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10+ Best Anime With Male Fanservice

When I say male Fanservice, I’m talking about shirtless guys, not hentai. Most of the time, these fanservice is just for fun, but sometimes it ends up helping the overall narrative and making the story even better.

Sometimes, these scenes play an important part in advancing the plot while also providing more depth to the characters. But, we all know you don’t care about any of that and just want to see some hot shirtless guys.

So, without wasting any time, let’s look at the 11 Best Anime with Male Fanservice and Fanservice:-

  1. Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club
  2. Grand Blue
  3. Yuri!!! On ICE
  4. Black Butler
  5. Ouran High School Host Club
  6. Kiss Him, Not Me
  7. Kamigami No Asobi
  8. Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East
  9. The Wallflower
  10. Uta No Prince-Sama
  11. Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru

1. Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club

Free - anime with male fanservice

With many good-looking guys being shirtless and swimming together, Free! Series is one of the best anime with man service. Naturally, this anime comes first on this list of anime series with male Fanservice.

Haruka, Makoto, Nagisa, and Rin were very close friends whom all loved swimming. In elementary school, they entered a relay race match and won. They decided to put the trophy in a time capsule and retrieve it when they grow up. 

Rin left for Australia to train to become a professional swimmer and compete to become an Olympic champion. Eventually, the rest of the three also drifted apart. 

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Years later, Haruko, Makoto, and Nagisa meet again in high school. After reminiscing, they decide to dig out the time capsule, but on the way, they reunite with none other than Rin. 

Rin believes that he’s the best swimmer among them and challenges the three to a match in the Prefectural Tournament. 

Determined to prove him wrong, the three friends start a swim club with a fellow classmate and Rin’s sister as their team manager. Will they be able to defeat Rin who’s been trained by the best?

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2. Grand Blue

grand blue - anime with male fanservice

Grand Blue has a lot of guys just being casually fully stripped, but it might not be the type of male fanservice you may be looking for as it is done for comedy rather than as ecchi stuff. 

Iori Kitahara decided to join a certain university and by attending this university, he was given an opportunity to move to a city by the beach. He moves in with his uncle who runs a scuba diving shop. 

In an environment completely foreign to him, he wonders what adventures await him. But, the first thing he sees in his uncle’s shop is a bunch of guys drinking undressed. 

The guys are members of the diving club and his seniors at the university. He soon reluctantly gets sucked in by them in their drinking game. His cousin Chisa later walks in on him drinking without clothes, earning her utter disdain. 

Follow Kitahara as his hopes for normal college life are shattered by the members of the scuba diving club. 

Grand Blue is one of the funniest anime you will ever watch. The anime is filled with clothless males.

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3. Yuri!!! On ICE

yuri on ice

Yuri Katsuki was the hope of Japan in the Figure Skating Grand Prix competition, but he suffered a crushing defeat and returned to his hometown after five years to hide away in his family’s home. He still loved ice skating but he had lost the desire to continue. 

He visits his childhood friend at an ice rink and perfectly mimics an advanced skating routine by his idol Victor Nikiforov, the Russian figure skating champion. 

A secretly recorded video of his performance catches the eye of Victor himself who immediately travels to his house to take him in as his student. 

Now, with the help of Victor, he sets out to compete in the Grand Prix once again and prove himself to the world.

Yuri and Victor’s relationship will make you swoon and the fanservice in the anime is amazing. With lingering shots of Victor’s butt, the show delivers exactly what the audience wants. 

It also has some hot male fanservice to keep things spicy.

4. Black Butler

Black Butler

In the English Countryside lives the Phantomhive family known as the ruthless “Queen’s Watchdogs”, the head of London’s criminal underground. After the Earl of the Phantomhive family and his wife tragically passed away, their young son Count Ciel Phantomhive takes their place and becomes the new head. 

Sebastian is his head butler, effortless, graceful, and the very epitome of a perfect butler. On the outside, he looks like a normal human but he is a demon. The count made a deal with him that he will serve the family and fight for him, in return he can have the count’s soul. 

There are many provocative moments in the anime involving Sebastian and other demon butlers. Though, I should warn you that sometimes it can get really weird when it involves Ciel Phantomhive who is only a 12-year-old boy. 

Male fanservice involving a child is weird and you should be prepared if you decide to watch it.

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5. Ouran High School Host Club


Ouran Private High is a school for rich kids and rich kids have a lot of free time, thus, 6 handsome students with free time decided to create a host club to serve the female students with lots of free time. 

Haruhi lost his mother when he was just a kid. After that, he spent the next 10 years working hard to get a scholarship to attend the prestigious Ouran High school. 

