Everything You Need To Know About Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy

I recently watched Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchu and was captivated by it. The anime was like a mix of “that time I got reincarnated as a slime”, “Arifureta” and “Mairimashita Iruma kun!”—the three anime that I adore! After watching such a great show, I couldn’t help but want to write something about it. 

So today, I figured I’d write an article about Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy, reviewing its plot, characters, and other FAQs regarding this anime.

For the character listing, I’ll be covering all of the main characters in the show and perhaps some minor ones as well. But it is not going to be all of the characters in the show.

Before I start the review and character list, I’d like to answer some popular questions regarding Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchu.

Where To Watch Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy?

where to watch Tsukimichi-Moonlit-Fantasy

You can watch Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy on Crunchyroll. The anime’s license was purchased by Crunchyroll. Those who like to stream the series on the platform can do so using this.

Another option for fans is to view it on the Ani-One YouTube channel. Just keep in mind that the series is exclusively available to Ani-One Ultra subscribers.

If none of the above options seem appealing to you, then you’ll just have to read the manga online.

Is Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy available in dub? What is the release date for the dub?

As of now, there is no dub version available for Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy. There has also been no information regarding the release of a dubbed version of this anime. So it is safe to assume that Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy will not be getting an English dub anytime soon.

Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy Summary

Tsukimichi moonlit fantasy review

Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchu is an isekai anime where the main characters are summoned into a new world. However, unlike most other anime in this genre, the main character is not assigned the title of “hero,” nor is he asked to defeat the demon lord.

On the contrary, he is hated by the goddess of the new world, and he is thrown to the farthest corner of the world where only monsters live.

He begins to form contracts with monsters and eventually builds a city for the monsters that are living in the harsh environment at the edge of the world. 

The one good thing for him through this ordeal is that he is overpowered. As a human from Earth, which is apparently a harsh world, he is super powerful in the new world. It’s pretty much the same concept as how Superman is powerful on Earth. The main character’s mana grows to the point where it rivals that of the goddess herself. Because of this, he needs to wear mana-suppressing equipment to not scare off the humans in the new world.

The main character also goes on an adventure to find a human settlement and builds a trade business that would benefit his city of monsters.

Main Characters In Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy

Makoto Misumi


Makoto is the main protagonist of Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy. He was originally a resident of Earth until one day he was summoned by a god and teleported to another world. In this new fantasy world, he was supposed to become a “hero” and save the planet from crisis.

However, the goddess of that world found Makoto ugly and treated him like a worm. She didn’t want him to mingle with humans in this world, as she didn’t want him to spread his ugly ‘seeds’ in her world. So the goddess granted him the ability to speak the monster’s language rather than the human language.

Makoto was thrown into the farthest corner of the world where only monsters lived. However, he had high magical and combat abilities and became the “master” of monsters in no time.


tomoe - tsukimichi moonlit fantasy

Tomoe is the name that Makoto gave to the legendary “invincible dragon” that lived on the edge of the world. Before forming a contract with Makoto, she was called “Shin.” She is one of the main characters in Tsukimichi moonlit fantasy.

Right after Makoto was summoned to the new world, he had to face off against Shin. He overpowered her and ended up making the dragon his servant. However, this idea was proposed by Shin herself. She found Makoto’s memory of Earth interesting and decided to serve him.

Because of forming the contract, a new land was created that can only be accessed by the dragon’s mist gate. In this land, Tomoe and Makoto started creating their own village for the monsters that were having a hard time living in the deserted part of the world.



Another main character in Tsukimichi moonlit fantasy is Mio. She was originally a black spider that plagued the land, eating anything and everything. After fighting Makoto and feeding on his mana rich blood, she was able to regain consciousness.

At Tomoe’s suggestion, Mio formed a contract with Makoto and became his servant. Like Tomoe, Mio is also extremely loyal to Makoto and loves him obsessively.

Unlike Tomoe, she is very calm and patient. She doesn’t act unruly or impulsively. However, she could turn into a yandere when someone messes with her master.



Shiki was the last Tsukimichi moonlit fantasy character to be introduced in the first season of the anime. He was a lich—a human who became an undead skeleton after seeking more power and immortality.

His original aim was to become able to teleport to other worlds as he hated this one. To achieve this, he wanted a better body. Therefore, he tried to takeover Makoto but ultimately failed miserably.

Shiki also ended up forming a contract with Makoto, even though he was the weakest of the servants. His role was to teach magic to Makoto and help him grow his magical skills and knowledge.

Supporting Characters In Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy


Ema - pig girl

Ema is one of the first Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy characters to be introduced after the main character gets “isekaied.” She belongs to the orc race and is extremely competent. I know she looks like a pig girl, but she is an orc. She was traveling on a journey to be sacrificed to the fearsome dragon Shin in order to save her land. This is when she meets Makoto and gets saved by him.

Later, after Makoto defeated Shin, Ema and her orc village were invited to move into the illusionary land within Tomoe’s mist barrier.



Sofia is one of the spider people that moved into the illusionary land along with Mio. She serves Mio, along with her arachnid comrades.

Sofia is a minor character and does not get much screen time, but whenever we see her, she is working diligently.



Toa is a human from the isekai world who looks like Makoto’s school crush when he was back on Earth. She was used as an experimental gunnie pig and was left to die. Which is when Makoto finds her and saves her. After that, she became a part of the main character’s human friends.

She was later trained by Tomoe in order to become a high-ranking adventurer.

Gods In Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy



Among the Tsukimichi moonlit fantasy characters, we have a couple of gods. Tsukuyomi is the god of the Earth. He summoned Makoto in order to transfer him to another world according to a contract made by his parents. When the goddess of the new world discards Makoto, Tsukuyomi supports him and gives him the right to be free.



The goddess of the fantasy world is very unpleasant and rude. She treats the main character like trash just because he doesn’t look good. She throws him away at the edge of the world at first and then summons him to a battlefield without any notice. Overall, it would not be wrong to call her the villainess of Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy’s first season.

Villains in Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchu season 1

Personally, I’d consider that there are no villains in this anime as of now. The goddess treats the MC bad, but she does seem to care for her humans. But she is not godly by any means and is rather annoying. I’d call her the main villain, however, there were other characters that Makoto ended up fighting against at the end who played the villain role as far as season 1 is concerned. They are sofia and Mitsurugi.

Sofia Bulga and Mitsurugi

villains in tsukimichi moonlit fantasy-min
Sofia (the lady) and Mitsurugi (the little boy)

Bulga Sofia and Mitsurugi are the strongest adventurers there is. For some unknown reasons, they have decided to join the side of the demons. Makoto was tricked into fighting these two by the goddess, but ultimately he fled after defeating these two. I don’t think they are evil people and my gut feeling says that they are actually fighting evil in their own way. But who knows, I haven’t read the manga so I might be wrong. So yes, as far as season 1 is concerned Sofia and Mitsurugi are the villains in Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy.

That’s it for this post! This all you needed to know about Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchu. We’ve covered the anime’s plot, character listing and some common FAQs regarding this show. As a note of conclusion, I’d like to urge you to watch this anime in case you haven’t already!

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