Hunter x Hunter Female Characters – 25+ Most Popular Girls From the Hit Anime

In today’s article, we will be taking a look at some of the most popular female characters from Hunter x hunter anime series.

Hunter x Hunter is one of the most well-liked adventure anime series there is.

From this series, we learned a lot of important lessons, including the true meaning of friendship, the dark side of humanity, the devotion to exploring the world, and so on.

It is packed with lots of powerful and inspiring characters who just might alter your perspective on the world.

The female characters in HxH prove to be as good as the series’ male characters with their distinct personalities.

Some of them are professional hunters who go to battle to defend humans. While others are members of evil organizations such as Phantom Troupe and Chimera Ant.

Many fans and viewers are curious about the best girls in Hunter x Hunter. So we’ve compiled a list of the best 25+ amazing girls in HxH.

You can learn everything you need to know about them here, including their personalities, powers, skills, and roles in the series.

So without any further delay, here are the 25+ amazing female characters in Hunter x Hunter.

Hunter x Hunter Female Characters: Hunters

  • Ponzu
  • Cheadle Yorkshire
  • Spinner Clow
  • Cluck
  • Pyon
  • Menchi
  • Gel
  • Biscuit Krueger


Ponzu - Hunter x Hunter Female characters

Ponzu takes part in the hunter exam alongside Gon and Killua to become a hunter.

She is one of the strongest participants who is able to clear the third stage and is able to enter the fourth stage of the exam.

She held a lot of chemicals with her and excellently used them to take down her opponents.

Ponzu always wears a huge yellow hat which has numerous bees inside it. These bees help her in difficult situations by attacking her enemies and taking her away by flying from the danger zone.

She is a manipulator type nen user and uses her ability to manipulate bees at her own will.

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Cheadle Yorkshire

Cheadle Yorkshire

Cheadle Yorkshire is a Zodiac and a Triple-Star Disease Hunter. She is the Hunter Association’s 14th and current Chairwoman.

She is also a member of the Science Team, which was formed in advance of the expedition to the Dark Continent. Cheadle is well-known for having the codename “Dog.”

As a person, it is made clear that Cheadle is a composed, intelligent individual with a clearly established moral compass.

She is cool-headed and normally composed, fiercely devoted to Isaac Netero, and abhors Pariston.

In terms of strength, among all the hunters, Cheadle is in charge and has access to all the annexed advantages.

Cheadle has the qualities that have given her the nickname “Brains of the Zodiacs” because she proves herself intelligent, knowledgeable, and pragmatic in elections.

Spinner Clow

Spinner Clow - HxH waifus

Spinner Clow is one of the members of the Amateur Hunters under the leadership of Kite.

She loved to explore wildlife and wanted to become a professional beast hunter.

She was a beautiful young girl and held great respect for Kite for buying a whole mine for her.

Spinner is also popularly known as Spin by her comrades and mentor.

She was born in a mining area surrounded by lots of small swans. She is also deeply hurt by Gon and Killua for leaving Kite alone in danger.


Cluck - HxH waifu

Cluck is a powerful and professional hunter and one of the twelfth Zodiacs chosen by Issac Netero. She is short-tempered and blunt, never afraid to raise her voice against anyone. 

Cluck is a manipulation-type nen user, but she doesn’t show the full extent of her power yet.

She also had complete control over pigeons, which she used to deliver messages to other hunters. She is known by her codename “Chicken” in her group of hunters. 


Pyon - HxH girls

Pyon is a Zodiac and a hunter of Paleographs. She is a member of the Intelligence Team, which was established in advance of the trip to the Dark Continent.

She is well-known for having the codename “Rabbit.”

As a person , Pyon speaks informally and has a laid-back demeanor that can sometimes come off as frivolous.

She also despises being ignored; when this happens, she erupts in wrath and screams.

In terms of strength, Pyon is a strong and competent enough hunter to have been Netero’s partner in combat.

She has some of the highest authority within the Hunter Association.

Hisoka gave her an overall strength rating of 77, significantly higher than that of the majority of the Pro Hunters in attendance.


Gel - HxH waifu

Gel is a professional hunter and one of the twelfth members of the Zodiacs under the leadership of Issac Netero.

She is known by her codename “Snake” by her comrades and other hunters. She is a pale-skinned, slim woman with a beautiful, curvaceous body and long black hair.

Gel is one of the strongest hunters in the entire Hunter Association. She has a vast knowledge of chemistry, biology, and medicine and is a poison hunter.

She is also a proficient Nen user and can transform her hand into a snake to attack her opponents.

Gel still doesn’t show the full extent of her power yet, but she had great potential.

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Menchi - Hunter x Hunter Female characters

Menchi is the top-rated professional hunter and also the examiner of the second stage of the Hunter Exam.

