Carole & Tuesday Quotes

Carole & Tuesday quotes from the following characters:

  • Carole
  • Pyotr
  • Desmond
  • Ertegun
  • Tobe
  • Angela

Best Carole & Tuesday Quotes:

Carole Quotes

Carole & Tuesday Quotes - Carole

This world ain’t an easy one to live in, but I can’t let every little thing bring me down. After all, there’s something I want to accomplish here!

– Carole


Pyotr Quotes

Carole & Tuesday Quotes - Pyotr

I mean like, how are you supposed to love others if you can’t even love yourself?

– Pyotr


Desmond Quotes

Desmond - Carole and Tuesday

Living things need not just nourishment for the body, but for the soul as well.

– Desmond


Carole and Tuesday - Desmond

People change. Life is not eternal.

– Desmond


Ertegun Quotes

Etregun - C&T

The day you stop speaking your ideals is the day you become nothing but a slave.

– Ertegun


Tobe Quotes

C&T- Tobe sayings

Freedom that others give you is shit. The only real freedom is the one you seize by yourself.

– Tobe


Angela Quotes

Carole & Tuesday quotes - Angela

The higher the bar, the greater the satisfaction from jumping over it.

– Angela

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