Kitsune Girls: Top 10 Cutest Fox Girl Waifus In Anime

Kitsune means a supernatural fox in Japanese folklore who has the ability to turn into humans. This concept has since been seen in anime with the introduction of many Kitsune girls

They are the trademark characters in some stories, and the entire plot is based around them. Today, we will be taking a look at the top 10 anime fox girls who have managed to make their marks in this unique category.

What are Fox Girls?

Fox girls or kitsune girls are often considered as “yokai” which means apparition. In Japan there are people who consider them as gods and pray to them.

In anime, these historical legends have been presented as cute girls with fluffy ears and tail. However, in anime, they aren’t limited to being apparitions. There are tons of other fictional concepts that makes it possible for anime to introduce even humans as foxes. Well, anything is possible in fiction after all.

List Of The Cutest Fox Girls In Anime

Kunou (High School DxD Hero)

Anime fox girl waifus

The fact that High School DxD also has a Kitsune girl should come as no surprise. And unlike other fox girls, Kunou is a nine-tailed fox, which is a thing of legend. She studies in an elementary school and has shiny golden hair. Her dress normally comprises a miko outfit with a star-shaped haori

Since she is the daughter of the Kyoto ruler, she knows how to carry herself like a princess. She is mature enough to handle the responsibilities on her own and make sure that she doesn’t tarnish her family’s name.

Kon (Inari Kon Kon)

Kon (Inari Kon Kon)

Kon may look like a dog at first sight, but in reality she is a fox familiar. She also has the power to transform into a human where she retains her fox tail and fox ears. It is possible for a fox familiar to change exactly into a human, but since Kon isn’t particularly an expert on that matter, she can’t do anything about her ears and tail. 

It is important to note that she has a lot of similarities with Inari in terms of her characteristics because it was Inari who saved her in the first place.

Yuzu (Konohana Kitan)

Yuzu (Konohana Kitan)

Yuzu is a very adorable kitsune. She has an innocent side to her and works very hard at every step of her life. She is of medium height and can often be seen wearing a kimono. Everything about Yuzu is extremely wholesome. She deeply cares for all the people around her while living in the countryside. 

This is why whenever anyone is in need of help, she tries to do her best from the knowledge she gained from Bikuni. As a fox girl, she is always looking to learn more by reading various types of books.

Susukihotaru (Otome Youkai Zakuro)

Susukihotaru (Otome Youkai Zakuro)-min

Susukihotaru is affiliated with the Ministry of Spirit Affairs in Otome Youkai Zakuro and works for them. Because of her fox-girl nature, her own parents abandoned her, and she was ultimately taken under the care of Kushimatsu. Susukihotaru also has some special skills that make her stand out among the other fox-girls. 

One of them is sensing the emotional output of humans simply by touching them. This is also what helped her to gel with humans later, and she particularly grew close to Riken. Other than her sensory abilities, Susukihotaru is also a decent fighter.

Kon (Kemono Jihen)

Anime fox girl waifus list

Kon is a young Kitsune who used to work for Yoko Inari. She has crystal blue eyes and blonde hair that she keeps tied into two ponytails. Because of her stylish appearance, Kon can always be the center of attention anywhere. She generally wears a hoodie along with a pair of fingerless gloves. 

Kon rarely shows any kind of emotion except when it comes to her dear Inari. If anyone even so much as insults her, it throws Kon into a fit of rage. She has a very clean heart and shows the utmost devotion to Inari, even though Inari doesn’t show much interest in her.

Shiro (The Helpful Fox Senko-san)

Shiro (The Helpful Fox Senko-san)-min

The Helpful Fox Senko-san features many fox girls, and Shiro is one of them. She has bright red eyes, along with a tail and silver colored hair. Similar to the colour of her eyes, two stripes are visible on each of her cheeks. She can come off as quite arrogant on the first impression and holds her kind in high regard. 

Aside from that, she also possesses special powers like mind control and fox-fire manipulation. She is without a doubt one of the coolest Kitsune characters you can ever find.

Zakuro (Otome Youkai Zakuro)

Fox Girls in Anime - Kitsune girl list

As it is evident from the title, Zakuro is the main character of the anime Otome Youkai Zakuro. Just like Susukihotaru, she was also abandoned as a child by her mother. As she grew up, she found her way to the Ministry of Spirit Affairs

In the ministry, Kei Agemaki became her partner, and the duo developed a romantic relationship in due course of time. Zakuro is also very skilled as a fighter and knows how to lead others. The fact that she can turn into a divine being is an added bonus to her abilities.

Yukikaze Panettone (Dog Days)

Yukikaze Panettone (Dog Days)-min

It would have been very unjust if an anime with the name “Dog Days” did not have a fox girl waifu. Luckily, we have Yukikaze for us, who is a part of the Biscotti Knights Secret Squad. She usually adorns the outfit of a ninja with her golden hair and shiny blue eyes. 

In the Biscotti Knights Secret Squad, she acts as the vanguard and treats the other members just like her brothers. Yukikaze is always full of energy, which seems to increase whenever she is on the battlefield. Out of all the people in the Secret Squad, she admires Brioche the most.

Senko (The Helpful Fox, Senko-san)

senko san

Senko is one of the main characters in the anime The Helpful Fox Senko-san. She is around 800 years of age and descended from a place called Kitsune Heaven. She is very mature in contrast to her childlike appearance, and the only time she showed her bubbly nature was when she went out with Kuroto

Apparently, the task she has been assigned as a kitsune is to remove all kinds of darkness from Kuroto’s life. Being a Fox girl means she is also stacked with special powers like telekinesis, levitate, and magic barrier. When it comes to her fox tail and ears, she is very sensitive and doesn’t want anyone to touch them.

Chizuru Minamoto (Kanokon)

Chizuru Minamoto (Kanokon)-min

Chizuru Minamoto is the protagonist of the story of Kanokon. She may seem like a normal school student in the second year, but in reality she is a Kitsune. She is very strong in her fox form, with her power increasing rapidly.  Chizuru by all means is the best fox girl waifu material.

In her kitsune form, Chizuru can produce and manipulate blue flames, which is a characteristic ability of most fox girls. But she can even go a step further by making use of her fusion ability. She can fuse with Kouta and utilise her five-tail powers to make the best use of her potential.

That’s it for this post! These were all the most popular fox girls in the anime community! If we’ve missed your favorite kitsune girl make sure to comment below! Thank for reading (^^)

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[…] Recommended >> Kitsune Girls: Top 10 Cutest Fox Girl Waifus In Anime! […]


[…] Recommended >> Kitsune Girls: Top 10 Cutest Fox Girl Waifus In Anime […]

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