15+ Best Slow Life Isekai Anime Recommendations For You!

Slow Life isekai anime is a genre that has been getting a lot of attention lately. As the name suggests, the main characters of these shows want to lead a slow, blissful, and peaceful life. This is basically a slice of life anime, except in an isekai setting.

These slice of life isekai anime have been released more and more over the past couple of years. As a fan of this genre, I’ve decided to write an article about my top 15+ best slow life isekai anime that I adored!

Difference Between Slow Life Isekai And Slice Of Life Isekai

Before we jump into the listing, I just want to make sure you guys understand the difference between “Slow life Isekai” and “Slice of Life Isekai.” Simply put, Slow life is a feel good anime, whereas slice of life is not necessarily a feel good anime. All slow life anime are slice of life but not all slice of life anime are slow life.

For example, slice of life series would include shows like Konosuba and Nobunaga Concerto where the MC is not exactly living a peaceful and satisfying life.

In Konosuba we can always hear Kazuma whine about his misfortunes. In Nobunaga Concerto the MC has to literally conquer Japan using his knowledge of history. Neither of them have a peaceful life or satisfying life.

Whereas, slow life series like ‘Welcome to the Demon School! Iruma Kun’ involve the main character living far better than they used to in their old world. Coming to the other world changed their lives for the better and they are happy with their situations. While they might eventually have to fight, the majority of the show is about them living a normal life.

15+ Best Slice of Life Isekai Anime Where the MC Leads a Slow Life

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16. ‘Parallel World Pharmacy’

Parallel World Pharmacy - best slow life isekai anime of all time

Kanji Yakutani, a renowned medical researcher, tragically lost his sister due to ineffective treatment. Driven by this loss, he dedicated himself to developing new medications. Unfortunately, he overexerts and dies at 31.

However, fate intervenes, granting him a second chance in a different world. Reborn as Falma de Médicis, a 10-year-old boy from a prestigious medical family, he possesses divine powers.

These powers enable him to manipulate substances based on their chemical properties. As Falma explores this world, he realizes that medical practices resemble ancient times, favoring only the nobility.

Motivated by his past knowledge and divine abilities, Falma vows to provide medical care to all, regardless of social status.

15. ‘Kemono Michi’

Kemono Michi - best slow life isekai anime of all time

Kemono Michi follows the story of a pro wrestler who gets summoned into a fantasy world. He was supposed to become a “hero” and defeat the demon lord. However, he had something else in mind.

The main character is overly obsessed with animals and beasts. So he couldn’t entertain the thought of slaying demon beasts. Therefore, he ignores the request from the princess and continues to gather demon beasts, hoping to open a pet store.

14. ‘Banished from the Hero’s Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside’

Banished from the Hero’s Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside

Alright, I cheated! This is not really an isekai but I had to add it to this list because it is a perfect feel good slow life fantasy anime.

As the name of this anime suggests, the main character of this anime gets banished from the hero’s party. One of his colleagues complains that he is too weak to be in the hero’s party and continues to trash him. Understanding his own limitations, the MC accepts leaving the party.

Thus ended his days of adventure. However, a new life awaited him. He decided to live in a village at the farthest end of the world, away from all the world’s activity.

He opens a drug store, helps the villagers out, and lives a slow life. But trouble comes his way, and he is forced to protect everything that he loves.

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13. ‘Princess Connect Re:dive’

Princess Connect Redive

Princess connect Re:Dive has a very forgettable MC. The main character in this anime has no personality. He can’t even talk for the most part. However, that doesn’t stop this show from being a wholesome slice of life isekai anime.

The majority of this anime is about the characters eating delicious food and having fun. There are several underlying mysteries and evils. But in season 1 of Princess Connect Re:Dive is the perfect slow life anime!

12. ‘Drug Store in Another World: The Slow Life of a Cheat Pharmacist’

Drug Store in Another World The Slow Life of a Cheat Pharmacist

Reiji Kirio, a former corporate slave, awakens one day in a different world. He chooses to create a drugstore with the canine Noera and the ethereal Mina after realizing that he has superhuman pharmacological knowledge. There, he tends to the needs of all who come to the pharmacy, providing potions and the like.

