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List Of The Best Dragon Ball Couples And Ships

Hey everyone. Welcome to AnimeEverything.Online! In today’s article, we will be taking a look at a list of the best dragon ball couples and ships that are popular among fans.

The Dragon Ball franchise is known for its excellent plot and spectacular fighting sequences. However, it also depicts a wonderful romantic relationship and introduces many lovable and wonderful couples throughout the franchise.

All of the couples in the series demonstrate some incredible aspects of love and relationships.

Each of the couples comes from a different place and has a unique story to tell. Some of them have personalities that are diametrically opposed to those of their partners.

However, they have a great deal of love and respect for one another. They all have their own unique stories about how they met and married.

In this article, we will discuss the best couples in the Dragon Ball franchise and how they met.

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We conclude all of the best couples on this list, regardless of whether they received more or less screen time. We also share some fascinating and useful information about them.

So, without any further delay, here are the ten best couples in the Dragon Ball franchise.

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Top 10 Best Canon Couples In Dragon Ball

10. Tien and Launch

Tien and Launch

Tien and Launch’s romance was kind of unexpected at first. But after seeing Launch’s blonde self flirt with Tien we were all hoping they’d be a couple forever.

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This was low key my favorite couple in the DB series as it featured the romance between a badass man and a badass girl.

However, Launch left Tien’s house (and the show) after having a quarrel, thus ending their pairing as a couple. The relationship was doomed. 

Tien, like Krillin, took his Z Warrior duties too seriously. Launch’s dual personality caused problems for him and distracted him. While her brunette side was sweet, her blonde side was a dangerous criminal, causing trouble to everyone around her.

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9. Bikal and Kakunsa

Bikal and Kakunsa

Android 17 knocked Universe 2’s Kakunsa out of the Tournament of Power’s ring. Bikal swooped in to save her before she fell out of bounds, and the two embraced in love.

Although this can be interpreted as friendship, these two teammates were drawn to each other. 

Bikal stands behind Kakunsa with her hands on his shoulders when Universe 2 is restored. Despite their love, they were eliminated in the same episode.

8. Tarble and Gure

Tarble and Gure

Tarble and Gure are the series’s least popular but most wonderful couples, most of whom the fans have never heard of.

They were only seen in the film “Dragon Ball: The Return of Son Goku and Friends!” Tarble is Vegeta’s younger brother, who comes to Earth with his wife, Gure, to look for help in defeating an evil duo.

Tarble claims that he is not strong enough to defeat them on his own and needs assistance. She also introduced her wife, Gure, to his brother and sister-in-law.

Gure is an alien species with an odd appearance but a kind personality. Despite the fact that they are from different species, they fall in love with each other and get married.

7. Dr. Brief and Bikini

Dr. Brief and Bikini

Dr. Brief and Bikini are Bulma’s parents and one of the well-known couples in the Dragon Ball franchise.

While they might be old, they are still a perfect, admirable couple.

Dr. Brief is a brilliant scientist, the world’s richest man, and the founder of Capsule Corporation. Bikini is a very attractive and beautiful lady with a great sense of fashion.

Dr. Brief and Bikini don’t get much screen time, but they do have some of the most romantic scenes in the series.

They both lived in West City, along with their numerous pets. They adored all of their pets, which is why they couldn’t leave them behind during Majin Buu’s attack.

Dr. Brief demonstrates his brilliant mind by inventing new technology that aids his son-in-law, Vegeta, in his training.

Bikini also expresses her love for her daughter and son-in-law by preparing delicious meals for them.

6. Trunks and Mai

Trunks and Mai - best dragon ball couples

Trunks and Mai are one of the most complex but endearing couples in the Dragon Ball franchise. This is the only couple with an age difference of approximately 30 years.

Despite being a mature lady, Mai was transformed back into a child as a result of granting a wish from Shenron.

Trunks and Mai first meet when she attempts to steal the Dragon Balls at Bulma’s birthday party. Trunks eventually becomes Mai’s girlfriend and lives with her in the same house at a young age.