As a commoner, he managed to get into the school meant for extremely wealthy people solely based on his talents. But one day, he accidentally breaks a vase worth more than eight million yen that belonged to the host club.

The club members force him to join their club until his debt is repaid.

You will find a lot of male fanservice in this anime as the Host club members use their looks, charm, and flirtatiousness to please female students. 

6. Kiss Him, Not Me

Kiss Him, Not Me

This anime makes fun of the fans of fanservice while giving them exactly what they want. 

Kae Serinuma isn’t a fan of the Prince and Princess love stories. Why must it be a Prince and a Princess? Why can’t it be a Prince and a Prince? That’s how it should be.

She is what you’d call a “Fujoshi”, a woman who’s obsessed with men in sexual relationships. She loves reading Boy’s Love manga and looking at her handsome classmates being close to each other.

Kae used to be quite overweight, but one day, after her favorite character dies, she goes into shock and stays cooped up in her room for over a week. Not properly eating for days results in her losing weight.

After she has a complete makeover, four of the hottest guys at school get attracted to her, but Serinuma isn’t interested at all. She’d rather see them being close to each other!

7. Kamigami No Asobi

Kamigami No Asobi - male fanservice anime

What if shirtless gods are the prime focus of an anime’s male fanservice? It’d be something to drool over, right?

Yui Kusanagi was living an ordinary high school life until one day when she finds a mysterious sword and hears a voice say “You will save this world”. 

In the next moment, a bright light envelops her and she finds herself in a strange place. There, she comes face-to-face with the mighty god Zeus. 

Zeus requests her to join a legendary school meant for misguided gods who’ve abandoned their duty towards humans. He wants her to remind them about the love and bond between gods and humans. 

It is now up to her to help these handsome gods remember their responsibilities to humanity. 

Every guy in this anime is really attractive and the show never fails to show it off. There’s even a beach episode, so get ready for some shirtless hot guys. 

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8. Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East

Hakkenden Eight Dogs of the East

There’s a legend that Murasame is an untouchable demon sword that contains “life”. It is believed to be a powerful sword that grants “promises” to those it loves but brings “disaster” to those it hates. 

Five years ago, a village was wiped out due to fire, and only three youngsters survived – two boys named Shino Inuzuka, and Sosuke Inukawa, and a girl named Hamaji. 

Now, the three of them live a quiet life in a nearby village under the watchful eyes of the Church. Life was starting to get better for them until one day, the Church decided to reclaim Murasame from Shino, the current bearer of the sword. 

To lure him out, the church kidnaps Hamaji. Now, Shino and Sosoku must work together to save their friend from the Church in the Imperial capital. 

This is a great anime for fans of supernatural and action anime. It also appeals to the admirers of man service. The characters often tend to take off their shirts at the slightest provocation.  

9. The Wallflower

The Wallflower - male fanservice anime

Looking at the above picture, there is no doubt this show has some hot male fanservice in it.

Sunako Nakahara had a crush on a good-looking guy for a long time and when she finally gathered her courage to confess to him, she was brutally rejected after being called ugly. 

Ever since that day, she started to hate handsome guys and became a shut-in. She soon embraced things like horror movies, gore, and everything occult-related. 

She got forced to go live in her aunt’s mansion with four extremely good-looking housemates. 

Her aunt had made a deal with the four guys that if they can turn Sunako into a proper lady, their rent for the next three years will be free.  

So starts her hectic life as the guys try to make her more feminine. But, as she has cast away all her femininity, she will do anything to nullify their efforts. 

Witness a reverse harem of extremely attractive men all vying for her affection. 

10. Uta No Prince-Sama

Uta No Prince-Sama

Haruka is an aspiring composer who one day wishes to compose music for her idol Hayato Ichinose. To achieve her dream, she decides to enter the Saotome Academy, a prestigious vocational school for music. 

In Saotome Academy, everyone on the staff from Headmaster to teachers is either an idol or a composer. To top it off, all of her fellow students are either extremely good-looking future idols or highly talented future composers. 

One night, some strange events lead her to a mysterious but somewhat familiar man. 

Uta no Prince-Sama is filled with handsome guys and scenes of manservice. And just so know, this anime also has a great beach episode.

11. Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru

Touken Ranbu Hanamaru - anime with male fanservice

Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru is one of the two anime adaptations based on a browser video game. 

While the other adaptation is more focused on sword fights and a serious story, this one takes a more relaxed approach focusing on the everyday life of the characters. And ofcourse, it has some decent male fanservice as well.

In the distant future, a powerful sage known as Saniwa possesses the ability to breathe life into inanimate objects. When a group of people plots to go back in time and change the future, he decides to breathe life into powerful swords and task them with protecting the past. 

The animated swords become highly attractive men.

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