Anime Where The MC Is A Monster

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to recommend you guys some of the best anime where the MC is a monster! The term ‘monster’ covers a wide variety of fictional characters ranging from demons, aliens to zombies and other scientific abominations. However, what it does not cover are people with special powers (for example, My Hero Academia) which is common in their anime.

Now, just because the anime MC is a monster doesn’t mean he has to be the bad guy. (I’ve written a separate post for that, where I’ve listed the best anime where the MC is a villain.) So almost all of the MC in this list will be the good guys.

Top 17 Anime Where The Main Character is A Monster

Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball - anime where the mc is a monster

While Goku is known for his monsterous strength, that isn’t the only reason Dragon Ball is in this list. Goku is originally a Saiyan who came to Earth for invasion. However, he forgets about his origin due to an accident and lives like a normal human.

As a saiyan race member, he is capable of transforming into a giant, monster-like ape when he sees the moon. But Goku has no control over this form as he has lived as a human and not a saiyan. As a result he attacks everything and everyone in sight.

The Legend Of The Legendary Heroes

The Legend Of The Legendary Heroes

The bearers of the ‘Alpha Stigma’ are people who are despised by everyone due to their insane magical abilities. They are only regarded as a source of destruction because they are unable to control their overwhelming powers. The bearer of the alpha stigma will become unconscious, and their god-like destructive powers will not stop until they have destroyed everything in sight.

Ryner Lute, one such Alpha Stigma bearer, wishes to save the kingdom from war by locating the Legendary Heroes’ relics.

Thus, he embarks on an adventure with his companion, Eris, to find and retrieve these ancient artifacts, revealing the truth behind his cursed (Alpha Stigma) eyes in the process.

Seraph of the end

Seraph of the end

A mysterious virus appeared and killed anyone over the age of 13. Taking advantage of the situation, the vampires who had been hiding in the shadows until then offered to protect the human children in exchange for a donation of their blood.

Yuuichirou and Mikaela Hyakuya were two of the survivors who were living as vampire cattle. Mikaela, who dislikes the idea of being treated like an animal, plots an escape with the other children they consider family, but their plan fails and costs them their lives.

Yuuichirou was the only survivor, and he was taken in by Moon Demon Company, a vampire-slaying military unit.

No Guns Life

no guns life - banner

No Guns Life is a cyberpunk anime set in the post-war period. The technology used to create cyborg soldiers during the war is now available to the general public.

Those who chose to replace their body parts with robotic substitutes were referred to as “Extends.” And the Cyborg soldiers used as weapons in the war were dubbed “Over Extend.”

Juzo Inui, one such over extend, runs a consultancy to deal with the problems/crimes caused by the extends. This mc is a monster even among extends because his head resembles a gun and he has the power to destroy an entire city.

However, his normal life is disrupted when an unusual Extend asks him to save the life of an unconscious youngster from their pursuers.

Who is that youngster? Why is he being sought after? What perils lurk behind the scenes? And how does it all relate to Juzo Inui? That’s what No guns life is all about.


Overlord - Anime with overpowered MC

The members of a well-known guild in a VR MMORPG gather inside the game for one last time before the game is abandoned by its publisher. Only one person remains even after the server is shut down, reminiscing about his days playing the game.

When he finally decides to log out, he is unable to do so. He is trapped within the game as his character. Now, t he MC is a monster (skeleton) who commands an army of ‘NPC’ servants. He decides to take over the world in order to uncover clues about how to return to the real world.

Beyond The Boundary

Beyond The Boundary - anime like JJK where the MC is a monster

This anime is about “Yomu,” which are creatures that manifest from negative emotions, and the main female character fights them as the sole survivor of a clan of spirit world warriors. She can also manipulate her blood. Beyond the Boundary’s main male character is half yomu, half human – a rare breed immortal being with the senses of a normal human being.


Hellsing Ultimate - Anime with Art style similar to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

This anime is about the Hellsing Organization, which seeks to annihilate abominable creatures with their own insanely powerful monster, Alucard. Integra Hellsing is in charge of this organization. As the organization’s leader, she issues orders to her soldiers and Alucard (the vampire) to eliminate the threat. Later in the anime, on the count of Alucard, a woman named Seras Victoria joins the Organization. Hellsing’s strength will skyrocket as a result of this.

In this anime, both the male and female mc are monsters (Vampires to be exact.) Alucard is regarded as the king of all vampires and is capable of reviving himself from nothing more than a spot of his blood.

Tokyo Ghoul

tokyo ghoul - anime where the MC is a villain

How could this list be complete without Tokyo Ghoul?

Ghouls are carnivorous creatures that eat human flesh. They have the same appearance as regular humans. They do, however, have tremendous strength and enhanced physical abilities.

