within his body. In the case of Naruto, it was the nine-tailed beast called Kurama.

As a result of that tailed beast, Naruto has acquired many different forms throughout the course of the story. We are going to list all those forms in order, which will extend even to the Boruto series.

List Of All Naruto Transformations In Order

  1. One Tailed Cloak
  2. Four Tails Transformation
  3. Sage Mode
  4. Six Tails Transformation
  5. Eight Tails Form
  6. Nine Tails Chakra Mode
  7. Kurama Chakra Mode
  8. Six Paths Sage Mode
  9. Tailed Beast Form
  10. Baryon Mode

1. One Tailed Cloak

One Tailed Cloak - all forms of naruto

The one tailed cloak form used by Naruto was the basic form that he started with. In this form, Naruto surrounds himself with a red covering of chakra that gives him some amount of physical protection from attacks. It is also characterized by some bubbles that are seen near the cloak. It will allow Naruto to harness an enhanced amount of chakra while a single tail will also form at his back.

Although in previous cases, Naruto has utilized the chakra from his tailed beast, he only took a significant form towards the end of the Sasuke Recovery Mission. The one tailed cloak form brings about a wild transformation in Naruto, which has helped him in some sticky situations.

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2. Four Tails Transformation


The four tails form of Naruto is a major upgrade from the one tailed cloak form. But with the advantages, it also makes Naruto lose significant control over his body. He sprouts four tails on his back and becomes a demon fox-human hybrid.

Naturally, it gives a strong surge of power to Naruto, as we saw in the case against Orochimaru. Naruto’s four tails form also allows him to shoot beast bombs from his tails, which acts as a very powerful weapon in his arsenal. Moreover, in his four tails form, Naruto gets a lot closer to the final Jinchuriki form than in the one tailed cloak stage.

3. Sage Mode

Sage Mode - all forms of naruto

The Pain Arc of Naruto is marked by his famous Sage Mode. He went through rigorous training to perfect this technique, which was not even mastered by his sensei, Jiraiya. It proved to be a major boost for Naruto in his fight against Pain because not only did it give him enhanced control over his chakra, but his physical strength and sensory powers also went up a further notch.

In this transformation, Naruto takes up energy from the nature around him and combines it with his own chakra, which leads to the formation of senjutsu chakra.

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4. Six Tails Transformation


During the Pain Arc of Naruto we saw him power scaling to a large extent and constantly upgrading himself to better forms. This is also how he came across his six tails transformation. This was obviously a step closer to the main Jinchuriki form, with the skeleton of the nine tails appearing on the front.

Naruto had to spend a lot of energy to transform into the six tails, handing greater control to the beast inside him. This, of course, came with the massive upside of destructive capabilities possessed by this form.

5. Eight Tails Form


 It is quite crazy that we also saw the eight tails transformation of Naruto in the Pain Arc itself. Pain unleashed his classic planetary devastation jutsu on Naruto, but it was too much for him to handle. As a result, he had to resort to his eight tails form, which is the closest transformation to the Jinchuriki sealed within him.

It was capable of widespread destruction as Naruto had traded power for control. The eight tails form of Naruto was also able to use pyro abilities that hadn’t been noted in his other transformations.

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6. Nine Tails Chakra Mode

Nine-Tails Chakra Mode

The Nine Tails Chakra Mode was the first time Naruto was able to completely use the chakra of the Nine Tailed Beast without surrendering his control to him. It made Naruto glow like the sun but did not involve any transformation to a beastly form. It was more humanoid in appearance, and Naruto had a godly aura about him.

In the Nine Tails Chakra Mode, Naruto can utilize enhanced strength and speed while also having an idea of the negative emotions stored within people. It also grants a significant power boost to his shadow clones, who can take on mighty enemies on their own.

7. Kurama Chakra Mode

Kurama Chakra Mode Naruto Transformation

Kurama Chakra is one of the best Naruto forms we have seen till date. In order to achieve this transformation, Naruto had to fully understand the hate within Kurama and become one with him. It involved cooperation between both the Jinchuriki and the host. 

As a result, Naruto’s power far exceeded that which he had in his Nine Tails Chakra Mode and rose to an unimaginable level. It helped him to turn the tide of the Fourth Great Shinobi War, and even the strongest of enemies were forced to acknowledge him.

8. Six Paths Sage Mode

Six Paths Sage Mode Naruto Transformation

The Six Paths Sage Mode was created by the legendary Hagoromo Otsutsuki. Naturally, Naruto was blessed with a plethora of new techniques when he transformed himself into this form. This form was also seen by us during the Fourth Great Shinobi, when Madara played his wildcard and used his own Six Paths form.

Naruto’s power was further escalated by the fact that he could combine Hagoromo’s power with that of the chakra of his tailed beast. It allowed him to go toe-to-toe against the likes of Madara and Kaguya.

9. Tailed Beast Form

Tailed-Beast-Form Naruto

Tailed Beast Mode is one step upgrade from the humanoid form that Naruto used when he was only utilizing the chakra of Kurama. In this case, Naruto can completely transform himself into a giant nine-tailed demon fox while also gaining the strength and abilities that are unique to it. 

This is once again achieved by working together with Kurama without handing full control over to him. However, because of its huge size and terrifying strength it can also lead to widespread collateral damage.

10. Baryon Mode

Baryon Mode - all forms of naruto

Baryon Mode is by far the most powerful Naruto form we have seen till date. It is an embodiment of the will of fire whereby the chakras of Naruto and Kurama fuse together to give rise to a new form of power. 

The raw power experienced by Naruto in his Baryon Mode helped him to go up against Isshiki Otsutsuki and even defeat him. The only issue is that it consumes a lot of the life force of both Naruto and Kurama. But if used wisely, Baryon Mode can also extract the life force of anyone Naruto touches in that form. 

That’s it for this post! These were all the epic transformations of Naruto.

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