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What Is Happy In Fairy Tail – All You Need To Know

Fairy tail is an action-adventure anime series about magic, friendship and several other beautiful concepts. Despite the fantasy nature of this anime, there has only been very little number of magical creatures in this anime. One of them is our main character’s trusted friend, Happy. In this article, we will be look at what is Happy In Fairy Tail and learn a little bit about his history.

If you’re looking for a quick answer, here you go– Happy is not your average cat. He belongs to a species called “Exceed.” He comes from a parallel world called “Edolas” where his kind originated from.

Who Is Happy In Fairy Tail?

Happy is a blue cat-like male who is capable of using flight magic and talk like a human being.

He is one of the first characters to be introduced and has been a mascot character of Fairy Tail ever since.

Happy is a member of the Fairy Tail guild, and is the closest friend of Natsu Dragneel. He is a joyous and hilarious being that sets the mood for the entire show.

Is Happy A Cat?

Is Happy a cat

No, Happy is not a regular cat. This is evident as we see normal cats in the anime too. They can’t speak, nor do they have the magical ability to fly around in the sky.

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A normal cat from the human world is far less intelligent than Happy who belongs to a completely different species.

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What Is Happy In Fairy Tail?

Happy belongs to the Exceed species. They are cat-like beings from another dimension, also known as Edolas. This is why Happy can talk and use magic.

Happy, along with a bunch of other Exceed children were sent from the parallel world to the world where the story takes place.

Since he was still an egg, Natsu took care of him till he hatched. He was also given the name “Happy” and became a member of the guild.

Happy is probably the closest person to Natsu as they literally grew up together like a family.

What Are Exceeds In Fairy Tail?

What Are Exceeds In Fairy Tail?

Happy is not the only talking cat in Fairy Tail. There are several others like him. They are called the “Exceeds.”

Exceeds are magical creatures who were treated as gods in Edolas, a parallel world. They were believed to have tremendous power that could bring doom upon humanity.

However, it was all a lie told by the royal members of the Exceeds to cover up the fact that they are weak and helpless. They’ve been pretending to be stronger than humans to save themself and their people.

But none of the Exceeds other than the royal members even knows about this fact. They truly believe that they are superior and treat humans like trash.

Later on, when humans and the exceeds themselves realize this fact, humans try to enslave exceeds and convert them into magic. Later, thanks to Fairy Tail’s interference, the Exceeds flee into the human world in another realm where our heroes live.

Why Was Happy Sent To Earth?

So the big question in Fairy Tail is, why was Happy sent to Earth? At first, thanks to Carla’s “memories” it was believed that the Exceeds were sent to Earth to destroy the Dragon Slayers.

However, later on in the show, it was clearly shown that the Exceed queen only intended to save the future of her race by sending them to a new world.

The queen had the ability to forsee the future and saw her kingdom being destroyed. This is why she sent a selected batch of eggs to the other world.

But this truth was hidden as it would reveal their weakness to their people. This is why they fabricated a story to make it seem like they had sent people to conquer the other world.

What Magic Can Happy Use In Fairy Tail?

What Magic Can Happy Use In Fairy Tail?


Happy, and Exceeds in general, are capable of casting “Aera” magic spell. This magic grants its user wings and allows them to fly around and carry things in air.

However Happy can only use it for a limited time depending on his stamina and remaining magic power.

Max Speed:

Max Speed is a mode where Happy rapidly consumes magic in order to unleash his maximum flight speed. He also combines this with headbutt to make Max Speed Attack.

Transformation Magic:

Later in the Fairy Tail series, Lucy, Natsu and Happy learn transformation magic from Mirajane. However he was only able to transform into a creepy, deformed version of Lucy, after which he never tried transformation.

That’s it for this post! These were everything you need to know about Happy from Fairy Tail anime and manga series.

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