11. ‘In Another World With My Smartphone’

In Another World with My Smartphone

In this anime, the protagonist is transported to a fantasy world along with his smartphone. Due to a mistake by God, the main character dies prematurely but is offered a chance for reincarnation.

As compensation, God grants him the ability to choose one item from his previous world, and he selects his smartphone. With his favorite device, he is transported to a magical realm. This is one of the few isekai shows with modern technology where the MC uses it to surprise the people of the fantasy world.

To ensure his success, God bestows upon him extraordinary magical powers, enabling him to lead a prosperous life. And if you thought his luck couldn’t get any better, he even finds himself in a harem situation, with God approving of his multiple marriages.

10. ‘Restaurant to Another World’

Restaurant to Another World

Isekai Shokudou – The Dinner to Another Universe is a feel-good isekai anime with little in the way of narrative or plot, but it’s just what you need if you’re seeking a slow-paced, relaxing anime.

Once every seven days, a door to the popular Western restaurant, “Nekoya,” appears in various locations in the isekai world.

The people of the other world learn about this restaurant one by one and eventually become regular clients, savouring the pleasures of the modern world.

9. ‘Outbreak Company’

Outbreak Company - best slow life isekai anime of all time

Outbreak Company is an anime series that offers a unique blend of comedy, fantasy, and social commentary. Since this anime has an otaku MC it is also highly relatable.

The story follows Shinichi Kanou, a hardcore otaku who unexpectedly finds himself recruited by the Japanese government to promote anime, manga, and other elements of Japanese pop culture in a parallel fantasy world known as the Holy Eldant Empire.

As Shinichi immerses himself in this new world, he encounters various races and cultures, navigating through cultural clashes, political intrigue, and unexpected friendships.

With its humorous and satirical take on cultural exchange, Outbreak Company provides an entertaining and thought-provoking exploration of the power of pop culture and its influence across different societies.

8. ‘The Devil is a Part-Timer!’

The Devil is a Part-Timer! - best slow life isekai anime of all time

The Devil is a Part-Timer! is a highly popular slice-of-life isekai series known for its comedic approach. Despite its release in the early 2010s, it remains a beloved title within the genre.

The story revolves around Sadao Maou, a once-mighty demon lord who finds himself powerless after a devastating defeat. Forced to flee to Earth, Sadao must now adapt to a world devoid of magic, assuming the guise of a human.

To make a living, he takes on a job at a local fast-food restaurant, setting off a chain of amusing and everyday adventures. While striving for a new ambition of conquering the corporate world, Sadao encounters various challenges and comical situations along the way.

7. ‘My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!’

My Next Life as a Villainess All Routes Lead to Doom!

My Next Life As A Villainess is a rom-com isekai anime where the main character is a girl who mysteriously gets teleported inside her favorite dating sim game. The plot twist, though, is that she has reincarnated as the villainess of the game.

As a person who has played the game till the end, she knows the villainess is either going to die or live a horible life after a certain period of time. She is determined to live, so she starts taking actions to make sure she does not end up badly.

However, because of her personality, she actually becomes popular among a harem of boys and girls. Everyone is romantically interested in her, although she herself is blind to their love.

6. ‘The Bears Bear a Bare Kuma’ – Slow life Isekai anime with OP MC

The Bears Bear a Bare Kuma - best slow life isekai anime of all time

The Bears Bear a Bare Kuma is another great slice of life isekai anime where the MC is stuck in a game. However, main character leads a happy, slow life in the isekai world.

A super-rich teenage girl gets addicted to a VR game. As a reward for playing the game for a huge number of hours, she gets a special gift-bear equipment. This equipment set has the highest possible buffs.

What’s more, she gets to access a new world that other players have not experienced yet. However, she is not able to log out of the game either. She hated her reality anyway, so she didn’t care about that.