One of the most popular Ghoul-based anime is Tokyo Ghoul, which is about a boy named Kaneki who wants to date a girl. But, to his dismay, he discovered that the girl was a Ghoul! Things don’t always go according to plan, do they?

Fast forwarding the details, now he has become a ghoul himself and has been dragged into the dark side of the world.

Devil is a part-timer

Devil is a part-timer mc is a monster

The demon lord Satan has fleed to Earth inorder to escape from hero Emilia, and has become a part-time employee. (Just as the anime’s name suggests.)

Now, his ambition is to win over the world with his work in a local fast food restaurant, MgRonald’s. His past however interferes with his new life and he has to deal with it.

Is this a zombie?

Is This A Zombie? - anime where the MC is a monster

As the name suggests, this is a zombie anime. But, unlike the traditional scary zombie anime, this is actually a funny zombie anime, and has a good amount of fanservice in it.

This anime features all sorts of fantasy beings! From Magical girls to Dullahan, it’s got them all!!

When you have such a wide variety of characters in the cast, you know it is going to be fun. I remember laughing so hard at this anime when I first watched it.

Attack On Titan

Attack Titan

Titans are enigmatic, massive creatures that feed on humans. In order to defend themselves, humans built massive circular walls that kept the titans at bay.

However, the titans breached the outer walls one day, and Eren Yeager had to helplessly watch his mother being devoured by a titan, which only fueled his already existing hatred for the titans.

Rage drove him to work hard and train to become a solider in the scout regiment that dealt with titans, and he vowed to slaughter every single titan in existence.

But as fate would have it, he himself was found to have the power of transforming into a monstrous titan. Thus his revenge story begins.

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

Anime with overpowered main characters - that time i got reincarnated as a slime

The protagonist is reincarnated as a slime in another world after being stabbed to death in the real world. He was granted some powers as a result of his dying wishes/thoughts, making him one of the most powerful anime characters ever.

He possessed the ability to devour any monster and gain their abilities. After devouring a large number of monsters in a dungeon, he decides to establish his own kingdom of monsters using the knowledge he gained in his previous life.

He must now protect his citizens from both Demons and humans while also establishing a relationship between them.


anime where the mc becomes a monster

Parasyte is another anime that is similar to Tokyo Ghoul where the anime MC becomes a monster.

The plot revolves around Parasites, which require a human host to survive. Unfortunately, the protagonist becomes a victim of one of the parasites, putting him in danger.

However, because the parasite is unable to take control of the brain, the protagonist acquires the parasite’s abilities while remaining conscious. As a result, he attracts the attention of other hostile parasites who have successfully obtained a host.


bleach anime like Jujutsu Kaisen

Bleach is an anime about spirits and shinigami (death gods.) The MC of this is a half breed who is half human, half shinigami accidentaly gets mixed up with the spirit world.

One thing lead to another, and now he has to fight in the spirit realm to protect everything that he holds dear. Not to mention, he also has to save his world!

Black Clover

black clover mc is a monster

Black Clover is set in a world where magic is a commonplace activity that anyone can use. In such a world, there is a boy named Asta who has no affinity for magic but aspires to be the ‘Wizard King,’ the strongest and most powerful wizard of all.

Despite his inability to use magic, he continues to train his body in the hopes that one day he will be able to fulfill his dream and the promise he made to his brother Yuno, who also aspires to be the Wizard King.

Black Clover’s MC is a monster because he has a devil within his grimoire. He has also made a deal with it and sold a part of his body to the devil.


Ullmina Radiant

The term “Radiant” is said to be the source of monstrous creatures known as “Nemesis,” which fall from the sky and destroy towns. Only sorcerers have the ability to touch and fight the Nemesis. Anyone else who comes into contact with a Nemesis will perish.

Sorcerers, on the other hand, are despised by the general public, are treated as trash, and are even pursued by the Inquisition. This is due to the fact that they share the same curse as the Nemesis.

Seth, an aspiring sorcerer, dreams of becoming a great sorcerer and destroying Radiant, so that he can put an end to the discrimination that exists and usher in a peaceful future.

This anime’s MC is a monster even among sorcerers as he has a hidden evil being inside of him that gives him insane powers but also corrupts his soul.

Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen- best new gen shounen anime list

Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the more recent anime in this list. This is a dark anime about spirits and curses. JJK’s MC is a monster because he has the king of the evil spirits inside of him. While he is still in control of his body, the evil spirit plots to take him over completely.

Becaues of this, the main character is considered as a monster and a time bomb who can destroy everything anytime. Despite this, the MC fights to protect everyone from the curses and save people as much as he can.

If you’ve already watched this anime and you liked it, check out our list of anime similar to Jujutsu Kaisen!

That’s it! These were some of the best anime where the MC is a monster!! Hope you found something new to watch (^^)

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