She is one of the hottest female characters in Hunter x Hunter. Her personality is quite different from other hunters; she is short-tempered and a genius individual.

Menchi gets tantrums after hearing anything bad about gourmet hunters and foods.

As a gourmet hunter, she had great knowledge of all types of meat and had good cooking skills. She expertly uses a bunch of knives at a time against her opponents. 

Biscuit Krueger

Biscuit Krueger - Hunter x Hunter Female characters

Biscuit Krueger is a top-rated professional hunter who plays a major role in the Greed Island Arc.

She is hired by Battera to clear the video game “Greed Island” and, after that, attend the auction for the game in Yorknew City.

After meeting with Gon and Killua during the game, she became their teacher and taught them about nen and its uses.

Biscuit is also popularly known as Bisky, and is one of the most popular female characters in HxH.

She is an expert at extracting information from her opponents and deceiving them with her cuteness and phony acting.

As being a stone hunter, she had a vast knowledge of all types of stones, consisting of different rare and powerful stones.

Biscuit was originally a transmuter but is also capable of using emission, enhancement, and manipulation to a higher extent.

Her physical strength and endurance reach new heights after she transforms into a huge, muscular woman.

She also has a keen intellectual and analytical mind and knows lots of fighting skills.

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Hunter x Hunter Female Characters: Chimera Ants

  • Mosquito
  • Kite
  • Hina
  • Zazan
  • Palm Siberia

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Mosquito - HxH ant girl

Mosquito was one of Yunju’s squad division’s Chimera Ant Soldiers. She had a cold, vicious personality and enjoyed making fun of their opponents.

She met her death, however, with amazing recognition, blaming her own vulnerability.

In terms of strength, like all Chimera Ants, Mosquito is more powerful than an average person.

She attacks her enemies with a lethal sting from her tail after distracting them with a sting from her lips.

She didn’t seem to be in any agony after losing one arm; instead, she was enraged. Mosquito fights on the ground, yet she can fly because of her wings.

Kite (as Chimera Ant)

Kite (as Chimera Ant) - HxH girls

Kite was originally a professional male hunter who learned all his nen abilities from Ging Freecss.

After he was killed by Neferpitou, he was reborn as a female chimera ant. She is a young child with long red hair and a tail on her back.

Kite is a lively child who enjoys playing with toys and swords. She also became very mature in a very short time after regaining her previous memories.

She doesn’t show any nen abilities yet, but she might possess enormous powers due to being a sibling of Meruem.


Hina - HxH girls

Hina is a Chimera ant who served as a Squad Captain in Leol’s Squad. Prior to deciding to change her name, she went by the name Hirin.

She traveled to Meteor City in pursuit of Gyro after the Chimera Ant King was killed with Bizeff, Welfin, and the others.

As a person, Hina is very upbeat and innocent. She has a typical teenage girl’s demeanor and worries about how her talent will affect her appearance.

In terms of strength, apart from himself, Leol was believed to regard her as one of his squad’s top two fighters. 

Hina effortlessly lifted and threw away a massive chunk of rubble that was holding Bizeff down, displaying her extraordinary power.


Strongest Chimera Ant Waifu in HxH - Zazan 

Zazan is a scorpion-based female Chimera ant but has a beautiful female appearance.

She is one of the squadron leaders under the direct command of the Chimera ant queen.

After the death of the ant queen, she immediately left and made her own kingdom and proclaimed herself queen.

Zazan doesn’t like to follow the orders of the ant queen and allows her subordinates to kill and eat anyone.

She is a very arrogant and power-hungry individual who can’t ignore her dishonour by anyone.

She also had excellent leadership skills, which is why she was able to create her own small kingdom.

Zazan is one of the strongest Chimera ants who put up a tough fight against one of the strongest phantom troupe members, Feitan.

Her deadly poison stinger can kill any professional hunter in an instant.

She is a manipulator type nen user but is also capable of using enhancers and emission ability to a limited extent.

Palm Siberia 

Palm Siberia Chimera Ant form

Palm Siberia is originally a female hunter before being turned into a Chimera ant soldier by the Royal Guards.

She was an assistant to Knov, a professional hunter, and held great respect and love for him.

Palm is one of the prettiest female characters in Hunter x Hunter, with a beautiful appearance.

She is a kind and gentle woman, but sometimes she acts violently against the one who opposes her.

Her personality slightly changed after being reborn as a Chimera ant, and she became calm and intelligent. 

Palm is an enhancer and is able to increase her strength and power to a greater extent.

She covers her whole body with her hair, which acts as a defense for her during a fight. She is also very good at tracking her opponents and gathering information from them. 

