20+ Attack on Titan Quotes From Season 1 to 3

20+ Shingeki no Kyojin or Attack on Titan Quotes from the following characters:

  • Erwin Smith
  • Hange Zoe
  • Eren Yeager
  • Sasha’s dad
  • Ymir
  • Levi Ackerman
  • Miche Zacharias
  • Armin Arlet
  • Kenny Ackerman
  • Eren Kruger

Attack on Titan is a fantastic anime which is easily one of the best anime of the decade. It features a world where remnants of humanity has enclosed themselves within walls to stay away from the “Titans.”

Titans are mysterious creatures that feed upon humans by instinct. They don’t need food to live, but they still hunt humans for whatever the reason.

Humans have lived peacefully within the walls for over a hundred years, while only a few brave souls ventured outside the walls to reclaim their land. They were called the Scout regiment.

However one day, the titans break the outermost wall and begun their attack on humanity. This marks the beginning of this legendary anime!

Here are some of the best, meaningful quotes from Attack on Titan!!

Best Attack on Titan Quotes from Season 1 to Season 3

Erwin Smith Quotes

Attack on Titan Quotes - Erwin Smith

If we only focus on making the best moves, we will never get the better of our opponent.

– Erwin Smith

Erwin Smith Quotes

When necessary, we must be willing to take big risks, and be prepared to lose everything.

– Erwin Smith

Erwin Smith snk quotes

Adhere to the principles you vowed while giving everything you’ve got.

– Erwin Smith

Hange Zoe Quotes

Attack on Titan Hange Zoe Quotes

If there’s something you don’t understand, learn to understand it. It’s well worth any risk to our lives.

– Hange Zoe

Attack on Titan Quotes - Hange Zoe

Screw your inferiority complex. Don’t run from reality.

– Hange Zoe

Attack on Titan Hange Quotes

Instead of scampering around like a scared little mouse your whole life, wouldn’t you rather face up to your enemy, even if it means risking your life?

– Hange Zoe

Eren Yeager Quotes

Eren Yeager quotes Attack on titan

From the day we are born we are free… It doesn;t matter how strong those who deny us that freedom are…

– Eren Yeager

Eren Aot quotes

Yeah, I know. We will live as long as we can eat and sleep. But… we’re living like… Like livestock!

– Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager Aot quotes

If you think reality is just living comfortably and following your own whims, can you seriously dare to call yourself a soldier?

– Eren Yeager

Sasha’s Dad Quote

Shasha's father quotes shingeki no kyojin

If you’re not there for them, don’t expect them to be there for you.

– Sasha’s dad

Ymir Quote

Ymir Shingeki no Kyojin quotes

You gonna care what other people think and be someone you’re not your whole life?

– Ymir

Levi Quote

Levi Ackerman Quotes from Attack on titan

Choose for yourself… whichever decision you will regret the least.

– Levi Ackerman

Miche Quotes

Miche Zacharius AoT

As long as we continue to fight, we are not beaten!

– Miche

shingeki no kyojin quotes - Miche

Only when a person stops fighting do they lost.

– Miche

Armin Arlet Quotes

Armin quotes from Attack on Titan

The strong devour the weak. It’s almost as if the world is doing us a favor by making it easy to understand.

– Armin Arlet

Shingeki no kyojin quotes - Armin Arlet

After the fact, it is easy to say, “we should have done something else.” But no one knows how things will turn out.

– Armin Arlet

Armin Arlet sayings - Attack on Titan Quotes

If there’s anyone who can bring change, it will be someone willing to sacrifice what they care for.

– Armin Arlet

Armin - Attack on Titan quotes

I am not losing, because I don’t run.

– Armin Arlet

Kenny Ackerman Quotes

Kenny Ackerman Attack on Titan quotes

Keep drawing breath till I run out and die? Can you even call that livin’?

– Kenny Ackerman

Kenny Ackerman - Attack on Titan quotes

Everyone had to be drunk on somethin’ to keep pushing on… Everyone was a slave to somethin’

– Kenny Ackerman

Eren Kruger Quote

Eren Kruger quotes

The only truth on this world is that there is no truth. Anyone can become a god or a devil. All it takes is for people to believe it.

– Eren Kruger

Mikasa Ackerman Quotes

Attack on titan quotes - Mikasa Ackerman sayings

This world is cruel… But it’s also very beautiful.

– Mikasa Ackerman

That’s it! These were the 20+ meaningful Attack on Titan quotes from season 1 to season 3. Hope you enjoyed this post (^^)

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