20+ Most Popular Haikyuu Ships/Couples List + Poll

Haikyuu is without a doubt one the most popular sports anime of all time!  It is also safe to say that it has one of the largest fandom in the anime and otaku community. Today’s post is going to about some of the most popular Haikyuu ships that are loved by Haikyuu fans.

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List Of The Best Haikyuu Couples

Haikyuu Gay Ships

Being an anime that has a lot of male characters and very few female characters, Haikyuu has a lot of boy x boy ships. However, these are not canon. This is a purely fanon material and has nothing to do with the official Haikyuu anime/manga. Also, I’m only listing some of the most popular haikyuu gay ships in this article based on the popularity poll conducted a while ago.

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Hinata x Kageyama

Haikyuu gay ships - Hinata x Kageyama

Kageyama x Hinata Ship Name: KageHina

Hinata and Kageyama started off on the wrong foot. They didn’t like each other very much. But as they continued to play together, they began to understand each other more than anybody else. Now, they can blindly trust each other and push each other forward to advance their game without worrying about anything else. A perfect couple, if you ask me.

Oikawa x Iwazumi

Oikawa x Iwazumi

Iwazumi x Oikawa Ship Name: Iwaoi

Here’s another “cheerful x serious” pair. These two are the closest in their team, despite the fact that Iwazaumi acts all annoyed when dealing with Oikawa. Not to mention they’re childhood friends. We can always see them hanging out with each other, checking out other team’s matches, etc.

Daichi x Sugawara

Daichi x Sugawara

Daichi x Sugawara Ship Name: DaiSuga

Daichi and Sugawara are basically the mother and father of the Karasuno team. They are the cornerstones upon which the entire team was built. Naturally, as seniors and thickest friends, they understand and support each other very well.

Bokuto x Akashi

Bokuto x Akashi

Bokuto x Akashi Ship Name: BokuAka

These two have the polar opposite personality. Bokuto is always loud, noisy and energetic. While Akashi is calm and collected. However, as they say, opposites attract. Bokuto always seeks attention from Akashi and wants him to approve his actions. Akashi is also a pro at handling Bokuto and his whims.

Kenma x Kuroo

Kenma x Kuroo

Kuroo x Kenma Ship Name: KuroKen

Here’s another childhood friends ship. They’ve known each other for a long time. While Kenma might not realize it, Kuroo is always looking out for him. He is more like a caring father to Kenma, always motivating him and urging him to do the right thing. This might seem more one sided, but Kenma does appreciate everything Kuroo has done for him.

Tsukishima x Yamaguchi

Haikyuu gay ships Tsukishima x Yamaguchi

Tsukishima x Yamaguchi Ship Name: TsukkiYama

Tsukishima and Yamaguchi met years before they joined high school. When Yamaguchi was bullied by some kids, Tsukishima stood up for him. Ever since, they became close friends. We can see this by the fact how Tsukishima doesn’t mind Yamaguchi call him “Tsukki.” But if someone else calls him by that nickname, both Tsukishima and Yamaguchi gets annoyed.

Ushijima x Tendou

Yaoi ships - Ushijima x Tendou

Ushijima x Tendou Ship Name: UshiTen

Here’s another “opposites attracts” pairing. They both belong to the strongest Volleyball team, with each of them being monstrously skilled. Scary though they might be, they have a soft side too. We can see them hanging out together while doing stretching exercises and during the matches. Also, Tendou is the only person in their team to make fun of Ushijima, which shows their closeness level.

Nishinoya x Asahi

Haikyuu yaoi ships - Nishinoya x Asahi

Asahi x Nishinoya Ship Name: AsaNoya

Now this is what I call a cute Haikyuu couple! Asahi is the Karasuno ace, the primary attacker, and Nishinoya is the Libero, the primary defense person of the team. We have seen Nishinoya urge Asahi to rely on him and gave him a sense of security many times. Asahi looks wild, but is a soft, kind person. Nishinoya on the other hand is wild through and through. This contrast in their personality is what that makes this pair so great.

Ukai x Takeda

20+ popular Haikyuu couples list + poll - Ukai x Takeda

Ukai x Takeda Ship Name: UkaTake

This is a sensei x sensei ship. Initially Ukai was super annoyed by Takeda as he kept perstering him to become Karasuno’s coach. But after that, once he actually became the coach, it has been going pretty great for both of them. They are literally the guardian angels of the volleyball team, supporting the boys in their own unique way.

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Yaku x Lev

Yaku x Lev

Lev x Yaku Ship Name: LevYaku

What makes this Haikyuu ship great is the height difference of the couple. One is short and the other is a giant! Isn’t that cute? In some fan-made Haikyuu ship stories, Yaku is portrayed as a person who’s insecure about his height. He hides his complex with his attitude, but Lev is the only one who sees Yaku’s true self and helps him to become satisfied with himself.