Hunter x Hunter Phantom Troupe Female Characters

  • Shizuku Murasaki
  • Pakunoda
  • Machi Komacine

Shizuku Murasaki

Shizuku Murasaki - Hunter x Hunter Female characters

Shizuku Murasaki is one of the important and eighth members of the Phantom Troupe.

She is the most beautiful female character in Hunter x Hunter, with short black hair and a slim body. She is a very calm, emotionless, and uncaring individual. 

Shizuku has short-term memory loss and frequently forgets her work as well as the names of people.

She is an expert in pickpocketing and did all the important work of her team, such as removing all their traces.

Shizuku is a conjurer who creates a vacuum cleaner named Blinky by using her Nen abilities.

She uses Blinky to suck up every non-living thing and to remove all the traces of evidence that Troupe has left behind.


Pakunoda - HxH waifu

Pakunoda is the 9th member of the Phantom Troupe who has very troublesome abilities.

She is the hottest female character in Hunter x Hunter, with a beautiful, curvaceous body.

She is a very confident and intelligent woman who is very loyal to her leader, Chrollo Lucifer.

Pakunoda doesn’t have as much physical strength and speed as her other teammates.

However, she is quite smart and an expert markswoman who can wield multiple guns at a time.

She is a specialist nen user who reads other people’s minds or memories by using her special ability, psychometry. 

Pakunoda is also capable of implanting her own memories into others by shooting conjured bullets into their heads.

She held an important position in her group due to having a very rare and useful ability.

Machi Komacine

Machi Komacine - Hunter x Hunter Female characters

Machi Komacine is the third and one of the founding members of the Phantom Troupe.

She is a short-heeled, beautiful woman who usually dresses like a ninja. She always seems to be without any emotions and never loses her control in any situation.

Machi has very sharp instincts that allow her to make good decisions at the right time.

She possesses incredible physical strength, great speed, and quick reflexes that make her one of the strongest female characters in Hunter x Hunter.

She is also quite intelligent and expert at finding a way to defeat her opponents by failing their strategies.  

Machi is a transmuter-type nen user and has excellent knowledge of other nen techniques.

She can easily reattach limbs and sew up wounds by stitching them with her nen stitches. She also converts her auro into nen threads to attack and capture her opponents 

Hunter x Hunter Female Characters: Zoldyck Family

  • Amane
  • Tsubone
  • Kikyo Zoldyck
  • Canary
  • Alluka Zoldyck


Amane - HxH waifus

Amane is the Zoldyck family’s most experienced and skilled butler, Tsubone’s granddaughter.

Silva Zoldyck officially informed her and her grandmother, Tsubone, that they were going with Killua and Alluka on their trip to save Gon Freecss.

Like her grandmother, she is devoted to Silva and will not be reluctant to carry out his orders.

Her impassible, professional demeanor is periodically punctuated by arrogant outbursts.

In terms of strength, Amane is the Zoldyck family’s skilled combatant and resourceful servant. 

Amane possesses a level of resilience that is close to superhuman, allowing her to survive an illumi-engineered car crash.

By quickly kicking aside and bending an iron bar that was being aimed at Killua and Alluka, she demonstrated her enhanced strength and speed.



Tsubone is the Zoldyck family’s most experienced and skilled butler.

Silva Zoldyck officially informed her and her granddaughter, Amane, that they were going with Killua and Alluka on their trip to save Gon Freecss.

As a person, Tsubone is devoted to Silva and will not be reluctant to carry out his orders.

She is the only servant who addresses Killua as “Killua-chan” and Alluka as “Alluka-chama.”

In terms of strength, Tsubone believes she is able to take out Killua in an instant, and she has shown a preference for avoiding conflict with her. 

Furthermore, her simple presence causes Gotoh to break out in a cold sweat, and Illumi appears hesitant to fight her.

Along with her exceptional fighting abilities, she carries a video camera, the feed of which can be viewed by the Zoldyck family at the mansion.

Kikyo Zoldyck

Kikyo Zoldyck - Hunter x Hunter Female characters

Kikyo Zoldyck is the mother of one of the series’ main characters, Killua, and the wife of Silva Zoldyck.

She is a tall lady who usually wears a dark purple long gown and covers her face with bandages.

She was also a member of the Zoldyck family, and had excellent assassin skills and a caring family business.

Kikyo is a very cruel lady and always acts overprotective towards Killua due to her high hopes and love for him.

She also doesn’t hesitate to check her daughter, Alluka’s, abilities, which might be dangerous for her whole family.

She is a manipulator-type nen user but doesn’t show her nen abilities throughout the series.


Canary - Hunter x Hunter Female characters

Canary is an assistant butler of the Zoldyck family. She is a dark-skinned young girl with grey eyes and purple hair.

She appears to be a cold-hearted person, but she is actually very kind and nice.

Canary spent her childhood in Meteor City, a city of Phantom Troupes, and learned a lot of fighting skills.

