6 Animes Like HighSchool of the Dead

“Highschool of the Dead” is a manga anime series created by Daisuke Sato and drawn by Sato. The genre of the series includes a supernatural drama, full of action and horror. Several high school students are trying to survive in a zombie-infested world. At the same time the group is seeking out for the cause of this pandemic.

Anime horror shows amateur will be happy with everything. “Highschool of the Dead” is easily among the top zombies mangas ever. We’ve compiled 6 Animes Like “Highschool of The Dead” for your greatest pleasure!

1. School Live – Zombie Anime Like Highschool of the Dead

6 Animes Like HighSchool of the Dead -#1 School Live

This anime is about four school girl and a puppy, living in an apocalyptic world. The group will be required to join forces, to avoid being devoured by the forces of the undead. They are doing their best to keep Yuki Takeya from tearing herself apart mentally. “School-Live”, includes zombies just as much as “Highschool of the Dead”, a wonderful genre in horror components. Its plot conjointly forces high school students to adapt and survive in this horrible world.

2. High School Dxd – Action/Ecchi Anime Like Highschool of the Dead

6 Animes Like HighSchool of the Dead - #2 Highschool DxD

This show talks of a boy named Issei Hyondou. A guy who loves ladies to such an extent… Well, he ironically ends up being killed by one, when he was on a date. After this frightful event, Rias Gremory resurrects Issei and makes him part of a club, also becoming her servant. What he doesn’t know is that Rias is actually a cruel girl. This show follows Issei’s new life as he tries to keep it all secret from his family. We greatly advise this show as the male and feminine main characters are likable and even share similarities.

3. Prison School – Ecchi Anime Like Highschool of the Dead

Prison school

This anime series puts all its light to shine on a pack of male students. Currently admitted to an actually “girls-only” private school, a brand-new policy permits them to register in. All sent to jail for misconducting, they will endure a number of tough punishments determined by the college board. Therefore, this animated series depicts a number of the new enrollments in these prison-like surroundings. Where folks are always putting their friendly relationship at strain!

Many people are absolutely in love with this anime show to the point where some folks really suppose that the show ought to have spinoffs.

4. Hellsing Ultimate – Similar anime with Zombie-like creatures

6 Anime Like HighSchool of the Dead

This anime talks about the Hellsing Organization that aims to eradicate abominable creatures. This organization is directed by Integra Hellsing. As the spearhead of the organization she gives orders to her soldiers and Alucard (the vampire) to eliminate the threat. Later on, in the anime, a woman named Seras Victoria joins the Organization on count of Alucard. This will cause Hellsing’s strength to greatly increase. Just as in “Highschool of the Dead”, “Hellsing Ultimate” makes use of brutal and gory scenes. Which makes it a wonderful show in its genre.

5. Deadman Wonderland – Similar anime with a gory theme

6 Anime Like HighSchool of the Dead

The story of this anime puts light on a boy named Ganta Igarashi. Accused of murdering all of his classmates, he’s sent to a brutal facility referred to as “Deadman Wonderland”. Afterwards, Ganta associates with an eccentric girl who goes by the name of Shiro. Surviving the environment will be his first concern, while, at the same time seeking for truth about the death of his comrades. “Deadman Wonderland” pictures Igarashi, suffering from his isolation from society while also facing a dramatic incident. If you need blood, thrills and more over… you need to watch this one!

6. Angel Beats – Similar anime in terms of camaraderie

Angel Beats

“Angel Beats” depicts the story of a boy: Otanashi. After dying, he wakes up in the realm of the dead. Here, he’ll meet with a military soldier (Yuri) whose purpose is to defeat a girl named Angel. Otanashi joins Yuri even with his concerns but Otanashi ironically gains interest in the girl… In this anime, we’ll accompany Otanashi in his journey, looking out for answers. “Angel Beats” mixes friendly relationships, a little love story, and obviously, supernatural elements with a touch of comedy!

To conclude, we saw 6 animes that resemble our referring anime “Highschool of the Dead”. If you’re into the anime horror/violent genre, you’re at the right place! Not for faint-hearted though. Let us know how you found those animes and if you succeeded at watching them alone at night…

Written by Andrew Bailey

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