20+ Gorgeous Anime Boys That Look Like Girls

Anime is famous for a lot of peculiar things. One of them is cute anime boys that look like girls! We call them as “traps” in the anime community. The original meaning behind the term is that “they are anime characters that trap fans into thinking that they’re girls.” But recently, people started using the term on real life people and they’re clearly offended by it (and rightly so). This is why the term “trap” is now considered as an insult/slur outside the anime community.

Long story short, they are just femboys in anime, except most have them have actual female voice actors, so it gets extra confusing.

That said, there is an entire community of people that love these kind of characters. Most of us like these girlish boys because gender hardly matters, especially when it comes to anime. As long as they look cute, talk cute, and have a good personality what more do you need?

Without any further ado, here’s the list of some of the cutest anime boys that look like girls!

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Koutarou Araki From Denpa Kyoushi

cute anime boys that look like girls

Despite being a boy, Kotutarou dresses and acts like a woman. During middle school, he attempted to leave his house dressed in girlie clothes, but ended up accidently bumping into a classmate who discovered his secret pastime and mocked him. Since then, he has been afraid not only to leave his house, but also to meet new people and doubt his gender/identity. Finally, he is able to break out of his self doubts and embarassement when he meets the otaku teacher, Junichirou Kagami.

Akira From Kemono Jihen

akira - anime boys that look like girls

Akira is a cute boy who loves cute things. However, he gets really mad and depressed when people think he is a girl. Akira is clumsy and is not very good at fighting even though he is a part of a group that investigates monster incidents.

As a monster himself, he is capable of manipulating ice, but he is still nowhere near mastering his abilities. He also hates gross things so he faints whenever he sees grotesque things.

Juuzou Suzuya From Tokyo Ghoul

feminine looking anime boys

Juuzou is one of the hottest anime boys that look like girls no matter how you look at it. Even his voice is feminine so there is no way to identify his gender if you were to meet him in person. In the anime, another character introduced him as a boy which is why we know his gender.

As for his character, he was crazy and psychotic. But after a series of incidents, he became much mature and started to handle himself gracefully.

Hideri From Blend S


Hideri is a cheerful teenager who wants to be an idol. Of course, since most of his idols are girls, he decided to be one. Aside from his love for cute things, he has a boyish personality.

Insects and dirty jokes are not very feminine, but he welcomes them. That’s what makes him unique, so despite having a boyish attitude, he is actually cute.

Meneldor From Saihate no Paladin

Meneldor - beautiful anime boy that looks like a girl

Now, nobody in the anime mistakes him for a girl because he clearly has a man’s voice. But if you were to look at his picture without knowing his background, you’ll fall in love with his beauty. He is an anime boy that looks like a girl with unparalled beauty.

He is an elf who has been living for almost over a hundred years despite his young look. At first he is introduced as a thief, but soon after realizing his wrong doing he becomes a much better person. Meneldor is also the closest friend of the main protagoinst of this series.

Hime Arikawa From Himegoto

hime arikawa

Hime Arikawa is an adorable looking boy whose parents left all their debt to him. Thankfully, the student council paid his debts, but he had to serve them and crossdress at school in return.

He started cross-dressing because he had no choice, but he grew to enjoy being a girl.

Kurapika From Hunter x Hunter


Kurapika, especially the one from the 1999 version is anime boy that looks like a girl. When I first saw him, I was completely convinced that he was a girl. But later on in the show, they confirmed that he was a boy.

While he does look like a girl, Kurapika himself doesn’t care about looking like one. Unlike most other characters on this list he doesn’t care for cute things or any other girly activities.

Nagisa From Assassination Classroom

nagisa assassination classroom

Nagisa’s personality isn’t normally girly, but when he cross dresses, he becomes more feminine. It would be a terrible shame not to include him in this list because when dressed as a girl, he so cute!

But there’s a serious story behind his girlish appearance. When Nagisa was born a boy, his mother forced him to look like a girl. He was forced to grow out his hair despite his wishes.

Chihiro From Danganronpa


His childhood bullying for being weak for a boy made Chihiro to dress and act like a girl. To avoid the sarcastic remarks of people around him, he decided to dress up as a girl. But this only increased his fear of being bullied if his true gender was discovered. So he lives in constant fear.

Putting aside his gloomy backstory, he is actually a super cute boy that deserves a position on this list!

Ana Gram From Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle

girlish looking anime boys - anagram

Ana is a key character in the shounen mystery game Phi Brain: Puzzle of God. His hair is long and light brown, and he has green eyes.

He has numerous feminine qualities, such as long luxuriant hair, beautiful green eyes, and, most importantly, a compelling voice.

He is eventually shown to be a boy who dresses up as a girl and even wins a cross-dressing competition without even participating.

Haku From Naruto


Haku is one of Naruto’s earliest characters. The original manga even says he’s so pretty that everyone thinks he’s a girl. While he doesn’t actively try to be a girl, his looks can be deceiving.

