Top 10 Anime Characters & Other Fictional Ones Who Can Beat Goku

If you have been in the anime community for a while, you have probably heard the phrase “Can he beat Goku?” which is exactly what it sounds like. Goku is an extremely powerful character who’s considered to be the strongest anime character, which is just far from the truth. I will be showing you 10 fictional characters from anime, movies, TV, comics, and video games who can beat Goku in a fight.

Top 10 Anime Characters Who Can Beat Goku

10. Saitama (One Punch Man)

Can Saitama beat Goku

Now before you pull out your pitchfork and knives to see why Saitama is at the bottom of the list, please hear me out. Saitama is an extremely powerful character who can practically beat anyone who is in his own universe.

What I mean by this is that Saitama is a joke character. He is overpowered by the comedic element, and the only limit to his power is that of the writer.

You really can’t compare him to anyone because he is a comedy/joke character. Comparing Saitama to Goku is the same as comparing Goku to Spongebob. They don’t have any rules or anything set up that could give them a challenge.

9. Nanika (Hunter x Hunter)

Nanika - anime characters who can beat goku

Nanika is a being from the Dark Continent of Hunter x Hunter that possesses the body of Killua’s younger sister, Alluka. Although its exact strength and abilities aren’t known yet, it is apparently omnipotent.

Nanika is strong enough to grant any wish to any person as long as three of its requirements are met. Killing Goku instantly would be child’s play for Nanika. She can probably beat Goku without even fighting him.

8. Eri (My Hero Academia)

eri can beat goku

So far, Eri is the newest introduced character in My Hero Academia, but she has the ability to wipe out Goku within seconds. Eri’s quirk, Rewind, allows her to “rewind” anyone or anything to a previous state of existence. While she can use this to heal and restore life, she can also rewind someone so far back that they no longer exist.

The only way this could go wrong is because of the fact that Eri is a small child who can’t fully control her own powers. Or Goku doesn’t let her touch him, which takes him to know her powers before hand.

Regardless, up against Eri, Goku could end up as the child version of himself, or a developing fetus, or even nothing at all, as long as she can touch him.

7. Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass)

lelouch vs goku

While Lelouch is not very physically gifted, he has the power of Geass and his intellectual schemes to back him up. With geass, he can control anyone and make them do his bidding. We’ve seen Lelouch use his power to make several people commit suicide. He was even able to control God, which is the “collective unconscious,” with his power. So there isn’t anyone whom he cannot control. Lelouch is simply the worst match for Goku, because Goku is innocent and gullible, whereas Lelouch is cunning and deceitful. All he has to do is fool Goku into thinking he is not an enemy and just issue an order to kill himself using his geass!

6. Ryuuk (Death Note)

ryuk vs goku

At this point we have a clear pattern to beat Goku– Don’t fight him, just use magic to erase him.

Ryuuk is a shinigami from the Death Note who can very easily defeat Goku. While his strength may not be special, being a shinigami means that all he needs to do is to write Goku’s name in his Death Note and the battle will be over before it’s begun.

As for Goku, seeing Ryuuk would be impossible, and he wouldn’t even be able to tell what happened to him until the very end.

5. Anos Voldigoad (The Misfit of Demon King Academy)

The misfit of demon king academy - Anime with overpowered main characters

Anos is none other than the Demon King himself. He is simply too powerful for Goku to have a chance. One has to remember that Anos is basically immortal. He has the ability to revive himself from the dead, so he can’t be actually killed. Anos stands at the pinnacle of power in his entire universe. He killed all the gods of his universe 2000 years prior to the current timeline in his story. He also has a sword that can destroy all reality. And against a weapon like that, Goku has no chance.

4. Truth (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)

anime characters who can defeat Goku

Just one shot from Truth should be enough to destroy Goku. Truth is an omnipotent character with limitless abilities. He usually wouldn’t engage in a fight, but if he was to ever engage in one, he could definitely defeat Goku. 

