Introductory Manga Books: 5 Options For First Time Manga Readers

Trying to read in a reverse format can be extremely difficult. Manga books and novels are read from back to front, instead of front to back. Besides the unique formatting, the manga genre can be hard to take interest in. Some manga books aren’t translated into different languages or have complex stories to follow. If you are wanting to try the manga genre, it can be hard to decide on which book or series to select. Here are 5 safe options for first-time manga readers.

Death Note by Tsumugi Ohba & illustrated by Takeshi Obito

The Death Note series is one of the most notorious in the manga genre. Death Note is about a high school student named Light Yagami. One day he stumbled upon a book called “Death Note”. The “Death Note” provides users with the ability to kill anyone by writing their name down in the book. Yagami ends up abusing the notebook’s power and develops a god-complex because of his newly found capabilities. “Though Death Note is a dark and serious story, Tsumgi Ohba has created a highly successful series. His work is so incredible that it will surely interest many new manga readers,” claims Vicky Swensen, book blogger at Boomessays and Paperfellows.

Attack on Titan by Hajime Isayama

You’ve likely heard of the Anime series “Attack on Titan”. It is one of the most influential manga titles to this day. The final book was released in 2021, closing the manga version, but the anime is still going on. Attack on Titan follows the story of devastated Eren Jaegar. He lives in a time where humans must hide from threats known as “titans”. Sadly, Eren’s mother Carla died along with many other innocent people after a titan attack. These events cause Eren to dedicate his time defeating the titans so that no more people die. It’s a heartbreaking, hero-centered story that is suitable for a wide age range of manga readers.

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Fruits Basket by Natusuki Takaya

This manga series is targeted towards female readers or those who love romance stories. The series is already completed (published between 1998-2006), so you don’t have to suffer waiting for the next book installation. The Fruits Basket series is about a high school girl named Toru Honda. After losing her mother due to a tragic car accident, she moves in with the Soma family. Toru discovers that the Soma family has a secret: they are able to transform into animals that represent the Chinese Zodiac symbols. Toru encounters romance and adventure during her new life with the Soma family.

My Hero Academia by Kohei Horikoshi

If you love other superheroes related content like DC Comics or the Marvel Universe, you will adore the My Hero Academia series. The world of Hero Academia is a story about superpowers being a normal part of life. The characters in the series train to become heroes at The U.A. Hero Academy.

The protagonist, Izuku Midoriya wishes to be the best hero out of everyone else. The issue is, Izuku isn’t capable of any powers, and he felt extremely frustrated because of it. Luckily, Izuku meets the current best hero,”All Might”, and he is then transferred to the Hero Academy to learn how to unlock his hidden potential and access his powers. “My Hero Academia is a beautiful coming-of-age story. We have all struggled to reach our full potential, just like Izuku. If you have ever felt incapable before, I recommend that you try reading this manga series,” suggest Thomas Roberts, a writer at Academized and UK Top Writers.

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One Piece by Eiichiro Oda

This manga is a multigenre masterpiece, which makes One Piece a great first read. This story is full of drama, comedy, action, and overall adventure. One Piece is about a young boy named Monkey D. Luffy. His biggest dream is to become King of the Pirates, so he goes on a journey with his crew on the East Blue Sea. In order to make his dreams come true, he must find the “One Piece” treasure. Despite his efforts, Luffy has yet to find the treasure, and the series is still going on to this day.

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