Black Waifus: 10 Most Beautiful Black Female Characters In Anime

Anime mostly have Japanese characters, reasonably so, but there are also many anime that have interesting foreign characters. There are not that many black female characters with strong character development in anime that fans love. But fortunately, the depiction of black characters has vastly increased in anime.

Black female characters are loved by many, so, in this article, I’m going to share with you the 10 Best Dark-skinned female characters in anime.

Rather than just black characters, in this list, I’ve included characters with complexions ranging from moderately tanned to dark brown color.

  1. Yoruichi Shihouin from Bleach
  2. Casca from Berserk
  3. Carole Stanley from Carole & Tuesday
  4. Ikumi Mito from Food Wars
  5. Rika Minami from Highschool of the Dead
  6. Road Kamelot from D. Gray-man
  7. Villetta Nu from Code Geass
  8. Canary from Hunter x Hunter
  9. Hibana from Fire Force
  10. Ghislaine Dedoldia from Mushoku Tensei

10. Ghislaine Dedoldia from Mushoku Tensei

Ghislaine Dedoldia body (Jobless Reincarnation)

Ghislaine is a talented swordmaster from the beast race. She has dark skin and a muscular body with beast-like ears along with a tail. She is a strong-willed person possessing enormous powers. 

Ghislaine was tasked to safely escort Rudeus to the Citadel of Roa. When Rudeus was hired to teach Eris magic, he also decided to teach her. 

To be honest, she was one of the biggest reasons why I watched Jobless Reincarnation and I was not disappointed. I never knew muscular beast girls were my type…

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9. Hibana from Fire Force

Hibana from Fire Force - hottest black female characters

Hibana, also known as Princess Hibana, is a third-generation pyrokinetic with the ability to generate flower-shaped flames from her body. She’s also the captain of the Special Fire Force Company 5.

She’s a beautiful black female character with just the right curves in the right places. She also wears a very provocative dress with a v-cut showing her chest. She often uses her charm to get her way and manipulate people. 

Hibana is a researcher tasked with learning more about the Infernals by conducting experiments. She doesn’t possess much physical strength due to never receiving any formal training. 

She’s initially portrayed as a very sadistic person who loves to torture the Infernals in the name of research, but it is later revealed that she actually has a kind heart. 

8. Canary from Hunter x Hunter


Canary is a young girl possessing tremendous combat abilities. She works as an entourage for the Zoldyck’s, a powerful assassination family. She’s a ruthless fighter, but she also has a very gentle and caring side to her. 

Though she’s not a major character in the story, she certainly has her great moments that showcase her badass abilities. Anyone trying to trespass her will be dealt with immediately. 

She’s extremely loyal to her young master Killua who was kind to her and wanted them to be friends. Her loyalty to him even forced her to disobey orders on more than one occasion. 

She’s a character with a heart of gold.

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7. Villetta Nu from Code Geass

Villetta Nu - dark skin anime waifu

Villetta is a beautiful black female character and an elite pilot of the Knightmare frames, a type of humanoid war machine. 

At first, she was an extremely arrogant character loyal to the empire and looked down on everyone from the Areas they conquered. However, due to an accident, she lost her memories.

Since then, she started to display a much kinder personality and even ended up falling for her rescuer Ohgi. Even after her memories returned, she still loved him. 

She’s one of my favorite characters in Code Geass and I really loved her character development. I also think she’s the hottest girl in the series. Do you agree with me?

6. Road Kamelot from D. Gray-man

Road Kamelot from D. Gray-man

Road Kamelot is the ninth disciple of the Noah family and was one of the only two members of the Noah family that survived Nia’s attack years ago. Though she looks like a young girl, she’s actually one of the eldest members of the Noah family.

She has a very colorful and light-hearted personality, always behaving like a child, but she’s also shown sadistic characteristics and seems to enjoy people suffering. 

Road can manipulate reality, create personal dimensions and easily travel between them. She can also transform herself into a doll while still retaining her ability to move and speak. 

5. Rika Minami from Highschool of the Dead

Rika Minami from Highschool of the Dead - hottest black female characters

Rika is an expert sniper and the chief of the first squadron in the prefecture police department. She was also a part of the Special Assault Team sent to kill the zombies infesting the International airport.

She is a very straightforward and easy-going person, as well as a calm and collected sniper with amazing skills that put her among the top 5 snipers in the country. 

Rika is loved by every HIghschool of the Dead fan including me and she lowkey reminds me of Yuroichi from Bleach. I would say she’s the hottest black female character in the anime.

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4. Ikumi Mito from Food Wars

Ikumi Mito from Food Wars - hottest black female characters

Though she’s not really a black female character, she’s still dark-skinned and I think she deserves to be on this list. If you’re a man of culture, I think you would agree as well. 

Ikumi Mito is a student at the Donburi Research Society, one of the school clubs in the Totsuki Culinary Academy. She used to be a rival of Soma Yukihara and wanted to beat him in a Shokugeki but she lost and eventually decided to join him. 

She has a very fiery and competitive personality, shows great pride in her skills, and often flaunts her abilities & status. 

However, beneath her tough exterior, she has a soft side and is a kind-hearted person. She becomes much friendlier after meeting Soma. 

3. Carole Stanley from Carole & Tuesday

Carole Stanley from Carole & Tuesday

Carole is a teenage musician part of a musical team with the aspiration to one day make it big. Due to being orphaned at a young age, she’s been through a lot in life but she never lets her past stop her from achieving her dreams. 

With her mid-length brown hair always in a ponytail, she’s often seen wearing overalls and boots. She has a very caring and nice personality which helped a lot with forming a bond with Tuesday. 

You will love her trendy looks, work ethic, and especially her music. If you don’t like her then I’m afraid you’re Soulless.

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2. Casca from Berserk

Casca from berserk - hottest black female characters

Inspired by Griffith, she joined the Hawks at an early age to follow and protect him. Casca quickly rose through the ranks and became one of the strongest and most skilled fighters. She is the perfect example of a strong black female character and a respected leader. 

She was probably my first introduction to a black woman in an anime. In the story, she experienced many horrible things, eventually, her mental state shattered and she lost her mind. 

Though I’m not a big fan of the way character development was handled, I’m still a big fan of her. 

1. Yoruichi Shihouin from Bleach

Yoruichi Shihouin - hottest black female characters

Yoruichi deserves to be at the top of this list. She’s one of the most loved characters, especially by Bleach fans. 

Yoruichi is the princess of the noble Shihouin family and the former captain of the second protection squad. Though she comes from a prestigious family, she rarely acts like a princess. She is very strong, calm, composed, smart, witty, and often kicks butt in fights. 

She is a master in hand-to-hand combat, highly skilled in the flash step technique, and also has the ability to transform into a black cat. 

Though she comes off as lazy and laid-back (with a wonderful sense of humor), she can quickly turn into a deadly fighter when needed. 

She’s got everything that makes a character great, from being knowledgeable and helpful, to having a simple yet cool design.

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