At such a young age, she killed a blacklist hunter alongside 100 men on her own. She is always willing to sacrifice her own life for the sake of the Zoldyck family, especially her younger master, Killua. 

Canary never showed her Nen abilities throughout the series, but she knows how to use Nen.

She also knows some special assassination skills like Shadow Step, which help her deal with multiple trespassers at a time.

Alluka Zoldyck

Alluka Zoldyck - HxH girls

Alluka Zoldyck is the younger sister of Killua Zoldyck and one of the major female characters in Hunter x Hunter’s Election Arc.

She belongs to an infamous assassin family whose members are great experts in killing people.

She shares her body with a mysterious dark creature named Nanika, who has extraordinary powers.

Alluka is a simple-minded young girl with a lovable and playful personality.

But after changing into Nanika, she became a very evil and uncontrollable individual. She is very close to her brother, Killua, and shares a great and lovable bond with him.

She is an ordinary child who doesn’t have any fighting skills, durability, or strength.

Being the host of Nanika, Alluka possesses a mysterious power that allows her to do anything by granting a wish.

She is capable of killing her own powerful family in an instant by just granting wishes.

Throughout the series, she doesn’t show where her power comes from, whether it is aura-based or nen-related.

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Hunter x Hunter Other Female Characters

  • Reina
  • Retz
  • Neon Nostrade
  • Baise
  • Mito Freecss
  • Komugi



Reina, a five-year-old girl, lived in NGL with her mother and older brother Kurt.

As a person, she was a very kind, innocent girl who cherished her mother and brother’s company.

She was grateful to have an older brother like Kurt who would look out for her.

After her confrontation with a giant crab-like Chimera ant, she is devoured by the Ant Queen alongside her brother.

They are also the first humans devoured by the Queen. However, both Reina and Kurt are resurrected as Shidore and Colt later on.


Retz - HxH girls

Retz was Omokage’s younger sister and a traveling puppeteer. As a person, she was an extremely kind and joyful young lady.

Retz also appeared to be a little envious of Gon and Killua’s union.

Retz feared her brother would use her like a sleight-of-hand toy to seize Gon’s attention.

Overall, she was a very kind, kind, and endearing young lady who regarded Gon as the brother she had always desired.

In terms of strength, it is demonstrated that she is free to move her puppet even without strings.

Given that she held the Soul Doll talent and that she uses her puppet to build a doll that is modelled on Illumi Zoldyck, it is likely that she is a specialist like her brother.

Neon Nostrade

Neon Nostrade - Hunter x Hunter Female characters

Neon Nostrade is the only daughter of Light Nostrade and belongs to the infamous mafia family known as the Nostrade Family.

She is a very headstrong and selfish girl who has a hobby of collecting human body parts.

Neon always acted like a child and did anything to achieve what she wanted.

She is a specialist nen user and possesses a very mysterious nen ability called “Lovely Ghost.”

This ability allowed her to predict the future in the form of a poem, which she wrote unconsciously.


Baise - HxH waifu

Baise is one of the beautiful female characters in Hunter x Hunter with distinct facial features.

She is chosen as one of the bodyguards for Neon Nostrade, alongside Kurapika and others.

She is an expert at fighting by using her legs and quick reflexes.

Baise is a manipulator type nen user and creates a very rare ability, “Instant Lover”.

Through this ability, she can make anyone her slave by just kissing them. Whoever is her slave has to follow all her orders without any thought.

Mito Freecss

Mito Freecss - Hunter x Hunter Female characters

Mito Freecss is the foster mother of the series’ main character, Gon Freecss.

She raised Gon as her own son after his father, Ging, left him just after 2 years of his birth. She is a beautiful lady with white skin and dazzling eyes.

In her childhood days, Mito spent most of her time playing with Ging.

After Ging left the island, she took full responsibility for Gon and gave him a good upbringing.

She also hides the truth from his parents and tells him that his parents died in an accident.

She cares a lot about Gon and doesn’t want Gon to become a hunter like his father. 


Komugi - HxH girls

Komugi is one of the major characters in Hunter x Hunter’s Chimera Ant Arc.

She is the World Champion of the Gungi game, a strategic board game originated by the Republic of East Gorteau.

She is a very simple and intelligent young girl with a childish personality.

Komugi always acts friendly and polite with others, but she looks very down on herself.

She was born into a poor family and helped them with a little money by playing Gungi at national level.

After becoming a great player, she took an oath to kill herself whenever she lost any single match.  

Komugi’s personality is slightly changed after playing Gungi against Meruem, the Ant King.

She also developed a love relationship with him and dedicated her life to him.

She shows her excellence in mind power by defeating Meruem in every match, despite the fact that Meruem has superhuman intelligence and skills. 

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