Kindaichi x Kunimi

20+ popular Haikyuu couples list + poll -

Kunimi x Kindaichi Ship Name: KuniKin

These two have a lot in common. For an instance, both Kindaichi and Kunimi hated Kageyama! Well, Kageyama didn’t exactly have a sweet personality, so we can’t blame them. Besides, they’ve been good friends since their childhood days. So they know and understand each other like an open book.the back of their hands.

Hinata x Kenma

20+ popular Haikyuu ships list + poll - Hinata x Kenma

Kenma x Hinata Ship Name: KenHina

This is one of those rare cross team Haikyuu couple. Hinata and Kenma have completely different personality. However, these two are good friends and have this healthy rivalry going on between them.

Yahaba x Kyoutani

Yahaba x Kyoutani

Kyoutani x Yahaba Ship Name: KyouHaba

While these two don’t have much scenes together in the anime and aren’t of the childhood friend stereotype like most other couples in this list, this ship still made it into the top 20 of the haikyuu ships poll. Probably because of how the uncontrollable mad dog became all obedient after Yahaba got mad at him.

Kuro x Bokuto

Kuuro x Bokuto

Bokuto X Kuroo Ship Name: BoKuroo

Another cross team ship of two badass, cool captains. They aren’t that close, or anything, but hey, they look great as a couple, yeah? What else do you need?

Kuroo x Tsukki

Popular Haikyuu couples - Kuuro x Tsukki

Kuroo x Tsukishima Ship Name: KuroTsuki

Remember how Tsukishima got a little help from Kuroo in the training camp? That’s when this ship started gaining its fans.

Haikyuu Straight Ships

Straight ships in Haikyuu are pretty rare. Given that there are only 2 main female characters, most the straight ships in this list are basically these two coupled with other male characters.

Tanaka x Kiyoko

Tanaka x Kiyoko - Haikyuu couples

Tanaka x Kiyoko Ship Name: TanaKiyo

Unlike other Haikyuu couples, these two are legit, a.k.a canon couple. That is, they get married (manga spoilers!)

Kiyoko is an angel to the team boys. Literally everyone on the team had a crush on her. But whom did Kiyoko like? Surprise! It’s Tanaka. There are several hints thrown in the anime showing how she had a crush on Tanaka. Remember how when everybody gets anxious while Tanaka is having a rough play and she is the only one who has absolute faith in him? Not to mention, she was checking Tanaka out while he is eating a banana and complimented him. Okay, that might have been just a comedic element, but the point is, she has always had an eye on Tanaka.

Yamaguchi x Yachi

Adorable Haikyuu ships - Yamaguchi x Yachi

Yamaguchi x Yachi Ship Name: YamaYachi

Among all the other Haikyuu couples, these two probably have the best chemistry between them. They both have the same vibe about them. They’re kind and they pay attention to other’s needs/feelings all the time. Speaking of paying attention, Yamaguchi looked out for Yachi more than the others in the Karasuno team. Isn’t that adorable?

Kuroo x Yachi

cute Haikyuu ships - Kuroo x Yachi

Kuuro x Yachi Ship Name: KuuroYachi

What makes this ship cute is that Yachi is sweet and soft, where as Kuuro is rough and badass. Y’know, the bad boy x good girl troupe we all love!

Kageyama x Yachi

Kageyama x Yachi

Kageyama x Yachi Ship Name: KageYachi

This ship is not as popular. I mean these two barely even talk to each others. Even if they did Kageyama is too reserved and has only volleyball in his mind. However, seeing how somebody went out of their way to make this beautiful fanart of this ship, it’s not hard to believe that there are people out there who’d love to see Yachi and Kageyama as a couple.

Hinata x Yachi

Straight Haikyuu ships - Hinata x Yachi

Hinata x Yachi Ship Name: HinaYachi

Now this is a ship that I’m personally rooting for. If we go by anime logic, the male MC must get together with the female MC. So this ship might have the potential of becoming canon. Not to mention, we’ve also seen how Yachi is impressed each time she sees Hinata in a game. So, she might have a space in her heart for Hinata.

Haikyuu Lesbian Ships

There isn’t much when in comes to Lesbian ships in Haikyuu. Only one ship is possible, and that’s, drum roll please, Kiyoko x Yachi.

Kiyoko Shimizu x Hitoka Yachi

Lesbian Haikyuu ships - Kiyoko x Yachi

Kiyoko x Yachi Ship Name: KiyoYachi

Here’s the dynamic senpai-kouhai duo: Kiyoko x Yachi. They might be the only possible lesbian couple in the Haikyuu universe, however they’re the best. This ship is literally best girl x best girl.

That’s it for this post! These were some of the popular Haikyuu ships that are loved by fans! Did I miss your favourite Haikyuu couple? Let me know in the comment section below!!

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