They are not only a couple in the present world but also a couple in the future world. Their future self also shares a great romantic relationship with each other. 

Trunks and Mai are regarded as one of the most romantic couples and have shared some intimate moments together.

They had a lot of screen time in the Dragon Ball Super series as well as other non-canon series. 

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5. Krillin and Android 18

Krillin and Android 18 - best dragon ball couples

Krillin and Android 18 are the first and most well-known human-android couples in the Dragon Ball franchise.

They first meet as enemies in the Android Saga, but they gradually become a couple. Krillin is terrified after witnessing Android 18’s abilities, but she ignores him. 

However, she gave him a cheek kiss as a goodbye token on their first meeting. This was Krillin’s first kiss, and he immediately fell in love with her despite knowing the truth about her.

He does not believe she is evil and wishes to assist her in becoming a good person. Later in the series, Android 18 thanks him for saving her life while also expressing her disinterest in him. 

On the other hand, Krillin never gave in to his feelings and attempted to pursue her romantically. After four years of trials, she finally falls in love with him and marries him.

They have a daughter named Marron, whom they have raised well. They have a strong love and respect for one another, making them one of the best couples in the Dragon Ball franchise.

4. Bardock and Gine

Bardock and Gine - best dragon ball couples

Bardock and Gine are one of the most anticipated couples in the Dragon Ball franchise. This is because they are the parents of Goku.

Bardock is a Saiyan warrior who works for Frieza Force and helps them destroy many planets. On the other hand, Gine is a member of Bardock’s team and has offered her assistance to them.

She eventually stopped fighting and went to work in a meat shop.

Bardock and Gine have two sons, Raditz and Goku. Their first child, Raditz, went on a mission for the Frieza force alongside her comrades Vegeta and Nappa.

They both adore their children and would go to any length to save their lives. That is why, before their planet was destroyed, they sent their younger son, Goku, to Earth.

Bardock and Gine receive less screen time than other couples in the franchise. They only appeared in the Dragon Ball Super Broly film and a few filler or special episodes.

Despite having very little screen time, their wonderful personalities leave an indelible impression on many fans’ hearts.

3. Goku and Chi-Chi


Goku and Chi-Chi are the youngest couple in the Dragon Ball franchise who marry and have a family in their youth.

They are the only couple who have been together since they were children. Despite having to fight many formidable foes, Goku is only afraid of his wife.

Goku knows very little about romantic love and has little experience with it. As a result, they do not have as many romantic and intimate moments as other couples in the series.

Goku is always willing to go to great lengths to appease Chichi in order to avoid upsetting her. Because of her undying love for him, Chi-Chi always forgives him for his long absences from his family.

Goku and Chi-Chi have two sons, Gohan and Goten. Their sons have a lot of potential and incredible physical strength like their father.

Chi Chi was fiercely protective of her sons and deeply concerned about her family. She’s the very picture of an average asian mom.

2. Vegeta and Bulma

Vegeta-and-Bulma - best dragon ball couples

Vegeta and Bulma are the most popular couple in the Dragon Ball franchise. They are easily the best couple there is in the eitire show that has shown great progress in their relationship.

Vegeta is the mighty prince of Saiyan, and Bulma is the richest person on Earth. Despite their different races, they have a genuine romantic relationship with them.

Vegeta first appeared as a villain in Dragon Ball Z, plotting the destruction of the Earth. Bulma also despises him because he murdered his ex-girlfriend, Yamucha.

However, due to a series of events, they transformed their relationship from enemies to lovers. They married each other because their attitudes were very similar.

Vegeta and Bulma are revealed to be Future Trunks’ parents in the series. It became one of the series’ most acclaimed, shocking, and twisting moments.

Bulma many times shows her love for Vegeta by addressing him honey, sweet-heart and darling. They have two children, a son, Trunks, and a daughter, Bulla.

