17+ Adorable Anime Animals and Monsters

Today’s post is going to be a list of some cute anime animals and monsters!

Anime is known for making things cute. We see this time and time again when a new, cute waifu emerges every season. Although it is true that anime girls take the spotlight when people think of  “cute anime things“, there are a lot of cute anime animals and monsters too!

They might not directly influence the plot but their presence definitely makes the experience much better.

Here’s a list of such cutest anime birds, animals and monsters!! (in random order. It’s not ranked.)

Cute Anime Animals & Monsters

  • Kirby
  • Puck
  • Rimuru the Slime
  • Totoro
  • Chopper
  • Pikachu
  • Uri
  • Hamtaro 
  • Mii-kun
  • Testuya no.2 
  • Sadaharu
  • Terriermon
  • Kyubey
  • Mokke

Kirby (Kirby: Right Back At Ya!)

Kirby Right Back at Ya

Kirby is an adorable, balloon-like being that is pink in color. He is simply the cutest monster in all of anime.

Even though his design is so basic, his emotions are well expressed with just his big eyes and mouth.

Now, he might look sweet and harmless, but he is more powerful than anyone can imagine. He can absorb people and steal their powers. He has a void inside his stomach, meaning there is no limit to what he can absorb.

Puck (Re:Zero)

cute anime animals and monsters

Puck is a tiny and cute animal like spirit from the anime, Re:zero. Sweet and adorable though he maybe, he’s actually pretty scary when he loses control.

Rimuru (That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime)

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime (Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken)  Review – Loli-chan's Anime Life

Who would’ve thought the weak little monsters we used to squash in video games would become so powerful. And more so, who would’ve thought that they could be so adorable!!

He is hands down one of the cutest monsters in all of anime.

Rimuru is the main character of That time I got reincarnated as a slime

Totoro (My neighbor Totoro)

mon voisin totoro | Tumblr

Totoro is one of the main characters from My neighbor Totoro. Who wouldn’t love some nice and fluffy Totoro in this list?

Chopper (One Piece)

Happy Chopper GIF - Happy Chopper Onepiece - Discover & Share GIFs | One  piece chopper, One piece gif, One piece manga

Chopper is definitely one of the cutest animals in all of anime. He was originally a reindeer, but after eating a devil fruit he got the ability to walk, talk and act like a human being. Chopper might be the least notorious pirate according to the wanted One piece poster, but his head is definitely worth a lot. He has saved Luffy multiple times with his medical skills, and is a decent fighter himself!

Fun fact: Among all the One piece figurine pop on Amazon, chopper’s merch is the most sold item. This proves how much Chopper is adored by fans.

Pikachu (Pokemon)

cute anime animals and monsters

When we talk about cute anime monsters, we can never forget Pokemon. And of course, Pikachu is here. Naturally, there a dozen other sweet Pokemon that deserve a place in this list, but for now let Pikachu represent all of them as I don’t want this to become a list of pokemon.

Uri (Hitman Reborn)

Guardian of Storm - Gokudera Hayato | Anime Amino

Cats are always loved by us anime watchers. Especially when they are all naughty and wild. Uri from Hitman Reborn! is one such cat with a wild personality. This is exactly what makes her one of the cutest animals in anime.

Hamtaro (Hamtaro)

Hamtaro GIFs | Tenor

Small things are always cute. And Hamtaro just proved that point.

Mii-kun (How to keep a Mummy)

cute anime animals and monsters

Only in anime will you find terrifying monsters like “Mummy” cute. Mummies were once thought to be scary creatures that devoured humans. But as you can see they’re all tiny and adorable now. This 180 degree flip in perspective is all thanks to the anime How to keep a Mummy.

Testuya no.2 (Kuroko no Basket)

Kuroko no Basket gifs | Dessin basketball, Dessin manga, Kawaii

It’s all been cats and rodents until now, so I guess it’s high time I introduce some dogs! Dogs are easily on the top 10 cutest animals in both anime and real life after all.

Here’s Tetsuya 2 from Kuroko no Basket. He doesn’t have much screen time in the anime but we can all agree that he’s so cute, right?

Sadaharu (Gintama)

cute anime animals and monsters

Sadaharu from Gintama is a cute anime animal that looks like a giant dog. And he’s huge and fluffy to boot. Best cuddle material, if you ask me.

Terriermon (Digimon)

Digimon Terriermon GIF - Digimon Terriermon Lopmon - Discover & Share GIFs

Terriermon is the cutest monster in Digimon I’ve ever seen. It kinda looks like Pikachu, except a bit chubby and it’s green in color and has long ears with horn.

Kyubey (Magika Madoka)

cute anime animals and monsters

Here’s another cute cat like creature from Magika Madoka. I think we have a recipe for creating cute anime monsters — just give them cat face!

Mokke (Toilet Bound Hanako Kun)

cute anime animals and monsters

Mokke of the dead from Toilet bound Hanako-kun is the very reason I’m writing this post. Look how cute they are. They don’t have any detailed character design, but that is exactly what makes me go “Kawaiiii~”

Mokke are cute monsters in the anime that haunt the main female character’s school. They can clump on top of each other and make themselves terrifying!

Cute Anime Birds & Monster Birds

  • Chibi Dragon
  • Mr. Boobrie
  • Nero
  • Filo
  • Kalego – Summon Form

Chibi Dragon (Endro!)

Chibi dragon | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgir

Chibi dragon from Endro! is probably the most adorable dragon in the history of anime. And, no I’m not counting dragon girls unless their dragon form is adorable (I’m looking at you Tohru)

Mr. Boobrie (Radiant)

Radiant - Mr. Boobrie

Mister Boobrie from the anime Radiant might not look like it, but he’s a punishment lover. He gets overjoyed when he hears Mary (his master) say that she’s going to punish him.

Nero (Black Clover)

adorable anime birds

Nero is a character from Black Clover who was later revealed to actually be a cute girl from centuries ago.

I’m not sure if it’s just me, those dead fish eyes in that tiny little body is super cute, isn’t it? I can’t get enough of her expression lol.

Filo (Rising Of The Shield Hero)

adorable anime birds

Filo is a giant, fluffy bird from The rising of the shield hero. Naofumi bought her as an egg from a slave trader. Soon after she was hatched, she became so huge and also got the ability to transform into a human.

Naberius Kalego – Summon form (Mairimashita Iruma Kun!)

cute anime animals and monsters

What would it look like when cute things are angry? This is how it’d look. Kalego from Mairimashita Iruma-kun is a demon professor who accidentally formed a contract with a human boy. And the result of the contract? It is *in a sarcastic tone* this magnificent form.

These were all the cute anime animals and monsters that I could think of. If you liked it, make sure to subscribe for my blog posts by clicking on the bell icon down below.

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