3. Haruhi Suzumiya (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

Haruhi Suzumiya

Yeah, this may come as a surprise that a high school girl could beat Goku, a powerful Saiyan warrior. It is true!

Haruhi is a god-like being with the ability to reset, destroy, or alter the universe in any way she sees fit. She could simply erase Goku from existence.

She is simply beyond Goku’s league and there really isn’t anything he can do that could kill her or even wound her.

2. Zeno (Dragon Ball)

anime characters who can defeat Goku

Another character who can beat Goku is Zeno, and he is within the Dragon Ball universe. Goku may be able to destroy planets, but Zeno is the one that destroyed six universes alone, all by himself. Zeno could instantly erase Goku. This really isn’t much of a competition. Zeno is also strong enough to sit on grand priests and angels, which really isn’t a position someone can easily get into. 

1. Rimuru (That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime)

rimuru slime

Rimuru has several ways to defeat Goku. He can use Gluttony on him and devour Goku. Doing this gives Rimuru all of Goku’s powers which is an instant win. Also, Rimuru can eat any attacks that are targeted at him, so all of Goku’s attacks will be meaningless against him. Not to mention, he has universe altering abilities with which he can easily erase Goku’s existence.

But can the above characters beat Goku in his MUI form?

Saitama vs Goku:

MUI Goku is pretty much an angel level (or multiversal, capable of destroying multiple universes), so he will most likely win against Saitama who’s power levels aren’t well defined at this point.

Zeno, Haruhi, Ryuk, and Nanika vs Goku:

TBut the thing is, most people (like Zeno, Haruhi, Ryuk, and Nanika) on this list can just erase him without even fighting him. When it comes to physical combat, MUI Goku definitely tops them, but they have these magic-like abilities that Goku can’t defend against.

Truth vs Goku:

We don’t know the full extent of truth’s power, but we do know that it cannot be destroyed. In Truth’s dimension it is invincible and has the ability to manifest anything it pleases.

Lelouch vs Goku:

Lelouch can still control Goku as long as he gets to talk to him. This can only happen if Goku doesn’t know about Lelouch’s power. And we all know Lelouch isn’t going to play fair and face Goku in a fight. He is most likely going to manipulate people around him and then trick Goku into becoming his slave.

Eri vs Goku:

As for Eri, it depends on whether or not she can touch him and whether or not she can control her powers. Right now, Eri is going through training to master her ability, but I think it is safe to assume she does at some point. Even then, if Goku knows her power, then it’ll be an easy win for him. The only hope for Eri to win against Goku is to simply touch him without engaging him in a fight.

Anos vs Goku:

Anos is simply too overpowered in all his physical, mental, and magical abilities. Not only that, he also has a weapon that could wipe out all things in existence (now that I think about it, I should have placed him higher on this list.) He is also pretty much immortal, as he can die and reincarnate himself at will. But of course, defeating MUI Goku is not going to be an easy task, but I simply don’t see Anos being defeated either.

Rimuru vs Goku:

Rimuru is most likely the strongest and the most powerful anime character of all time. There is literally nothing that he can’t do. From modifying an entire dimension to creating a new one, nothing is impossible for him. A godly being like Rimuru can easily kill Goku in a fight. He is probably one of the few anime characters who can defeat goku in a one-on-one fight without using cheap tricks. What’s more, Rimuru can eat Goku and gain his powers!

Other Fictional Characters Who Can Beat Goku

5. Superman (DC Comics)

Superman vs Goku

Superman is a symbol of hope, peace, and justice. He is arguably the most kind-hearted person to ever exist. (Yes, the picture that I used might not make him look like such a nice person, but come on, it looked badass. Can you seriously blame me?)

This has been a debate for a while between comic book and anime fans, but for me, as being both, I would say that Superman would win. 

In terms of speed, Superman once traveled at 800 trillion miles per hour, and that wasn’t even said to be his top speed. Superman has lifted Spectre off the ground, who is a being made up of eternity. If that isn’t crazy enough for you, then Superman has lifted a book with infinite pages.

