26+ Anime Trap Memes That’ll Make You Laugh Hard!

Traps in anime are nothing but boys who love to dress like girls and act like them. In other words, they are what you’d call “femboys.” These kinds of characters were first introduced in the anime and manga industries a few decades ago. What’s more, people love them! At least as a meme! If you’ve been on Instagram or any other social media, you’ve probably seen these anime trap memes at least a dozen times.

The very act of tricking new fans into liking “waifu” material and then later on revealing that they’re not actually a girl is pure bliss.

Most anime fans begin as somebody who doesn’t like femboys. Then they say they like them just for fun, in order to throw people off. Later, that becomes reality as they play the “trap lover” role for a long time. This is why most veteran weebs like anime femboys. (Or at least, they’re not against them.)

Okay, okay, you’re not here to listen to me blabber about the obvious stuff. You’re here for the good stuff–the trap memes. So let’s get straight to it!

Peeping At Felix-sama-Niiiice!

Felix trap meme

For those who don’t know, Felix is a catboy trap character from Re:Zero. He is without a doubt one of the cutest femboys there is! I mean, just look at Joseph. He loves what he’s seeing!

Tequila Joseph Joins The Fray

im not ghey byt

We’ve seen our fair share of traps that are all cute and cuddly. Now it’s time for Tequila Joseph to spice things up!

Stuck-up Normie vs. Chad Trap Connoisseur

trap connisour

Norimes always makes a big fuss out of everything. I mean, look at Astolfo and how cute he is. My man is more girlish than any girl and still normies hate on him just because he’s actually a boy.

We Need True Gender Equality!

gender equality needed

For real. We need true gender equality. If girls get to wear boys’ clothes and get praised, then surely boys also deserve the same kind of response. This meme about traps shows how the society discriminates.

“You Get used To It”


Let me be honest here for a second. When I first got to know about them, it was actually weird to see traps. I didn’t like them very much. Yes, yes, there was a time I was a normie too. But as I spent a few years in the anime community, I slowly began to accept them, and even came to like them. So yeah, you get used to it (^^)

Timothy, another victim who fell for the trap


There is a reason why traps are called traps. And the reason is clear in this meme. Timothy fell hook, line, and sinker for the “trap.”

What we mean by G.I.R.L


Girl? Yeah, he is a girl. That is, Guy In Real Life (insert smug face)

The Hidden Controller

hidden controller

If you’re not aware of Hideri, this might take a few seconds to make sense. But given that this article is titled “trap meme,” you guys should have understood it instantly.

Off to a better future


Let’s face it: “My son” is cuter and more attractive.

When You Just Can’t Get Enough Of Anime Traps

trap lover

When you love traps so much, to the point where you can’t stick with one trap waifu.

Hot Stuff

traps are hot

Traps are hot. Yes. But what’s hotter? A scenario where the trap confesses his gender and asks if you’re okay with it.

The “Light Sabers”


This trap meme is for true men. Are traps gay? Who cares? You get to have a light saber duel with them.

Guy, girl, Who Cares As Long As You’re Cute?


As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what makes it better.

A Win-Win Situation

yes or no trap meme

Bros Before Hoes

felix trap meme from re:zero

When we say “bros before hoes” this is what we mean.

It’s HARD… not to like Saika

saika meme - oregairu

Only in anime you can find a boy that looks more girlish in both appearance and personality than any other girls. Fun fact: this anime trap meme also doubles as a Yugioh meme.

*Hardening intensifies*

anime pp meme

Technically speaking Pitou is an ant with no particular gender, but if you say it’s a boy, that’s a hot looking trap!

Femboy Nagisa > Any Girls

nagisa assassination classroom meme

One of the things I love in anime trap memes are the symbolism. Look how the meme describes Nagisa’s gender…Perfection.

Senpai is in for a SURPRISE

futanari doujin meme

Now this is what we call a plot twist! What would you do if you were in this scenario? Procceed or Abort?

What A Coincidence

gay trap meme

This is the art of acceptance. It matters not whether your partner is a boy or a girl. As the saying goes, if there’s a hole, there’s a goal.

Got ’em good


This meme about anime traps is an accurate description of how new anime fans seeing a trap character for the first time would be like lol.

A hole is a hole

a hole is a hole meme

He’s got a point. A hole is a hole. Don’t be picky.

You fell for the trap!

Astolfo meme. you fell for the trap!

When even bots cannot identify the true gender of anime trap characters.

To smash is the only option

hentai trap meme

If it is a cute trap like him, then the only option is to smash.

No h*mo, unless…

Astolfo meme

Ah yes. The signal we’ve all been waiting for.

*Chuchkes* I’m in danger

Astolfo would like to end your virginity

Please do. *Presses allow with all my might*

Traps are but temporary

Astolfo trap meme

C’mon bro. Move! You’re blocking the view!!

These were some of the best anime trap meme on the internet! Do you like traps? What is your opinion about them? Let us know in the comments below!

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