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Sad Anime Girl GIFs That’ll Break Your Heart

The best thing about anime is the immense emotions that are potrayed through the medium. With insane visuals and voice acting, it isn’t an exaggaration to say that anime expresses emotions more vividly than reality. It this article let us take a look at one such excellently displayed emotions in anime– sadness. Here are 10 of the most heart breaking GIFs of sad anime girl from various anime series.

Top 10 Sad Anime Girl GIFs That Will Bring You To Tears

Depressed Anime Girl Gif

anime girl depressed

Let’s start the list off with one of the most beautiful anime series that I’ve ever seen– Ancient Magus’ Bride. The depressed anime girl in the above gif is the main character of this anime and her life was really bad at the beginning. She couldn’t even care if she lived or died. Even when she was traded as a slave she didn’t care. Being sad doesn’t always mean one has to cry. They can also bottle it up and just give up on everything.

Crying Rem GIF

Rem crying gif

If you’ve watched Re;Zero you know how much this scene hurt. The sad looking anime girl in the above image, Rem proposed to her lover, Subaru, but he straight out rejected her saying that he loved Rem’s master Emilia. Even after that Rem supported him with all her being and made sure to protect and guide him. While she put a happy face in front of Subaru, she was vevry hurt deep down.

Anime Girl Crying GIF

sad anime girl from violet evergarden

Vilot Evergarden is an emotional blockbuster anime. No matter how emotionally strong you might think you are, this anime will break your heart. Especially the animation effort they’ve put into bring out the sadness in this scene is phenomenal! You can see the tears well up in her eyes as her body shivers while she grits her teeth to control it. They’ve animated every bit of the muscle movement in the face when this sad anime girl is crying.

Heart Broken Tsundere Anime Girl Crying

Heart broken anime girl crying

Tsundere are characters that don’t show their emotions. They put a false front making people believe that they’re always confident or annoyed. But on the inside they feel the opposite. You know a tsundere girl has reached her mental limits when she lets go of all her false personality and starts showing her true emotions. In the above scene, Taiga from Toradora was truly heat broken and you can almost feel her pain just watching the GIF.

Kawaikute Gomen!! song cover

Sad Anime Girl In Tears

sad anime girl

Most sad anime girl try to hold in their tears. But they usually fail. As you can infer from the above gif the MC from Yona of the dawn, is trying to stay unemotional by showing no expression in her face. But tears just pour out of her eyes without any control despite her efforts to stay strong. Sad as it may be, one has to praise how beautifully animated this scene is.

Regretful Girl In Tears

kaori crying

This is going to be a spoiler so if you haven’t watched “Your Lie In April” be warned. The sad anime girl in the above image is the main female lead in the anime and she regrets something very deeply. That is, she is about to die of a disease and she has to let go of her loved ones and the world even though she wants to live. The pain she feels in her heart is probably unimaginable to us, but whatever we can see is enough to bring us down to tears.

Sad Anime Girl Crying In Despair

anime girl in despair

This is the emotion you feel when you’ve tried everything and still something terrible and irreversable happened. Usually, a loss of life. You can see the hoplessness in her face and how hard she worked for something from her eyebags. her eye brows twitch faintly as she tries to say something, but her mouth has fallen silent. This expression is of the ultimate despair and the animators have caught this emotion so vividly that it’ll make you depressed just by seeing this scene.

Zero Two Crying Her Heart Out

zero two crying

Zero Two was the undisputed waifu material for few years after Darling In The Franxx aired. This was because of her personality, no doubt, but also because of her backstory. She has been through sadness and solitude as a child which made her strong as a grown up. But even then, she breaks down and cries in this scene.

Sad Anime Girl Hiding Her Tears

‘Anohana the flower we saw that day’ is a super sad anime that is bound to make you depressed just by watching it. It is only natural that such a depressing anime has scenes with a sad anime girl trying to hold back her tears.

Dejected Fox Girl GIF

You can see the emotional 360 in just a couple of seconds in this scene from ‘Kimono Jihen’. The girl in the above gif is a kitsune girl, so her emotions are reflected on her ears and becomes very easy to read. This girl and the MC of this anime are both monsters who dosesn’t know emotions because of their childhood experiences. So it is sad to see the girl feeling depressed and not understanding why she feels that way.

That’s it for this post! These were the top 10 sad anime girl gifs from anime scenes that broke our hearts!

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