He lifted both eternity and infinity. Superman is much more durable as well. He has survived an explosion equal to fifty novas, held a black hole, flown to the center of a red sun, and absorbed enough solar energy to destroy half a galaxy. He got thrown from orbit into the Earth, devestating the planet, but he stood up as if nothing happened and came back more angry than hurt. I rest my case. 

Not convinced? Read this article, Superman vs. Goku, that goes in-depth about this topic.

4. Lucifer Morningstar (Dc Comics)

Lucifer Morningstar

Yeah I know that I have listed a lot of DC characters but a lot of them are just really powerful. Lucifer Morningstar is literally the Devil, the version in the Tv show isn’t shown to be that powerful,but we haven’t seen his limits. I’ll mainly be talking about the comic version. Lucifer is said to be the 2nd most powerful being in existence. He can manipulate anything to the effect he chooses. He is the king of hell so can he really die? 

3. Kratos (God Of War)

Can Kratos defeat Goku

This is sort of controversial and Kratos would be destroyed by some of the other contenders on the list, but this is about how he matches up to Goku.

What makes Kratos so special is that he was an ordinary human when he killed a god. After being tricked into killing his family, Kratos sets out to get revenge on the god of war, Ares. He kills him and replaces him as the new god of war.

After being betrayed by the gods of Olympus, he scales Mount Olympus, killing god after god. That is quite an achievement. Kratos has lifted up Tyr’s temple, which is connected to all of existence, and flipped it, which really makes his strength infinite.

He has survived punches from the god Baldur, who took out the world serpent in three punches, which makes him extremely durable.

Kratos also has lots of weapons and equipment that can counter most of Goku’s attacks. And Spartan rage is basically Kratos’s super saiyan.

2. The Flash (DC Comics)

The Flash

Ok, I promise this is the last DC character on this list. A perfect contender who can defeat Goku, I think, is Barry Allen, aka the Flash, aka the fastest man alive, aka The Scarlet Speedster.

The Flash is more powerful than he seems, and a lot of people overlook him. The Flash is much faster than Goku, and Goku’s instant transmission won’t work on him; he can react faster than an attosecond. Goku’s entire molecular structure can also be destabilized by Flash. 

People may think that Goku is way too durable for Flash’s normal punches to have any effect, but that is far from the truth. If moving at the right speed, Flash can use a sonic punch and knock Goku out, as he did in the TV series. Of course, assuming that the flash can find and travel at the right speed. Something easier would be that the flash could just phase his hand through Goku and simply kill him. It’s as easy as that. 

And if worst comes to worst, then there’s always the option that Barry can go back in time and kill Goku as a child or prevent him from ever being born. But he would most likely not use it because that would alter the timeline and the speed force would send a wraith after him.

1. Ben Tennyson (Ben 10 Alien Force)

cartoon characters who can defeat Goku

Yeah, you read that correctly. Ben 10 can beat Goku. Let’s not talk about Alien X for a minute and focus on Ben’s normal and frequent aliens.

The Omnitrix has a feature that allows Ben to scan an alien and transform into them. Goku is an alien, after all. If Ben was using the ultimatrix instead, he would also unlock all of Goku’s forms and know how to use them.

Ben’s other alien, Clockwork, can just age Goku to death. Now let’s bring Alien X into the equation, which is undoubtedly Ben’s strongest alien. That alien is practically a god, but the only downside is that there are three personalities within the alien and two of them need to agree to perform the action.

But Ben is pretty much indestructible in that state. Ben survived the universe getting destroyed by Alien X, and later he simply rebuilt it in seconds. For Ben to beat Goku, there are many more ways for him to do it as well, but for now, we will just leave it at that. 

What are your thoughts about this article? Do you agree, or do you disagree? Or is there some other fictional character that can defeat Goku that we haven’t mentioned in this post? Let us know in the comment section below!

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