1. Gohan and Videl

Gohan and Videl - best dragon ball couples

Gohan and Videl are the most lovable couple in the Dragon Ball franchise. Their romance story is an interesting one too.

Gohan is the most respected and gentle character, treating everyone with kindness and respect. While Videl initially appears to be a tomboy, after meeting Gohan, she transforms into a decent lady.

After learning the truth about the Golden Warrior, Videl was very proud of Gohan’s extraordinary strength.

Throughout the Dragon Ball Z series, they frequently demonstrate their love and care for one another.

After Buu is defeated, they both confess their feelings for each other and get married. 

Gohan begins working as a scholar to support his family, but he also continues his training to protect them. Gohan and Videl have only one child, Pan, who is a hybrid Saiyan like her father.

They both raised her well and wanted her to be a good person. Gohan and Videl are also considered as the best looking couple of the series.

Other Dragon Ball Ships That Fans Love

Other than the canon couples, there are a bunch of fanmade couples that dragon ball fans tend to ship. Here is a list of them.

8. Yamcha and Bulma

Yamcha and Bulma

Yamcha and Bulma were probably the first ever couple in the Dragon Ball series. Although they broke up soon after a series of unfortunate events (for Yamcha), some fans still love them together.

However, this dragon ball ship does not make any sense now that Vegeta and Bulma ended up together making Bulma unavailable for anymore fanmade fantasies.

7. Goten and Valese

Goten and Valese

In the Dragon Ball GT show, Valese is introduced as Goten’s girlfriend. She has no association to martial arts, but she is a nice girl overall.

Valse comes from a rich family who got very little attention from her parents. Regardless, she is nice to everyone and is a bit too airheaded at times.

6. Goten and Bulla

Goten and Bulla - best dragon ball ships

This is one of the popular dragon ball ships that involve Goten.

Goten and Bulla are the direct next gen of the legendary Saiyans Goku and Vegeta. This pairing would mean that both of the legendary families will finally be united as one.

I think we can all admit that they’d make a far more interesting couple than pairing up with some random human.

5. Trunks and Pan

Trunks and Pan

This ship kind of does not make sense because of the age difference between the characters. But given the fact that Trunks is a time traveler, this might not be as bad of a couple, but still doesn’t feel right.

Also, for those who don’t know, Pan is the daughter of Gohan and Videl. She is one of the hybrid saiyans who has yet to unlock her saiyan potential.

4. Goku and Bulma

Goku and Bulma - best dragon ball ships

This is one of the dragon ball ships that is actually better than the canon coupling.

Bulma kind of had her eyes on Goku after the timeskip period. And honestly, they would have made a wonderful couple. 

However, Chi Chi made the first move and blocked Bulma’s path to be involved in a romantic relationship with Goku.

3. Trunks and Marron

Trunks and Marron

This is another one of the dragon ball ships that brings the families of two Z fighters together.

Marron is the daughter of Krillin and Android 18. Trunks and Marron have been together during their childhood given the fact that they belong to the same generation. Trunks used to play with Marron, and she looks up to him as her brother in the anime.

As adults, they have grown apart, but are on good terms with each other. 

2. Goku and Caulifla

Goku and Caulifla - best dragon ball ships

There are a large number of people that do not like Chi Chi. She is always angry at Goku and stops Gohan’s growth as a saiyan. Definitely not what the fans want to see in Goku’s wife.

Naturally, they think Goku deserves better– a saiyan girl. And who better than the hottest, muscular saiyan woman, Caulifla?

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1. Cabba and Caulifla

Cabba and Caulifla - best dragon ball ships

Cabba and Caulifla is a dbb ship that might probably become canon someday. They are both from the same universe and are definitely close enough to be friends. They also have a decent backstory about how they met.

Some fans theorize the hints found throughout the manga and anime about how Cabba and Caulifla might like each other. Regardless, Cabba x Caulifla is one of the popular ships in the DB series.

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That’s it for this post! These were the best dragon ball couples and ships that fans adore.

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