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Top 10 Anime Characters & Other Fictional Ones Who Can Beat Goku

If you have been in the anime community for a while, you have probably heard the phrase “Can he beat Goku?” which is exactly what it sounds like. Goku is an extremely powerful character who’s considered to be the strongest anime character, which is just far from the truth. I will be showing you 10…

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Superman Vs Goku – Let’s settle This One Last Time

Superman vs goku is undeniably the most controversial versus topic that people still can’t agree on to this day. Some say Goku would win some say Superman would. Today I’m going to finally give you a proper and reliable answer. On January 19, 2013 the famous versus channel Death battle released the infamous video “Superman…

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How Attack On Titan Broke The Internet

Ok, so I want you to take a flashback back to twenty-thirteen. The new consoles just released and YouTube was at its prime in terms of quality. Superhero movies were on the rise and everybody loved them. It was practically the golden age. And in the center of it all was Attack On Titan.  The…

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Top 6 Anime That Are Better In Dub

Is anime better in dub or sub? Well, that boils down to personal preference but nine out of 10 times it is better in sub than dub. In most cases, dub just feels out of place and doesn’t seem to fit in well with the animation and this is clearly visible in a lot of…