Top 10 Anime Maids of All Time

We can’t really imagine how the anime industry works and to what extent they can fantasize about different things. Fantasizing about “Maids” is something that has happened a lot in many anime. At least every other anime has one or two maid characters in them just for the sake of fan service.

Not to mention, maids are actually popular in Japan, especially among the otaku community. There are several maid cafes thanks to the influence of anime.

Today, we’ll be talking about 10 of the most popular “Maid Characters” of all time. Read on to find out more about them!

10- Kotori Minami (Love Live! School Idol Project)

Kotori Minami - top 10 anime maids of all time

Kotori Minami, also known as “Legendary Maid Minalinsky” is one of the characters from the anime Love Live! School Project. We just can’t deny the fact that she looks absolutely adorable while wearing maid clothes. Her indecisiveness makes her all the more adorable. However, as an honor student, she’s really good at studying and is a great designer when it comes to designing clothes. She’s shown to be very kind and caring towards her friends, being always there for them. Other than that, she’s quite hardworking and very responsible.

9- Roberta (Black Lagoon)


Roberta is not your average playful maid character. She’s dark and badass. She’s also known as “bloodhound” in the series. Though she seems quite serious and cold, Roberta is actually very friendly with the people she considers her friends. She’s also extremely well-mannered. It takes a lot of effort to make her angry as she’s very tolerant. She also prays a lot and can be seen repenting of her sins. She’s calm most of the time but when angry, everyone should run for their lives.

8- Virgo (Fairy Tail)Most masochistic of all anime maids

virgo asking for punishment

Virgo is one of the familiars of Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail. She has a stoic appearance, barely changing her facial expression. However, she is a masochist. She always wants her master to punish her. There are scenes in the anime where she ties herself up with a rope and other scenes where she offers a whip to Lucy so that she can be “punished”. She also wears erotic outfits that fit her request every now and then.

Virgo is hands down one of the most interesting anime maids of all time!

7- Frederica Baumann (Re-Zero)

Frederica - re zero maids

Frederica Baumann is a maid from Re: Zero and on top of being a maid, she’s also a half-beast half-human. She serves Roswaal L. Mathers, one of the characters from Re: Zero. She’s a very kind individual and cares a lot about her loved ones, especially her little brother. She’s also shown to be very kind to Petra, a very young new maid at the Roswaal Mansion. She wears an average maid costume and not a cute one because she doesn’t have the confidence to wear one. In terms of powers, she’s a fierce beast and gives a tough time to her opponents.

6- Misaki Ayuzawa (Maid-Sama)

Misaki Ayuzawa

Who doesn’t know about Misaki Ayuzawa? She’s the main female protagonist from the massively popular and evergreen anime series, Maid Sama. Misaki is very selfless and hardworking. She had to take a job as a maid at a maid restaurant because of the debt that her family had to pay off. She’s seen to be very helpful towards others, especially girls and she always saves them from the boys at her school. She’s also a very smart and capable student. Basically, she’s all in one!

5- Faris NyanNyan (Steins;Gate)

Faris NyanNyan - steins;gate maid girl

Faris NyanNyan is the most popular maid at her own maid cafe. She looks more like a cat-girl than a maid. Faris has a habit of adding “Nya” at the end of every sentence. This is annoying and cute at the same time. She’s special because she has the ability to find out what’s inside the heart of people by just looking at them. Faris is extremely childish and playful. She has also shown to be very self-conscious. She yearns for meeting and spending time with her loved ones as well. Faris can get anything she wants from anyone as she’s highly manipulative.

4- Saber (Fate/Zero)

saber - top 10 anime maids of all time

Saber serves as a maid under Norma Goodfellow. She’s also not your average cutesy maid that likes to wear cute outfits and act playfully. (However, there is an OVA where she dresses like a proper maid.)

She’s very devoted and responsible. She’s extremely strong-willed and always speaks the truth. Saber is also very loyal towards his master and never thinks of betraying her. As a devoted warrior, she can’t ignore injustice and is a firm believer in justice being done. She does not have her head high up in the clouds and is very humble. She always sees herself as inferior to her master and sees herself as a mere tool for her.

3- Ai Hayasaka (Kaguya Sama- Love is War) – Modern day anime maid girl

Ai Hayasaka - top 10 anime maids

Ai Hayasaka is a very loyal maid of Kaguya, the main female protagonist of the series. As a maid, there’s no flaw in Ai. She does her work perfectly and helps Kaguya a lot throughout the series. She can quickly change her personality to suit the specific situation. Kaguya considers her as her sister and treats her as equal to her. Their relationship with each other is very wholesome.

2- Tohru (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid) – Best of all Dragon maids

Tohru - dragon maid girl

Next in the list of the top 10 anime maids is none other than our favorite dragon maid girl– Tohru. She is originally a fearsome dragon from another dimension, but she somehow ended up on Earth when fleeing from a fight.

Deeply injured by a divine sword, she was waiting for her death. This is when a drunk corporate employee, Kobayashi, helps to remove the sword from the dragon’s body. Ever since the dragon has fallen in love with her and has transformed into a dragon girl in order to live on with Kobayashi as her maid.

rem - best of all anime maids

Rem definitely deserves this spot and she’s just the true definition of perfection. She has a massive fan following because of how she’s portrayed in the series. She, and her twin sister Ram, are shown to be extremely loyal maids of Emilia, the main female character of the series. Rem is extremely sweet and kind. She’s not very playful but is extremely adorable. She looks fragile but will not hesitate to butcher a grown man without even breaking a sweat.

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The above list only had maid girls, but there are these rare cases where we’ve got femboy maids and non-human (robot) maids. I’ll be listing them in this section!

Tama (Gintama) – Robo Maid


Tama is not your regular anime maid girl. She’s a Robo-maid that can be hilarious and (sometimes) oblivious at the same time. Tama is one of the side characters in Gintama but has her own mini-arc in the series.

She has no filters and says whatever comes to her mind. (Maybe that’s why she can pull off dirty jokes so easily.) In a sense, she is one of the purest characters in Gintama.

Hideri Kanzaki (Blend S) Most mischievous of all Femboy maids

Hideri - femboy maid

Hideri Kanazki might look the girliest of them all, but the shocking news is that Hideri is actually a guy. We were also as shocked as you are right now. In the outfit of a maid, nobody can tell if Hideri is a male or a female. He came from a family of farmers and hates his status. He wishes to become an idol and loves his job as a “waitress”. He’s a very playful guy and loves acting all feminine. Just like most females, Hideri loves wearing cute clothes and is also very picky about them.

Hime Arikawa (HimeGoto)

hime arikawa

Hime Arikawa is a pretty looking boy who got himself into a lot of difficulty because of his parent’s debt. He had to payoff a lot of money. Thankfully, the student council paid the bills for him, but he was forced to become their servant/maid and cross-dress at school in return. (Thus another femboy maid character was born!)

Despite the fact that he started cross-dressing because he had no option, he came to embrace and love being a lady later on.

Saika Totsuka (Oregairu) – Cutest of all anime maids

Saika Totsuka in maid costume - femboy maids

We’re finally at the end of the list and the final spot goes to none other than Siaka Totsuka. He’s another feminine character but is actually a male who would put even the ladies to shame because of his looks. He’s not a maid or anything but we really enjoyed his appearance as a maid in one episode. He was so bashful the whole time he wore that maid costume and stole our hearts!


So, here were some of the most popular maid characters that we’ve seen in different anime. I know there are more amazing maid girls out there, so if we’ve missed your favorite maid girl let us know in the comments below!

We hope you liked this list. We’ll come back with more!

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