How Attack On Titan Broke The Internet

Ok, so I want you to take a flashback back to twenty-thirteen. The new consoles just released and YouTube was at its prime in terms of quality. Superhero movies were on the rise and everybody loved them. It was practically the golden age.

And in the center of it all was Attack On Titan. 

The Hype


The show took the world by storm and was the most impactful show that the anime medium had ever witnessed. Even non-anime watchers were in on the hype. Due to the show’s amazing and intense storyline along with its stunning animation, it grabbed everyone’s attention.

There were people who loved it and who hated it but the popularity of the anime was undeniable.

As stated by many people “it’s just like Game of Thrones” except attack on titan doesn’t downgrade in quality every season.  The series had everyone under its finger grips and to continue on the hype it just had to do anything… except it didn’t.  

Popularity Goes Down…

aot season 2

Due to the manga being a monthly released series the studio just didn’t have enough content to animate.

After nearly four years AoT came back with a season two. And nobody really seemed to care as much. The hype of the anime was over and it was just like a normal show.

The storyline and animation were both amazing as before but the series didn’t reach the popularity it once had.

A year later they released season three and the hype was raising again and with season three part two attack on titan came back up on everyone’s mind. Yet the popularity was only a fraction of what it once was.  And In my opinion season, three-part two was better than any previous season and that was saying something. 

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Attack On Titan Breaks The Internet Once Again!

aot season 4

But something magical has happened for Attack On Titan. The show has taken the world by storm once again.

Flashforward to the present, and you can see that Attack On Titan is on the rise once again. With only nine-episode, the series has reached its peak popularity once again.

Attack On Titan is known as that one show that kills everybody off. That is a brave move for a series to do.

In episode eight with the death of a fan-favorite character the series truly broke the internet. Who knew that killing off a character that everyone loves is enough to get the series back on its tracks.

But that isn’t the only reason. The end of season three left with a big reveal and everyone wanted to know what would happen next. 


As a manga reader, I can say that season four will be the best season out of them all. And it makes me happy to see that the fandom is on the rise again. This fourth and final season might nail Attack On Titan as the greatest anime of all time. With the manga ending on April ninth, there is no better time to hop on now and watch this amazing journey end.

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