In this new world, she becomes instantly famous because of her cute bear costume and her overpowered abilities.

5. ‘I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level’

I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level

I was personally introduced to the slow life isekai anime genre by this anime. As the title says, the main character of this anime leads a super slow life for 300 years, killing slime for a living. She was originally an office worker who died of overwork. Because of that experience, she wanted to take it easy in her new life.

To her luck, she also turned out to be an immortal. Therefore, she takes it easy, living as she pleases without stressing herself. She meets new people, makes friends, helps people out and becomes a living legend in the town.

4. ‘Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill’

Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill

Experience the charm of this beloved slice-of-life isekai anime available on Netflix and adored by fans worldwide. Our main character is an ordinary Japanese man, summoned into a new world with high expectations.

Expected to become their hero and save the kingdom, he receives a rather unconventional skill: “Online Supermarket,” not exactly suited for combat. Consequently, the kingdom releases him, realizing his ability won’t aid them in battle against enemies.

As the story progresses, our protagonist utilizes his unique power to acquire affordable goods and create mouthwatering dishes.

However, his extraordinary culinary talent catches the attention of Fenrir, one of the world’s most formidable beasts. Tempted by the delicious food, Fenrir forms a contract with our hero, becoming his loyal companion.

Joined by their mutual desire to make a living, they embark on thrilling adventures as traveling merchants in this fantastical realm. Prepare for an enchanting journey filled with friendship, commerce, and delectable cuisine.

3. ‘Ascendance of a Bookworm’

Ascendance of a Bookworm

Ascendance of a Bookworm is a great slow life isekai anime with a female MC. Although, it might not be a best fit for this list. Because there are some exciting events that happen in the later half of this anime. That said, the main character also leads a slow, peaceful life for the majority of the show.

The main character of this anime gets killed when a bookshelf falls over her. To her surprise, she woke up in a child’s body in another world.

This world is very behind in technology and doesn’t even have paper. As a book lover, she wanted to create books. The majority of the anime is about the main character trying to create a book. She also ends up starting a business selling her knowledge from her previous life.

This anime has another side filled with magic and fantasy, which only makes this show even more amazing.

2. ‘By the Grace of Gods’

By The Grace Of Gods - best slow life isekai anime of all time

By the Grace of the Gods is the ultimate slow life isekai anime that is super underrated. Here the MC gets reincarnated into a fantasy world after being killed by overwork in his previous life.

After his death, he meets the gods and they reincarnate him in another world, all the while bringing unused mana from Earth to this fantasy world. Reincarnated as a child in this world, the main character spends 3 years alone in the woods, learning about this world and taming thousands of slime monsters.

One day, he meets and saves a member of the royal family and gets involved with the outside world. From there on, a beautiful story unfolds where the MC does tasks as an adventurer and starts his own business with the help of slime.

1. ‘Welcome To The Demon School! Iruma-Kun’

Welcome To The Demon School Iruma Kun

Known for its comedic elements, this anime holds a unique position as an isekai series that often goes unnoticed.

Our protagonist faces an unusual circumstance when their parents sell them to a devil for money. However, it turns out the devil adopts them as their grandchild.

Now residing in the demon world, far from their human origins, the protagonist must disguise themselves as a demon to avoid perilous consequences. In this fantastical realm, humans are considered mythical delicacies.

Complications arise when the devil sends their new grandchild to a demon school. While other demons possess innate magical abilities, our protagonist relies on a powerful ring bestowed by their grandfather.

Against all odds, thanks to the ring’s immense magic, the protagonist becomes a candidate for the position of demon lord. How will the story unfold for this young human pretending to be a demon?

These were all the best slow life isekai anime that I loved! I can assure you that you’ll love these anime series if you are a fan of the slice of life and slow life genres. That’s it for this post. I hope you found something new to watch!



Silver is a passionate anime lover, who has been watching anime for almost ten years, with hundreds of titles on his watched list. He also loves isekai shows, webtoons, doujins, J-pop and cats.

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