All Naruto Trainers & Teachers That Made Naruto Uzumaki The Greatest Ninja

This post will go over the top eight trainers of Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto Uzumaki is a classic underdog story created by Masashi Kishimoto. As a young ninja at the bottom of his class, Naruto grows up to be arguably the strongest ninja ever and the leader of his entire village. Fans can follow Naruto’s journey as he grows from a troubled youth to a (somewhat) mature adult with his own kids and a slew of responsibilities.

Throughout Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki grows in both character and power. In Chapter 1, the child struggles to make basic movements and fails his academy graduation exam. By the end of Kishimoto’s series, Naruto is unleashing massive chakra attacks and assuming the demonic beast’s spirit. That’s a big glow-up in anime terms. Many of Naruto’s signature techniques were actually passed down to him by others, as is common in Shonen series. As you can guess, Naruto had a handful of “sensei” mentor and train him. Here are all of Naruto’s trainers over the course of the series. So let’s count down.

List Of All Naruto Trainers, Ranked

Trainer NameWhat They Taught
JiraiyaChakra control, Rasengan, and several other techniques
KakashiA new technique– Rasenshuriken
Killer BeeControl of the Nine tails chakra
FukasakuSage mode
Asuma SarutobiWind nature transformations
YamatoBasics of nature change
Umino Iruka Basics of shinobi + Emotional support
EbisuNothing really…

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Ebisu from Naruto

Ebisu was a master trainer who fully grasped basic to advanced ninja skills. Kakashi chose him as one of the best trainers in Konoha to train Konohamaru.

Kakashi also chose him to train Naruto for the Chunin exams. He began by teaching Naruto to walk on water, However, Naruto and Ebisu hated each other and things didn’t go well. This is when Jiraiya interrupted and made Naruto his student.

Umino Iruka

Umino Iruka - Naruto's teacher

Naruto’s first teacher was Iruka, and he taught everyone in his class. Among all of Naruto’s teachers, I believe Iruka has had the greatest influence on his life as a shinobi. Iruka only taught him the basics, just like everyone else in the academy. But he was an amazing trainer for Naruto. Naruto was a bit of a brat when he first arrived. The Nine-Tailed Beast inside him enraged the village and drew hatred towards him. This made Naruto act mischievous and rebellious towards the villagers. Despite that, Iruka spoiled him and taught him the basics of shinobi. He was also one of the few people in the village who knew and understood Naruto without blindly hating him. Iruka’s role was vital because a child of that age needs guidance.

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Yamato - Naruto's trainer

In the absence of kakashi, Yamato was chosen to lead team 7 because he could suppress the nine tails chakra whenever Naruto got out of hand. Yamato helped Naruto train after Kakashi recovered from his injuries, which helped him understand the concept of nature change. Yamato aided Naruto on many missions and even helped with damage control when Naruto was in the demon fox cloak form. He didn’t teach Naruto much, other than the chakra nature. He also helped Kakashi teach Naruto his own jutsu, “Rasenshuriken”. 

Asuma Sarutobi

Asuma Sarutobi

Asuma was a highly skilled jonin of Konoha who specialized in Bukijutsu. He mainly trained Shikamaru and his team, but he also helped Naruto understand Wind nature change early in the series. When Naruto needed help developing the Rasenshuriken, he went to Asuma. Asuma’s main natures were fire and wind. He taught Naruto some wind release techniques. Thus, he played a vital role in the Rasenshuriken’s development. While it wasn’t much, Asuma was instrumental in teaching him the fundamentals of shinobi. 


Fukasaku - Naruto's mentor

Naruto trains with the toads on Mt. Myboku after Jiraiya dies. The Great Toad elder oversees the process of guiding Naruto, as he did Jiraiya, with the help of miniature husband and wife, Fukasaku and Shima. They teach Naruto about Sage Mode, a powerful transformation used until the end of the story. Naruto learns the Frog Kata martial arts style as a result of his Sage abilities.

The incredible power known as “Sage Mode” was mastered by Naruto with the help of the great toad sage, Fukasaku. Naruto became so powerful in sage mode that he could battle pain alone, defeating five of them and only struggling with the strongest, “Tendo”. Sage Mode let him use rasaenshuriken to create giant rasengans. We can see Fukasaku’s importance as Naruto’s teacher.

Killer Bee

Killer Bee - Nine tail chakra control

Bee spent most of the war arc with Naruto. He was chosen to teach Naruto about the Nine Tails Chakra. Bee, a jinchuriki (Jinchuriki of the Eight Tails), had complete control over his tailed beast. He succeeded in teaching Naruto to suppress the nine tails subconsciously and control his chakra. Naruto became much more powerful than before thanks to this training session with Killer Bee. Naruto is now able to enter Kyubi Chakra Mode, enhancing his overall abilities. His mother, Kushina, infused her chakra into the Nine-Tailed Beast’s seal just before she died, which unlocked a new form for Naruto.

Hatake Kakashi


Kakashi is one of the best sensei characters of all time from the Naruto franchise. He is also a really popular character among the fans of this series. He was one of the initial trainers for the main cast of the Naruto series.

Kakashi is a super strong ninja who has the ability to mimic his opponent’s powers. For this reason, he is widely known as the “copy ninja.” When the academy students were divided into teams, he was chosen as the leader of team 7, which was comprised of Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura. He taught them a lot during his time with them. While he spent more time with Sasuke, he also helped Naruto determine his chakra nature. He then guided him into creating his own jutsu from the rasengan by adding wind nature to it. Naruto created the “Rasenshuriken” as a result of this mentorship. This jutsu became Naruto’s most lethal ability and was even classified as forbidden.


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Jiraya is hands down the best teacher in all of Naruto. He was super friendly and had a kind personality. However, there is a weird quirk to him. He is ultra-perverted, which is why Naruto calls him the “pervy sage”. Jiraiya was Naruto’s trainer for a long time, and taught him many things. He taught him the summoning jutsu “Mount Myoboku Toads”. Naruto learned to master the rasengan, control his chakra, and draw out the nine tails chakra from his teacher. He also taught Naruto how to break out of genjutsu, which he never did. Jiraiya probably taught Naruto the most skills.

Despite being a bit of a pervert, Jiraiya was the closest thing to a father figure Naruto had in his life, other than Iruka. Jiraiya molded the young protagonist into the shinobi he is now.

That’s it for this post. These were all the trainers of Naruto Uzumaki. Hope you found this article useful.

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