He has the most normal personality of all the anime boys that look like girls on this list. And his backstory will break your heart.

Kaoru Hanase From Tamako Market

transgender anime character

Kaoru Hanase is a character in the Tamako Market anime. He has been working as a florist in the Usagiyama district as Florist Princess. He is exceedingly courteous and presents himself as a nice and compassionate person, which is great florist behaviour.

Kaoru possesses a pleasant aura that surrounds him and makes everyone in his presence happy. He’s known for sending the most beautiful flowers to Tamako’s family!

Despite the fact that he is a boy, his appearance suggests otherwise. He has beautiful golden hair that even girls covet, and to top it all off, he dressed in a completely pink costume with sunflowers on it. When you combine his girly appearance with his girly demeanour, you have one of the best anime boys that look like a girl.

Ruka From Steins;Gate

anime femboys list - ruka

Ruka is the only anime boy that looks like a girl, who has actually become a girl (yes, in the anime he actually has his gender changed at one point.)

He is a minor character in the time travel anime Steins;gate. Unlike most of the other characters on this list, he is not an energetic, happy-go-lucky person. He’s always been fragile, shy, and conservative. But this is good because it makes you want to protect and pamper him.

Honjo Kamatari From Rurouni Kenshin

girlish looking anime boys list

Honjo is well-known for his transgender identity in the anime. He, unlike other anime trap characters, is self-assured and proud of his status as a trap. He even goes as far as showing his private parts to a girl who questioned his gender, in order to prove that he is just a boy that looks like girls.

As for his appearance, Honjo has brown eyes and brown hair that is glossy. He is dressed in a green kimono gown with purple and yellow polka dots. He exudes a feminine demeanour and has a very playful personality.

Saika From Oregairu

Saika Totsuka

Sakia is a wholesome anime boy that looks girls. He is a good person through and through, kind and warm. He embodies purity.

Saika is an Oregairu side character. The anime’s MC clearly likes Saika but holds back because he’s a guy. Even so, the MC’s heart skips a beat whenever he talks to Saika.

It’s also cute how Saika reacts when Hikigaya (Oregairu’s MC) teases him.

Felix From Re;Zero

felix cute anime trap

Felix gets points for combining two fetishes together. He’s a femboy and a catboy! Also, he adds ‘nya’ to his sentences, which is adorable.

He is a loyal side character from Re:Zero. Felix adores his master and would do anything for her.

Astolfo From Fate

astolfo - best anime trap of all time

Astolfo is a Fate series side character. He’s probably the most famous anime boy that looks like a girl!  It is not an exaggeration to say that the current anime community that supports girlish looking boys revolves around him. He has a great attitude and is adorable in many ways.

Ritsu Sohma From Fruit Basket

ritsu Sohma - trap from fruit basket

Ritsu Sohma is a meek and timid boy with long brown hair who is always nervous and apologises a dozen times even though it is not his fault.

He claims that donning female attire helps him relax. However, he was able to gradually overcome his shyness and begin dressed as a guy.

Gasper Vladi From High School DxD

Gasper vladi - anime femboy

Gasper Vladi is a half-vampire who can pause time with his abilities. Pretty much like Dio from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. However, he is an anime boy who is into cross-dressing. He enjoys wearing female apparel because he believes it is cute.

He had a cowardly personality at first, but as the series progressed, he learned to be self-confident and courageous.

Aoi Hyoudou From Kaichou wa maid sama!

Aoi Hyoudou

Aoi Hyoudou is a young boy with a feminine body and purple hair. However, as the internet’s idol, he wears a curly, blonde wig and cute girly attire.

He is a sucker for anything nice and fluffy. He also enjoys being the centre of attention and playing with men’s hearts. This is why he volunteerly makes him look like a girl even though he is a boy.

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Kuranosuke Koibuchi From Princess Jellyfish

anime male that look like a female character

I was awestruck by this character’s beauty the first time I saw him. Take a peek at him. He’s hot, for God’s sake! This is why I enjoy anime femboys so much!!

Kuranosuke Koibuchi was born into a wealthy and politically connected family.

He, on the other hand, had no interest in politics. He was more concerned with fashion. Kuranosuke enjoys cross-dressing and has an enthusiastic, confident, and colourful demeanour.

Tsukimiya Ringo From Uta No Prince-sama

Tsukimiya Ringo

Tsukimiya Ringo is the A Class’s mentor and is known as a cross-dressing idol. He can be described as a happy, kind, lively, and occasionally sassy individual. Tsukimiya possesses androgynous traits, such as large blue eyes and lengthy eyelashes.

He is a man that looks like a girl which is pretty rare even in anime. Most anime traps/femboy characters are usually teenagers unlike Tsukimiya.

That’s it for this article! These were some of the cutest anime boys that look like girls. Half of these charcters are what you’d term a femboy, but the rest were just natural beauties. Hope you enjoyed this post!

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